Lil' Wayne - White Girl Lyrics

Please have my money on time, please have my money on time
Cuz my niggas is runnin' salons, just to shoot up baby moms
Trap house jump out the gym, trap house jump like LeBron
It's 22-5 for the B, and 11-5 for the Solange
Call a 16 Montana, 8 a Steve Young, and 4 a Brett Favre
My plug name is Hector but back in his country they call him Hectòr
She strip everyday but Sunday cuz she still make time for the lord
Got a red dot on top your head, like I got your ass on record
Don't be so cruel, Tune don't be so rude
Nah, fuck that, fuck these lil niggas, fuck these lil dudes
By the gavel or the gun nigga
I be creepin' like the shadow and the sun nigga
Be more careful how you pick and choose your words boy
Cuz I'll have you playin' scrabble with your tongue nigga
I'm Mick Jagger as a young nigga
Pourin' pink panther in a punch nigga
Think faster than these dumb niggas
We serial killers, you can get your captain crunch nigga
Hey, its Lil Wayne nigga
I been this shit since Lil Zane nigga
Tell the cops I ain't no name giver
Icicles on my finger from cocaine blizzards
Hey, its Lil Wayne nigga
I'm in the buildin' bout to hang pictures
I'm a ruler its a game of interest tryna make a mil and make a meal in the same kitchen

Please have my money on time, please have my money on time
Cuz all my niggas ex cons, and we'll go right back like the spine
Please have my money on time, please have my money on time
It's 22-5 for the B, and 11-5 for the Solange
Please back it up one more time, girl
You act shady and I'll put this dick where the sun don't shine

Girl, girl, I got that white, girl
Girl, girl, I got that white, girl
I got that white, that blonde haired blue eyes
I'm sellin', I'm sellin', hurry up and buy
Hurry up and buy

Cocaine Mulsanne
Blow em back, do it 'fore I switch lanes
Four clips, two things
Pardon me I'm bout to switch chains
Bag full of rocks, I'mma rockstar
By my first block I'mma blockstar
I loaned everything on the road nigga
Only thing I ain't drove is a cop car
Mr. All Black is back
And you know the floor hard, nigga cook crack
You mean the floor hard like cooked crack?
Damn right cuz I used to cook crack
Aye, 46 for the 28, 14 for the 18
See them hitters in that black van
Gold chains and a chopper like the A-Team
Nowadays everybody got a plug nigga
You know hoes say Julio
Only birds that your flippin' nigga
Is the ones in the studio
Designated driver nigga
Damn right boy them units got a chauffeur
I can't sleep without it nigga
Damn right gotta chopper by the sofa
Look at me whippin', I'm confident and cocky
If this was a category I would be rocky
Say you lookin' for that comeback look no further
Shit comin' back tan, that's that coco butter
Them 10's, them 20's, them 50's, them 100's
Lost a bag on the road I was sick to my stomach
That Britney, that Iggy Azalea I'll tell ya
Intercepted the package so I'll never mail ya, I'm gone

Please have my money on time, please have my money on time
Cuz all my niggas ex cons, and we'll go right back like the spine
Please have my money on time, please have my money on time
It's 22-5 for the B, and 11-5 for the Solange
Please back it up one more time, girl
You act shady and I put this dick where the sun don't shine

Girl, girl, I got that white, girl
Girl, girl, I got that white, girl
I got that white, that blonde haired blue eyes
I'm sellin', I'm sellin', hurry up and buy
Hurry up and buy

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Lil' Wayne White Girl Comments
  1. Spooky Da Scary☠️

    What it look like Snowman ⛄👀☃️

  2. Duality Firm

    I hope they go to jail and their cars get impounded.

  3. Kane Abel

    That lindsey lohan

  4. Allie Byrd

    Still listening in 2019, not that anyone cares. 😂😂

    Dan butrim

    hell yeah

  5. Lady Virgo

    "You know I got that white girl, that Lindsay Lohan. And all you gotta do is ask Lindsay Lohan" 😂😂 that's my favorite line (no pun intended)

    always facts never

    Its everybodies

  6. Chris Apodaca

    2019 whaaaat ?!

  7. Phil Will

    I miss Slim baggy clothes....i hope it makes a comeback...with TIMS

  8. Undescribed _

    Still here 10 years later 💁🏽‍♀️

  9. Jose Caballero

    we all know white girl is slang for coke. lol no need to keep saying it..... ya reterded or what 😂

  10. Captain Blunt

    Still bumpin in 2018

  11. Lorenzo Stevens


  12. Gerardo Sandoval

    you guys really think rick ross is best friends with hilary clinton and helped him co sign for a car?...dumb fucks

  13. Xeg Kagramai

    This my shit

  14. Dixie Normis

    today I learned Christina is now slang for wtf! put respek on that white girl

  15. Patricia McDade

    White Christian girls I'ma fuck all of you. ♡♡♡

  16. dragon ball talk

    put some white bitches dancing around some bricks in this vid

  17. xshadow_hillx


  18. Bastian P

    White Girl refers to Cocaine , stop with the racist shit and fucking learn something , if you dont know..

  19. Sebastian Blake

    yall rasis little wane is my dude

  20. BUTTERS Brian Popo

    so they don't want black women no more what going on these are all black rappers

    WuTang Forever

    white girl is a term for cocaine

    Glory Black Guy Of The Hood Cause I'm so Cool

    +BUTTERS Brian Popo
    They meant to cocaine, you misunderstood. Hahaha

    Bastian P

    +BUTTERS Brian Popo Stfu and educate yourself..

  21. Rima Khadra

    Love this track!! Love it! Wayne and Fab murdered it!!

  22. drew deezy

    white girls are like cocoaine lol


    @drew deezy Yep! keep you coming back. LOL

  23. sacheverelle

    Rick Ross was a prison guard at South Florida Reception Center that's what it says on Wikipedia. So when did he sell coke exactly? This shit is all fake.

    John Smith

    sacheverelle Reported you for being gullible and stupid. 🖕🖕

    Jesus Galindo

    Thanks captain obvious every one knows that

  24. Paolo Sobretodo

    I still bump this shit

  25. Zack Werstein

    Look at those Phantoms.

  26. brittany adams

    well see lol

  27. Adrianna Sousa

    whoever think this is about white girls literally is a dumbass. white girl is slang for coke. cuz its white duh

  28. Phyuck Yiu

    This isnt an official video

  29. Meckanimal

    lol ... they talking about coke lol

  30. hotmohila police

    will you marry me white girl

  31. hotmohila police

    i want to marry a white girl

  32. brittany adams

    DAFUCK ? its like one whitegirl in this shit

    Kane Abel

    This song is about cokaine

  33. brittany adams

    lol ion see it..i bet im bad but ion boast about it..judging by our picture .. u look like a geek bitch bet u don't kno shit like kno it lil gurl??

  34. TRaNe Davis

    oookkk???? yea keep that to yourself white girl.

  35. Tony Corners

    By what definition, hun?

  36. Mozart Gates

    both white!

  37. Ash greninja

    This song is da bessst.

  38. SuperRoycethe59

    she's really white....

  39. DJ SEFZ

    waste of a beat....but stilll solid...

  40. 0TheSeeker

    It is just play on that cocaine slang white girl they are calling out well known white girls like Christina Aguilera Lindsay Lohan etc etc

  41. plangton567

    lmao what affiliation does cocaine and christina aguilera have?


    plangton567 white

    Jasmine X

    ROLL100 she’s not white tho

    Kane Abel

    They white

    Kane Abel

    @Jasmine X she is. Latino is not a race. They can be white black mixed indian and other things.

  42. Natasa Ostojic

    :) lol

  43. Norman Stolba

    Thumbs up if Jeremy Rogers in P Rods car brought you here...

  44. Joel Leyva

    one word: cocaine

    Jasmine X

    Joel Leyva this song is about cocaine. Not actual white girls

  45. ponalu123

    where the white girls at?? none in the video

  46. Ciara Cullins

    ahaha I love this :D he's not actually talking about white girls. my friends told me ahaha :D

  47. Mr.Gr801 Pierce

    got that white girl

  48. 307OLDS



    307OLDS exactly

  49. Stephanie Sahlin

    BAHAHAHA!!! I am not racist by any means, my brother and sister are bi-racial, but to be honest your comment is pretty accurate. Go to the small southern town I am from and you will see all these nasty girls (they are not women, they cant take care of their kids, cant keep a roof over their head, selling their food stamps for weed, or a place to stay) Their kids running around with the same diaper on for 8 hours, snot caked on their face, and all they are worried about is getting the D.

  50. Zach e

    Like For real doe #Retards..

  51. mike chambers

    Actually i think its a double meaning


    That is cool love all the guys of any race or ethnicity you wish! I could care less I am just saying what I see. I love all woman but I hate seeing people stoop in order to grab a girl based on skin for a status symbol. They BOTH are better then that!

  53. DbPriincessxox

    Ok, well im not fat or borderline retarded and im white. And I think black guys are GORGEOUS<3 So, maybe where you come from its like but far from being like that here.


    Black men get stuck witht rashy whore white woman because they see them as a status symbol. Many whoever do get intelligent white woman. What im saying is on average what i see is fat borderline retarded whtie woman with a black guy because she has daddy issues and wants to infuriate her family.

  55. DbPriincessxox

    So all white girls who date black guys are whores? Thats the most disgusting thing I have heard in my entire life!! Those black guys your talking about are probably pimps, if the girl looks like she should be on a street corner she probably does work on one.. Dumbass!

  56. DbPriincessxox

    lol Wtf is wrong with black guys dating white bitches?!

  57. Kyle Wysocki

    no thats called black tar

  58. Kyle Wysocki

    u sound like a jealous nigga bitch just white girl talks like that

  59. Kyle Wysocki

    or black guys love white girls

  60. laxicp

    lmao what a dumb broad!!! white girl- have to love that coca coca

  61. blackknight2013

    Songs about cocaine. Sorry to burst your bubble but white girls like da black D. Just ask your mom.

  62. smoofwars

    pretty good vid

  63. beaglemonster

    white girls love back guys ;)


    Only racis tif its a white guy doing it. This song offends me but not because of the white girl shit but the fact it sucks. If they want the white girls i see them with HAVE EM, there the trashiest woman i ever seen. Literally go anywhere in youre town and you will see it a fat ass white girl with a fit good looking black guy what the fuck is he getting out of the deal? Its a status symbol. Its hilarious they think it bothers us. Ill take an intelligent black woman over a trashy whore anyday.

  65. lucas

    Black girl is heroin....

  66. gbaby2360

    Man look i love all 4 of these artist.......But its not right let some whit dudes make up a song called black girls its gonna be a prob so naw not cool

  67. aaron keserovic

    young jeezy voce is dope no homo

  68. DAM3DIZZL3

    If half you anti-creative losers could dance you'd probably understand rap is poetry dancing, metaphorically speaking, dumb asses

  69. DAM3DIZZL3

    3 'thieves' came in white sheets hung us death without a wreath, right in public, kiddies loved it, no stealth or shame, some kissing and hugging, toasts to Our pain's peak, as we left to die to weep to sleep; and when we wept they told us that we were even less than 'keep', nothin' else, only kept, nothing on the rise, just livestocc to die. Do we still believe those Beasts' lies?

  70. DAM3DIZZL3

    Beasts' cried the howls of hatred at the scowl of skies segregated, racists ,to keep their havens, while raping our boys and girls for slaving. They even gave us Jesus and never a reason for the sheer evil they had somehow, such hatred; but, wow ,they were civilized. Is that still considered Civility, now?

  71. DAM3DIZZL3

    I feel horrid for you. You really are clueless. I can assure You I am smarter than your majoring in medical science (whatever that is). 138 WISC-R documented..I bet you can turn speech into a blend of metaphors, puns, word-plays, etc..

  72. khloe banks

    EXACTLY, I have yet meet a black man WORTH my time. This is exactly why i'm dating an Italian who number one, looks much more attractive and two, who has ambition and majoring in medical science AND he knows how to treat a lady. Unlike every black male on this damn earth!

  73. Rachel Galante

    the video chick was black -_- lol

  74. khloe banks

    what a shitty song . smh, black guys are disgusting . thats all they ever talk about is cocaine and having sex with all these different races like, DO YOU HAVE ANY OTHER KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE UNIVERSE!?!?!?!

  75. varial05

    Dumb white girl

  76. CBizcocho

    I'm sick of the white girl arguements on this video lets talk about something else like.. oh yeah why it says this song is chevy ridin by Dre

  77. lordmaga4

    And you are a fucking skank! read your fucking youtube name hypocritical bitch

  78. lordmaga4

    You clearly dont know what a brick is bitch

  79. worldindo1

    Is it just me or does the video seem delayed?

  80. Navonf

    you're dumb...haha

  81. soccer1cheer

    I've seen some trashy ass white girls. You're probably one of them.

  82. rex373

    hey don't be so hard on the girl she just doesn't know about the songs that's all you don't have to call her a idiot just like that

  83. Evan Repavich

    hahahahhaahha this is awesome I love you Kingblood.. No Homo

  84. Bobby Forehand

    ya i put my tax on it u dont like it leave it then

  85. jrcolacola

    this is about cocaine.....not actual white girls...

  86. jrcolacola

    95% of white girls are skanks...

  87. A2infamouschin2Z

    cause hes a bucket not a hustler he cant rap about moving bricks LOL but his flow was on point when he came in

  88. emma sullivan

    this disrespecting white women. SMDH

  89. MrStarbi

    Lol my subwoofer couln`t play the low bass, but my headphones can!

  90. kennizzle10

    couldnt have said that any better.. i felt embarrassed for him lmao

  91. kennizzle10

    damn waynes verse was mad disappointing lol

  92. theprincess256

    So you're saying the username of "suckmyclithoe14" doesn't make you sound like a skank?

  93. Nick Richard

    55 dislikes... they most be black girls

  94. spezzy

    hahaha white girl live under a rock, think the song about white girls.. lol