Lil' Wayne - Tha Mobb Lyrics

Yeah... hard body (hard body)
Carter carter carter yeah
Let's go

Cash Money Young Money motherfuck the other side
They can fuck with us if they want I bring 'em homicide
Word to my momma I'm gonna continue bombing
'Til they getting out the game it's like coming out of a coma
I'm trying... but I'm normal when this rap shit gets boring
All I ask is that you pray for me (please)
And the beat keep crying and I'm gonna keep beating her
Fee I'm fucking her I'm deep in her sleep in her
And what happens when the reaper come (huh?)
I'm just hoping that he sends that elevator up
I made enough I ain't make shit
So while I'm here I'm gonna take that and take this (nigga!)
Breakfast yes let's eat, wipe you mouth when you finished
Then hunt for the lunch and dinner no beginner
To the criminal activity fuck with them they rushing in
Like Seminoles Indians no bow and arrows Harold
Just leaners Cheena just choppers Robert
Carter II tell me how is you gonna stop a riot
I lock and seal it up the best I could feel it (yeah!)
I'm in the lead I can pop a wheelie (got 'em!)
Not for rookies late bloomers stay in the womb (GO!)
I'm here motherfucker make room... BOOM!
Young Tune the big kahuna
It's my ocean baby you all niggas is tuna
Better now than sooner junior
Fly around you city try tryna take a number two on you
I ain't going nowhere special I won't never leave
Shit I'm already a legend if I ever leave
Game get rid of me? Not little me
Man I got 'em I'm gonna get 'em B (I got 'em B)
I'm hungry like I didn't eat
I want it like I didn't see a mill before seventeen
What the fuck you niggas telling me?
You pups can't keep up with the Pedigree
Catch me where the weather be somewhere in the seventies
Call myself settling palm trees Promethezine but what's new?
Sometimes I can't cut through that rough loop
Get fucked so many times 'til it's fuck you (fuck 'em!)
So how you wanna do it baby we can get it
All you gotta do is say it and I'm with it
Money and murder you my nigga my jelly preserver
I'm gonna ride baby 'til the judge give me a verdict yeah
Hear me or heard me I get it and serve it
'cause everytime I did it I hit it and hurt it yeah
Now I kill it the mission accomplished
The niggas abolished the bitches astonished
Then they pay homage when did they find it but
Now that they know it's a must I remind 'em so
They don't forget it I underline it and
I'm in the sky when the thunder's crying young'n
I been through all that I done done what you saying
I put it down when the other was playing
When the jungle was open I rolled in with the riders
Stole food from the bears and bought it back to the lions
Quote unquote with the eighth I'm a gorilla but lighter
With the eye of a tiger the heart of a fighter yeah
Start 'em, ignite 'em I walk through fire
Watch the flames start multiplying whoo! Yeah
Alter a nigga nina talk to a nigga
Take a chunk ouch body like a shark bit a nigga
I'm awkward like Cartwright fuck with a nigga
Shot ugly but my arch right come on dog bark bite
Fork in the road I'm always going right
Nowadays knowing life ain't no more road lights
We can't see but we're gonna make it to the finish line
It's right there the goal line right behind the scrimmage line
Touchdown check the scoreboard gimme mines
Semi 9 fit me fine hit a nigga twenty times
Damn then one more to the face (BOW!) just
So they close the casket like I pay to close the case
I made straight mafia shit front line
Top rank ready to die for my shit and the obvious shit
If I talk about my robbery they probably get rich
So fuck 'em I'm gonna let 'em sit
And I ain't ducking 'cause I'm right here I'm just enough
I don't care who at the top of the stairs I'm stepping up
See you fucking up the money baby that ain't good business
You starting to look like a witness and this is
For the gangsters and the bitches the hustlers and the hoes
Crossover whatever mainstream no
'cause Wayne thinks silent Wayne'll never fold
You heard it right here if the game was ever told
Lift up you toes and look under a rug
Trust me there's history under all that dust
So deep down in the dirty there lies us (who?)
Yeah Cash Money Records and I'm still up front
Stunner pop a bottle baby peel us a blunt
Lets eat and talk about all them niggas we cut
What? You know what? Let's not fuck up our lunch
That's real shit if you ever seen such

The Mobb

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