Lil' Wayne - Earthquake Lyrics

[Lil' Wayne]
(Speak to them Jazze)
(Yea fly guy)
I'm way more fly than you
(That's right)
I'll take your dime from you
(That's right)
Now she wanna spend all night with me
(She wanna wake up with Weezy-F baby)
Let me be the one that you throw it to, baby
(Throw it back ma, throw it back, throw it back, throw it back ma)
I'd like to spend the rest of my night with you
(Yea so how bout you, so how bout you)

[Lil' Wayne]
I'll take your bitch give her back; take your bitch again
That's because you throw a 5 I pitch a 10
Now she wanna get inside of me 66
She sees that my wrist is blue and yellow like Michigan
She say she love her man she misses him
But nobody do it better than her distance dick (me)
I'm her long distance pimp
When I land my bitches want for me on the strip (yup)
And I don't lie I confess, I'm the one who turn that orange vest to a dress
Gotta dress to impess though, Gotta stay clean, plus momma in a Lex 4
She with me, what you expect, I live to be fly to death
It's the bird man jr. sincerely yours
When it rains it pours, when it rain it whores

[Lil' Wayne]
Now why you wanna go do that
I can see through that
Tattoo right there like I view that
Girl what that say, what who that
Bet he was lame, bet he Lil' Wayne (no)
Cus I'm way more flyer
Have you hanging round a bunch of yayo buyers (nop)
And not a day go by us, we don't get high than the telephone wires
Cut your telephone we riding where phones don't roam they don't even come on
You're far from home so leave it alone
You creeping with the king of the throne
You sleeping in a tee and a thong
With your hair in a pony
I ain't got no blinds we can stare at the morning (yup)
But I can't be there all morning
Girl I'm a pimp, I'm going, going, going, gone

[Lil' Wayne]
I'm Sorry I was grooving
Gotta love that laid back Mannie Fresh music
But let's get back to what we were doing
Laid back in that black on Pat Ewing's
That's 33 tires he fire
These streets ain't papaya ma
You gotta keep heat on your side
2 must
So I'm a get 3 more and cop you one
Wait, naw hun cus you ain't exempt
If your ass ever trip I'll give you a clip (yea)
But I love the way your jeans suck in your hip
And you walk kinda mean how you strut with a dip
And you talk kinda clean and you lick your lips
But I can't fall for you cus I stick to the scrip (yup)
I said I stick to my grip; I stick to my money, that's life to me
Sorry honey Jazze

[Lil' Wayne]
So how bout you yea
So how bout you
See what I'm talking bout sweet heart you ain't even gotta have John Madden
you ain't gotta have Dick Vitale, you ain't gotta Lee Carsole
you ain't gotta have Stuart Scott, you ain't gotta have Linda Cohn
know what I'm talking bout, you ain't gotta have the staff of ESPN
you ain't gotta have ABC staff just to talk sports baby cus I got game
Just fuck with the boy and I'll get you a jersey
What you want me to put on the back
Daddy's little girl that's right, see what I'm talking bout
I can't give you the game but I can show the game
and you can see what you see and peek how you peek and see what you get
know what I'm talking bout

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Lil' Wayne Earthquake Comments
  1. Avinash Lilmohan

    He looks healthier here

  2. karoline sousa

    Sempre irei amar essa música ❤

  3. Capalete-_- TV

    November 2019 🤔


    Why did I not know this had a video?

  5. Anna Johnson

    My fav Wayne song this was when I was so in love with him he was soooo cuteee back then 😩😍

  6. Emmanule Gunn

    Lol wayne is the best rapper 214 stand up shout out to k104 radio station

  7. iamqueen #1

    Back wen wayne still looked poor baby

    Anna Johnson

    Ikr he was my baby back then 😍

  8. New Act

    They all are much loven💗

  9. iForgotTbh !?

    Be reminded that lil Wayne is a fantastic father. Black love is real

  10. HELPME100

    Look at Reginae lol ❤❤

  11. Katianna Edwards

    I love the whole Carter album.....

  12. David Ricketts

    VYBZ KARTEL *dream remix*

  13. Wade Albury

    90% of women are whores nightclub bitch

  14. home9dog2blue

    Reginae STILL doin that til this day 💀💀💀💀💀💀

  15. Shawon Marshman

    I feel like the carter 1 was for New Orleans

  16. Gilberto Aparecido


  17. Mauve World

    Reginae look so cute 😍

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    You can relax

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    Gina don't forget about my momma ok I got u..

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    Go Lucy .

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    [email protected]

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    My brother.

  24. Regina Burns

    Go bro I love you we keep 💰

  25. Kira Jones

    I'm way more fly than u 😏

  26. Danetria Johnson

    Shaderoom brought me here lol

  27. Trever Lloyd

    I wonder why they call it earthquake but shine on the actual album


    What? No they don't. Lol it's called Earthquake on Tha Carter and Shine is on Lights Out. Get it together Trever! 😂

    Tone Yola

    It's called earthquake u slow

    Jayy T

    On i tunes and play music it's called shine.

  28. ProtoJaden

    he raps like Jay

  29. Shawon Marshman

    I can’t wait to play this one day in front of my kids

  30. Jeffry Rivera

    nose xq no tiene muchas vista si unos de los mejores temas de lil wayne 2018 y todavia la escucho

  31. Phenyo Mfolwe

    Man.this way my still does it for me

  32. Jamie Garcia


  33. Jeff Negi

    Carter Best

  34. Michael Macasaet

    Birdman was the first to do the money phone.

  35. young hood

    Is that nivea at the end of the video

  36. Brian

    There's alotta phony bangin in this video

  37. Diego Martinez

    es la raja este tema y su voz era mucho mejor a la de ahora q canta como pollo cogoteao de tanta droga la voz de lil wayne es una mierda ahora

  38. Brandon Crowe

    This song is called "Shine" .. fuck is wrong with y'all

  39. Inkre -

    Wtf all this years I didn’t know there was a music video I’m pissed

  40. Vintage Daz

    This song is timeless 🔥🔥🔥

  41. TillTheEnd

    Tha 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🔥🔥🔥🔥


    LilWayne Tha GOAT Budd in your dreams stan

    Fernand N

    Lol you must be a youngster, this shit is hot trash

  42. Sundai Sunshine

    Really miss this Wayne

  43. Michael Robinson

    birdman as usual guarding wayne from the women, "this my nigga shawty" sweet ass

  44. Delaine Duffey


  45. Xavier Presley

    What album is this on


    Xavier Presley the carter

    Shawon Marshman

    Carter 1

  46. Elijah Florence

    This that real music that inspired me .

    Fernand N

    Lol Inspired? You just be as deep as a kids pool

  47. original kaioken God Gouki

    i miss the real new Orleans

  48. Sahi Meikle

    Still my shit omg

  49. Big Sarge

    Sigh... The pre-lean days...

  50. Big Dog

    Wayne been NAT NIGGA y'all just be sleep

  51. Work to Die

    Jazze Pha had that 60's 70's voice.

    Deanta Smith

    Bruh you know he was voicing over al green right smh

    leggosmodro okdo

    @Deanta Smith You dumb bitch buddy does sound like that forreal lol

  52. Work to Die

    Gillie Da Kid was all over this album.

    Dante Williams

    Work to Die no sir

  53. Ayush belwal

    I really this wayne. He is inspiration tho.

  54. MiaCherrelle

    So he left his daughter to go party with hoes? Lol


    MiaCherrelle no they got in the range with him

    Ya Neighborhood Shooter

    @Mrsneaks lol

  55. Tyrone Fowler

    I take your girl give her back take your girl again!

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    way more bars then u I'm the Jesus but these kids on the set asked to be me so I brought my whole life back like we were recording u since u a 405 I don't know how to compute when 71 real death row creator from these dirty whores I'm way to much high to u notice she leff u for me notice ghosts all over why u even ask these question I got from me to u right at the back like they can't even say my name death all over them fall from king shit sleeping with my homie sorry baby I'm flying when u meet me I was around two collections of god I thank ur a lil screwie lay tear drops hot keep the 11 with the 4 of us four real snaliers all the way from the beginning now tell me about u know its dead row back from hell uhhh what

  60. kim pryor Pryor

    still my shit till this day,Wayne the shit!!!

  61. Jasmine Freeman

    I didn't know he had a video to this song. Damn i am late lol

    deshaun green

    lol same here


    Jasmine Freeman I didn't know that either

    new philmz

    I've never seen it played on TV before.

    Lito Senpai

    Jasmine Freeman hell nah I been looking for this song and video for a cool minute, I remember watching it on some random shit back in the day and could never think of the name or anything just knew it was Wayne, so at least you knew the song 😂 my ugly ass went blank af

  62. Demario Beals

    what up

  63. John Miles

    Tiffany Fox

    Muhammad Fattah

    John Miles. where

  64. Alexander J. Battle

    I love her face when she get the money, lol

  65. JustinCayz

    Oh my God.. I had forgotten about this song.. Hearing this just makes me so nostalgic holy shit!

    Mílo Delgado


  66. The Fallen

    miss this wayne

  67. vanilla6105

    roll tide

  68. Justin Sadler

    shit this his best song

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    Look at Curren$y lol

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    my favorite song😂😂😂

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    black people music..


    @Eoda nope k


    @Eoda fail

    Brandon Taylor

    +jacobmufasa Fail


    @Brandon Taylor no


    youre highkey screaming for attention

  73. BlackJohnnyCage

    Tha Carter 1 is his best Album.


    Mustafa Suno, Jr c3 was overrated


    @Brian yea c3 was ight BUT NOTHING BETTER THAN CARTER wayne was on another level wit c2.... C1 good though but c2... Not 1 song wack non lyrical and no wack 1st song mobb is better than carter 4 and def better than carter 5 ...just the 1st track off c2....then u got oh no.. Fly in series... Lock n O n currensy ft grown man... Only real weezy fans know c2 is tha BEST

    Shawon Marshman

    The 2nd or the 4th

    Shawon Marshman

    4th my G

  74. John Miles

    Did anyone else see DJ Ya Boy Earl

  75. Ciara Long

    MAN! Where is Jazze Pha these days?

    xavier harrell

    still in Atlanta producing he just low key now

  76. KING YIKEZ89


  77. Lisa Marie

    HAHA! I looove this song! I am a pasty white 30something white chick. But this song is just THE BOMB. I need to dance to it and embarrass my kids in front of their friends..where are those little buggers.....................

    Arizona Alias

    Lisa Marie R u in Phx

  78. Mica Oya

    this my issshh.. *jigs*

  79. Lance Scheepers

    youre crazy weezy wrote 4 himself


    you don't know shit gilly and currency both wrote for wayne during squad up and carter 1 era

    Cheikh tidiane Cisse

    AXEWOUNDFIST3R and now who write for Wayne???
    Stop lying bitch, Wayne dont need writer cuz he don't use written shit


    You're a dumbass Gillie admitted that he didn't write for Wayne and Currency wasn't around during Squad Up.

  81. Pebbles RaiN

    I miss this lil wayne

  82. Hoorayforpeepee

    everyone changes..look at eminem,how he rap first and now...

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  84. escoveli24

    The part where Regine flies on the couch and ask for money I mean more money lol!!

  85. Michael Owino


  86. Little Marco

    I wonder what kind of music he would have made had he kept this kind of lyrical style instead of what we hear today...

  87. HoodGrainRecords

    this is the weezy I miss, dont know bout yall

  88. BigCats

    she see my wrist blue and yellow like Michigan!

  89. Jackie Williams

    This always gets me in a party mood for some reason ..... aiant nothing like cruising to this smooth jam on a Friday night before you go out !

  90. YourMyCinema

    lol spoiler alert :D - in video not you :D

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    I wish i could be like " daddy, can i get some money? " and he hand me a stack.

    Lo Miller

    Ashley Sanders Lol.

  92. Brenden White

    hold on, yall see my nigga Spitta in em baggy ass girbauds doe

  93. Matt Delgado

    Man fuck all that. He'll always be hard. Times change dude if you wanna stay on top you gotta move with the times. Don't mean he's a fag he just got way more money and got a lot more people to please these days. Who gives a fuck if he makes a song here or there that you don't like, the majority of his new shit is still sick. The game is what changed he just trying to stay relevant so he don't fall off.

  94. Young Smirk

    he starts off with a yankees hat then later has a red sox hat on.. you cant be reppin both it dont work


    Not sure if if he did this back in the day, but usually he'd wear the Red Sox cause cause it was a red B for blood

    Muhammad Fattah

    Young Smirk that was Marley g lil Wayne's homeboy

  95. *AlexBEats*

    old wayne

  96. Facless

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