Lil' Wayne - Best Rapper Alive Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Bring the crowd and I'm loud _In Living Colour_
It is Weezy fuckin' baby got these rappers in my stomach
Yumi, I'm takin' it I ain't asking them for nothing
If you sell a million records we can battle for ya' money
I rather count a hundred thousand dollars on a sunday
Watch a football game and bet it all on one play
Still stuntin' baby yes I'm still flossin
Latest car on the market wit the top peeled off it
Big wheels make it look a lil bulky
You look a lil salty have ya' self a chill coffee
Chill out the girls is still out
Even though I am a boss and got papers to fill out
I'm busy I got paper to reel in
God I hope they steppin' at the end of my rod
And I hope I'm fishing in the right pond
And I hope you catchin' on to every line
Who am I?

The Best Rapper Alive [4x]
Swagger right (check) game tight
And they gon R-E-S-P-E-C-T me
(who) The Best Rapper Alive [4x]
Swagger right (check) game tight
And you should be afraid be very afraid

[Verse 2]
The heart of New Orleans
Thumpin' and beatin'
Livin' and breathin'
Stealin' and feedin
Peelin' and leavin'
Killin' and grievin'
Dearly departed erased deleted
No prints no plates no face no trace
Out of sight out of mind
No court no case
Sell his chain celebrate block party second line
Zulu ball essence fest jazz fest mardi gras
Shorty bounce body rock
Now he drop now he got
Family cry tell the feds tell the cops
Smell the rat comin' back to the house
To the spot tap tap knock knock who is dat
(Pow!) trigga man hoodie man tell the kids
Boogie man pistol pete ammo mammal gun man blum blam!
Damn Sammie you dun' fucked up
Pussy ass niggaz put ya' nuts up
Just call me


[Verse 3]
Fuck up wit all these rookie MCs
(whew!) smell like a bunch of pussy to me
Fuck Em!
Fuck 'em good fuck long fuck 'em hard
Fuck who? Fuck 'em all
(yeah) like dat jus like dat
I'm on dat money train and the mac'll knock 'em off track
The quarterback well protected from the +Warren Sapp+
The young heart attack I spit dat cardiac
You can't see me baby boy you got dat catorax
I'm right here straight out the hood jus like an alley cat
Since everyone's a king where the fuck your palace at
Me I got calus on my hand I can handle dat
Its no problem baby I so got 'em
Its just a victory lap baby I'm jus joggin'
And I ain't even out of breathe
the motherfuckin' best yet sorry for cursing


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Lil' Wayne Best Rapper Alive Comments
  1. trvxzen. music

    He was right tho

  2. Tez uno

    I wish he would have done a video for this but this album motivated my flo and hustle so crazy

  3. Black Bruce Wayne

    truth. changed my life and the reason I am the man I am today.

  4. KiNG BEY BOi


  5. Epoch Fatalist

    *They played this at the first Lakers game since Kobe died! So fitting!*

  6. GJFX


  7. perseen reikä

    Cringe comments here..

  8. Tommy Johnson

    Sorry Wayne, the best rapper alive is Eminem

  9. Lewis Rivers

    still the best rapper alive

  10. buck porter

    you can hear New Orleans cry through this track RIP all that died to Katrina

  11. Tony Rich

    Yup I guess we here 2020 🤣🤳

  12. Dante Williams

    Imagine if this album would of dropped n this era the whole industry is. Through

  13. KiNG BEY BOi


  14. darrius williams

    If I can sell a million records u can battle for your money

  15. SmokingLoud127

    2020 still going harder than when I first heard it.

  16. Arthur Griffeth

    My favorite song by dude

  17. Relying Moore

    the hardest beat ever

  18. Shaniesha Sias

    Still the best rapper alive. He just be going off. Please come back not as tunchi but weezy.

  19. Adrienne L

    Good old days when music had three verses!!! Living Legend right here nobody will top this man!!

  20. GetRich Followme

    You know the song is great when you cant decide what verse was the best

  21. Jacen Justice

    Swagger right...Game tight.

  22. Brock Diesel

    This track should be immortalized in the hip hop time Capsule 🔥

  23. Tha High Rollaz Ent

    Wayne Tha Best . Wtf

  24. Tha High Rollaz Ent

    #YoungMoneyShit #HighRollaShit

  25. Mike C

    I jus woke up fucked n smoking a big ol fat purple swish special blend blunt with that green kush all crystaly and shit

  26. Winston Wood

    Truly the best rapper alive

  27. Youtube CommentsBlow

    Nobody flows like Wheezy in his prime, shit's pristine

  28. Trooper Burgess

    November 2019

  29. Justin Ambrister

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥November 2019 stil jamming
    Always jamming

    Jay Marshall

    I'm with you fam happy New year too salute 💯💪

  30. TAGEE - The People's Poet

    Genius 🔥👑

  31. Danni Baby .

    was watching something with lil wayne && had to remember who tf been the best rapper alive 💯🤞🏽 never will be another 💯


    Lame retards:2019???

  33. DoubleGGaming(meruz)

    TBRA 💯

  34. R-lege Music

    Y’all really don’t get that “Caught/Court no Case Bar 🤦🏾‍♂️🐐

  35. Rated Raw

    Im redo this beat I day

  36. Kenny Greer

    This was when he was dope his new shit is trash its fucked up how he changed

    Know-Ledge _Y.L.G.

    Hell nah, new shit is fire. But 9ld syuff is better

  37. Pineal Gland

    Watch a football game and get it all on 1 play💪💪🤘🤘

  38. Vanessa Emerencia

    Comment please for the best rapper

  39. Young Sigh

    Free like O.J., All Day! G!

  40. Cocoa Nichelle

    Who here in the fall of 2019?

    Breezydakid TBL

    Cocoa Nichelle fav song 🔥💯

    greg costello

    Who here to listen to a classic

    L3aFy JaY

    Winter 2019

  41. Tha High Rollaz Ent

    And Still Is Tha Best 🔥💰😤💰🔥

  42. chevy cartel

    I was chillin ET when this shit coming out lil bitchs

  43. jaydevinexo

    The heart of New Orleans thumping and beating living and breathing stealing and feeding peeling and leaving killing and grieving dearly departed erased deleted no prints no plates no face no trace out of sight out of mind no courts no case sell his chain celebrate block party second line Zulu bar ss feat jazz fest Mardi gras shotty bounce body rock now he drop now he got family cry tell the feds tell the cops smell the red coming back to the house to the spot tap tap knock knock who's that (gun sound) trigger man hoody man tell the kids boogie man pistol Pete ammo mammal gun man blump blam damn sammy you done fucked up pussy ass nigga pick your nuts up just call me - The Goat Weezy F

    Tysha Davis

    jaydevinexo My Favorite Verse I Am So Desire Project

    Epoch Fatalist

    *Zulu Ball Essence fest Mardi Gras*

  44. Nathan Grim

    Wish they kept the best in the intro

  45. You're Welcome

    Dammit Wayne, COME BACKKKKKK!!!

    John Ndon

    You're Welcome he never left you just a fake fan

  46. Jackson Ellis

    Top 10 rap song all time. The metaphors were sick.

  47. Ernie n/a

    “You die” that’s what it sounded like if not forget about it

  48. Fire Demon00

    Still The Best Rapper Alive🔥🔥🔥🔥

  49. jhay dot

    Who came here after they listen the freestyle he did at weezyana?

  50. Patrick Carney

    2019 and this shit still fire

  51. Laventin Nolan

    Big wheels make it look a little bochly


    Φακ λιν ουειν

  53. James H. Davis T. Third

    Lil' Wayne's b-day, this month!

    Catress Barber-Peay

    Yep 4 days after mine!

  54. James H. Davis T. Third

    Yes!, Know why k was chose?

  55. Blake Doig

    I don't know why people give Lil Wayne so much crap over this song, If 2Pac released a song called "Best Rapper Alive" you wouldn't be giving Pac crap, Oh wait! You can't say bad things about 2Pac because he is every single persons number 1 rapper right?

    Kizzie AQuen

    Why you have 2 bring Pac up🤔🤔??? He is in his own time and lane.... U lame 4 dat😡...smell like a bunch a pussy 2 ME🙋🙆...🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Blake Doig

    @Kizzie AQuen The only reason I brought Pac up is because people dick ride him so hard. 2Pac and Lil Wayne have some great and bad songs but I don't pick witch ones better.

  56. Dj Cashier

    Still hard😎😎

  57. James H. Davis T. Third

    I'm the best nigga!

  58. James H. Davis T. Third

    I'm the best goon!

  59. James H. Davis T. Third

    & until what age?

  60. James H. Davis T. Third

    Gun by what age?, Shooting targets?, Cutting (targets?)

  61. James H. Davis T. Third

    Drive you crazy?

  62. James H. Davis T. Third

    If you sexy, let me feel it, female! That tail though!

  63. James H. Davis T. Third

    What's going on?(!)

  64. ValDante

    Fuckkkk, this shit always slaps.

  65. Rob Listo

    Lil Wayne 4 Lyfe!

  66. Tim Michael

    Man I miss this old rap. Jay-Z, Kanye, and Wayne. Back when they were killing whatever they touched and it seemed like rappers at this point were competing to put out bangers. Dudes growing up on mumble rap missed out.

    Chris M

    Not really

  67. Eli London

  68. Tanky Jackson

    Isssssssss the best rapper ever hands down kills every beat every chorus every hook n everything else....

  69. Tanky Jackson

    Tap tap knock knock who is that

  70. Stealth Ownz

    Carter 2 is the best yet.

  71. therush420

    Iron Maiden

  72. Icy Uranus

    hope um fishin in the right pond

  73. Darnell Townsel

    This is when Wayne had the rap game on smash

  74. J smooth

    The g o a t 2019

  75. Jaymes Dubs

    You cant see me but i see you

    Icy Uranus

    i see...

  76. Big Dog

    2019 and wayne is still tha best RAPPER alive💯

  77. FIFA

    "The young heart attack, I spit that cardiac ... You cant see me baby boy you got that cataracts, I'm right here, straight out ya hood just like an alley cat" 🐐

    Mitchell Jordan

    Ja'Varis Lee yeah those was wack no lie like I said Wayne is weird now not just his music the way he dress that lean and shit got the best of him y’all under 25 years old all the wack rappers and drugs hot I like today music Kodak black Lucci money bagg bankroll r.i.p future drake blac youngsta Gucci mane polo g no cap nba youngboy lil baby gunna this old ass dummy will whoop your ass better keep it behind them keyboard u don’t want no smoke younging

    Ja'Varis Lee

    @Mitchell Jordan damn it's true what they say, when you get old your tastebuds are the first to go. Stfu geriatric ass mtf.

    Mitchell Jordan

    Ja'Varis Lee let see if you say that face too face then I knock your teeth out and see how your tastebuds be like then pussy u don’t want no smoke all you know it’s guns

    Ja'Varis Lee

    @Mitchell Jordan i never once mentioned guns, damn senile old fucker go kick the bucket already

    anime yukihira

    Ja'Varis Lee lmaooooo

  78. Michael Palacios

    June 2019

  79. Patrick Buettner

    Id rather count a hundred thousand dollars on a sunday watch a football game and bet it all on one play....whew sound like my degen in-game betting style

  80. the16kid

    This was my shit in high school

  81. Jay Kap

    I remember playing God of War back in the day with this song on repeat.. don't know why it felt so right, I miss this wayne

  82. Nick

    3:05 fuck them all !! 😂😂😂👍 weezy straight fire !!

  83. Kris Crawford

    This beat touch ya soul lmao

    don sky walker

    Like all hail weezy lmao

  84. Fetty Ken Boy

    Weezy the greatest
    Still rock wit dis in 2019

  85. Khloe Rabnta

    That bar “the motha fuckin best yet, sorry for cussing” love that bar. Come back to us wayne. The game needs you.

  86. Khloe Rabnta

    Even though people say your a mumble rapper.... I still love you ❤️ please show these young artist your the best PLEASEEEEEE

    Barney Stn

    Wayne? A mumble rapper??? Never heard of that.

  87. Bray Lee

    Could be 2085 and I’ll still be jammin this 🙌🏼🤷🏻‍♀️

    Roman Olivar

    This song was sent from the Gods


    Daaaaaamn do you think you're immortal

    Alonzo Gomez

    Bray Lee iloveu

  88. Ryan Knox

    U cant see me but i see u lawd.....swagga right game tight.... But they dont respect me..... Wayne i disgree with alot of stuff u do but that line describes me amongst my peers

    Icy Uranus

    i see...

  89. The adventurous Guinea pig

    U can’t see me and I see u and I see u

    Icy Uranus

    i see...

  90. Valerie Bursiaga

    When lil Wayne says"" HES the best rapper alive "" ladies and gentlemen ,this is No Bullshit ..😱

  91. tampon 2001

    Best black rapper alive

    Frank Kirkman

    Best human rapper alive lol

    Azen Ka

    Best black rapper is Mos Def

  92. The R/C Homies

    Ya can’t see me but I see you

    don sky walker

    In icu ( intensive care unit) lawwwd iiii got em

    Icy Uranus

    i see...

  93. jefferee renfroe


    Trooper Burgess


    Lalengliana Fanchun


    Jennifer Brown

    Was that your tax return? L.o.l

    Frank Kirkman

    @Jennifer Brown give or take a hundred $ that was mine this year! Lmao