Lil' Romeo - Too Long Lyrics

Maybe I stayed away too long (Lil'Rome Ya'll)
Did I leave your mind when I was gone (Did I,really did I)
It's not my thing trying to get back (I'm done working now I gotta get back)
But this time let me tell you where I'm at (I'm right here ya'll)

[1st Verse]
This is to all my fans that bought my CD,I love ya'll,without ya'll, I couldn't be
me,you keep a smile on my face,everytime I'm away,this is for the kids from state to state,I
wanna thank ya'll for just standing in line,giving me a chance,thanks for helping me shine,I love
music but I really do it for ya'll,it's a wonderful feeling when I walk through the mall,love is
all I need,because of that I succeed,hearing kids screaming,is a wonderful thing,every night I
thank God and go to sleep with a praire,everytime I hear my name,I know that you care,It makes me
happy knowing I touch your heart,I got ya'll,'cause ya'll was there from the start,so if you're
ever at home, alone and scared,just put in the CD and I'll be there,okay

[repeat 1x]

[2nd Verse]
To my brothers,sisters,cousins and all,you were there from day1,you been through it
all,we're family,you're my next of kin,you taught me play hard try my best to win,never sell
myself short,even off the court,especially my parents ya'll showed me the road,kept it
real,taught me my rights and wrongs,this is how I feel this is more than a song,to my uncles and
aunties I love ya'll too,you always taught me no matter what tell the truth,together we
stand,separated we fall,if there's anything you need just give me a call,I'll be there in a
flash,if you need me just ask,Rest In Peace to everybody in the world that passed,when times are
hard and you break into tears,just look on your side 'cause I'll be right there,okay

[repeat 1x]

[3rd Verse]
Couldn't live without radio and MTV,Nickelodeon,can't forget BET,all the record
stores,everybody on tour,all the
magazines I keep it hot for ya'll,to my #1 fans,my picture man,to my dancers,helping me do my
dance,to my basketball coach and my basketball team,one love,for helping me fulfill my dreams,to
my teachers in school,to my friends in class,to all of the good times,and ones that's bad,to all
of the people I ain't seen in years,keep your head up,remember I'll be right there,I've been
around the world in so much in a year,come to find out that so much of you care,that's why I
picked this track,ya'll put me where I'm at,I love ya'll,it feels good to be back,okay

[repeat 1x]

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Lil' Romeo Too Long Comments
  1. Mr. Cash

    This made me smile fir some reason I like it👍🏿

  2. John Adjepong

    I had this album damn - gametime

  3. Music Lover

    Man i use to play this song too death when i was lil glad i found it 😍 i miss my childhood good vibes and good music

  4. Domonique Nash

    Man I remember those days wow I’m really getting old .lol

  5. TQ Dat Manye

    ❤️❤️❤️ Love You Romeo The Romeo show was a Classic

  6. Special K

    12 years old.. 2002. I WAS IN LOVE WITH LIL ROMEO... like real deal... my family even included him as our family.. I used to always pray to God that he will be my future husband... I had everything of his... demo CD, first second and third albums, posters all across the bedroom, DVDs, watched all and every show he appeared on including his TV show... I was legit crazy about this man (currently a man now so I am referring him as a man as of today presently)

  7. 3j SMJ

    Thank you Romeo. My brother. I love you. And I'm glad that u did succeed. N I hope u n ur fam are ok. Ur sister is always for u. N ur fam.

  8. Soulja LilRude The Assassins 561


  9. Lamont King

    I had this album and bow wow doggy beg album I play the hell outta they albums as a kid

  10. marcus Ulrich

    OK song on the alumb but he was my 2nd favorite kid rapper at the time but lil bow wow was first been a fan of both of them for a long time since day 1

  11. Intelligent Hoodlum

    This album the soundtrack to my 1st grade year , used to listen to this on my cd player on the bus everyday .

  12. Young Light

    dude.... I was like 10 or 11 years old when my mom bought me this Album I was geeked I brought it with me to school showing people

  13. Xoxo Mochaccino

    Who boppin 2017

  14. sweeny loveglitch

    this song legit put a smile on my face wtf

  15. alyssa thomas

    Man this my child hood

  16. keanan davis

    His favorite ice cream was oreo just like mine :) i wish i had my childhood back you dont know what i would say to Rome

  17. Adrian Ojeda

    I love this song.. :')

  18. 3YECANDY08

    Diz was my fav song off dat album, still holdin this down since childhood

    Brandon Straughn

    3YECANDY08 fire

  19. ~FRIEZA~

    Old times

  20. Kartel Ink

    yeah man..... R.I.P MJ!!!

  21. Bianca Baby

    my babyyy! He love his fans <3

  22. Bianca Baby

    @faceoff1111 I know u are! hater.

  23. Bishop Hendrick

    Lil Bishop -No one is probably gonna read this,

    Im just gonna write it any way because i feel at least one person will,

    i'm a rapper . i know theres like 1000 of those in this world lol

    But I'm different promise that.. if u give me a chance ill show u

    I would love nothing more than to have a decent following on youtube from people

    if anyone who reads this could press the "THUMBS UP" other people will see it

    just a simple button press could make my dream come true Thank You

  24. filipino64

    i remember having dis cd it give back alot of memories

  25. Terinee Pooler

    I love this song!

  26. Medinah

    me too... I LOVE THE OLD ROMIE