Lil' Romeo - Take My Pain Away Lyrics

[Lil' Romeo]
Let's Conquer, Big Daddy, Kevin Miller, Grandma Miller and Grandma Elizabeth

[Lil' Romeo - Repeat 3x]
To My Loves I gone, I gotta know
Where do we go from here, I gotta know

[Lil' Romeo]
Dear God, I remember when times was hard
Gunshots echoed the block like passin' cars
I miss my cousin Lance look out for him
I love him,he died so young you musta had a place for him
My Uncle Kevin, the family miss him
He in Heaven, I ain't really understand 'till I turned seven
Every year that go by
I try to understand why (I understand why)
Everytime someone born, somebody gotta die
It's sad, I hate to see my mama cry
It's okay, come here mom and wipe your eyes
It's hard ta focus, kids playin' in school thinkin' they soldiers
Teachers can't teach now they nervous
Sittin' there thinkin' ta myself what we do to deserve this
Seein' kids die for no purpose ( I don't know)
Sittun' there thinkin' ta myself what we do to deserve this
Seein' kids die for no purpose

[Chorus: Repeat 4x]
(Take my pain away)
To my love ones gone, I gotta know
Where do we go from here, I gotta know
(Take my pain away)

[Lil' Zane]
The fast life is much too short, that's what we all thought
In and out of courts for assualts of all sorts
Seein' you go had me feelin' low
Just ta know a brotha was about to blow
But the world was killin' him slow
Your fans miss you wit a passion
And they wonder are you still alive and still laughin'
I still stress over your death
Caught four in to your chest
Lay your rest to the west
May your soul be blessed
And Lord knows how we miss you
Murder is a big issue
Can't stop the blood wit tissue
When the slugs hit you
All your family and friends shed tears
Cause for years
We knew you would make it, it was clear
Toast to both coasts
We need to stand close
Cause it ain't no silence when God is right in front of your eyes
Awakin' the time to shine
In time you'll find
I roll a dutch
Cause the worlds to much, to take my pain away

[Chorus: Repeat 4x]

[Lil' Romeo]
I shed tears for da world.Death carries no age limit.
To my love ones up there pray for me,
Life is prevailant. Oh yeah Lance picture this boy.
I'm rappin' and ballin' ya heard.
R.I.P to my peeps. I miss y'all, I miss y'all.


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Lil' Romeo Take My Pain Away Comments
  1. Shaquita Lucas

    The first CD I EVER OWNED! Thanks mom & Dad ♥️

  2. Mj Fans

    This song makes me cry very much

  3. Ricochet Rogue aka DMW

    In elementary school, I understood this song. Zane and Rome verse got to me, including the hook.

  4. Foolish Waise

    The things that Romeo said in this song is going on today

  5. Karla Daffin

    I cried my eyes I'm crying now

  6. Brittany Fallow

    "To my love ones gone, I gotta know where do we go from here, I gotta know" 😭😢 rip pac

    Sincere Montega-Bey


    Ayomide Akinsuyi

    September 11th brought me here!!!😪😪😪😪😪😪😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔😢😢😢😢😢

  7. swavey chisom

    favorite song on the album

  8. New One

    bring it back

  9. CreepinOutDaZiploc

    Is Zane verse is about Soulja slim?

    Jazaniel Davis

    tupac , and Biggie

    Michael Johnson

    About Pac

    Capricorn’s Love

    In the beginning he says “ yeah pacs life was much too short... thats what we all thought “


    How is his verse about slim and this was years b4 slim died

    Ron Jones

    @ldunn7414ld i was thinking the same thing smh

  10. Marcus Ulrich

    Good old days when Lil Bow Wow & Lil Romeo making music back than time fly's I wish i could go back to this days again miss bow wow music and Romeo music

  11. King Manny

    I cryed my eyes out

  12. Samuel Adams 111

    @ anthonyjohnson211  wht do u mean or kirk frankiln

    Anthony Louis Johnson

    Kirk Franklin is a gospel artist.

    Samuel Adams 111

    i know dude i listen to him

    Samuel Adams 111

    @anthonyjohnson211 ik i listen to him

    Anthony Louis Johnson

    @samuel adams  I appreciated. i listen to him too.

    Samuel Adams 111

    @anthonyjohnson211 yeah I have some of his albums

  13. Anthony Louis Johnson

    or Kirk Franklin...

  14. ShanTJ94

    Romeo Flows better than these rappers today.

  15. Lucas Tesch Official

    when i was younger i did not understood what the song lyrics was about, but now I understand it. R.I.P to all those who had to die.
    by the way, is this song an interpolation of "take my breath away" by the band berlin?

  16. SuperPride22

    This use to be my shit

  17. Saude Jackson

    @ooILuffJB00 right i still fight tears when i hear this

  18. nick bolan


  19. D'Angelo Perkins

    My grandpa had a stroke the day i got this cd and died a month later... We called him big daddy. This song has ALOT of meaning to me

  20. Bupe Natasha Mainga

    love to all those gone :((