Lil' Romeo - Just a Kid Lyrics

[Chorus: Lil' Romeo - repeat 2x]
I'm the one wit the crushed out tank
I'm the one who makin' young girls faint
Don't smoke and too young to drink
Just a kid but got a mill in the bank

[Lil' Romeo]
Sharp brown-skin
I can always be found in, that dirty South
Chicks say I'm expanded, I go all out
Till' they fall out
I'm a ball out
When I go shoppin' romie rome buy da mall out
Kids meals ta big wheels
I did deals
Eleven years old, man it feels like I been here
Girls screamin' he's so cute in they gym gear
I will not lose, Romeo gonna win here
Tic tac toe
Get that dough
Rip that show
I'll come back and kick that flow
By da next time i'm around you'll know
I ain't playin' boy it's time ta make room for Ro'

[Chorus: Lil' Romeo]

[Lil' Romeo]
Center stage, dark shades to cornbraids
I'm a little man
You know doin' big things, man of my word
Earn everything I deserve
Hard work and dedication
Man get out and get your own, stop playin' ball
Lifes about makin' calls
My dad said the strong survive while the weak fall
So I stuck wit it
Pressed my luck wit it
Imagined it
Now I'm on stage gettin' crunk wit it
Make way, i'm the hottest thing in da industry today
All I see is the future cause I'm feelin' the A
After me the world of hiphop gonna change
By the time I'm 16 I'll be the best in the game

[Chorus: Lil' Romeo - repeat 4x]

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Lil' Romeo Just a Kid Comments
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    Donald Trump hahahaha it's little Donald Trump

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    Замечательный мальчишка😊

  10. Bobby Bronek Joint

    1:29 she was scared when she saw the child's fictitious mother :)

  11. Abhimanyu singh

    Little girl has cutest expression

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    What's the kid name. He's really cute

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    I like the clip.nice One..

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    Several years later, the kid is the USA president... Wow!!!

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    2013 👍

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    😔 I'm 31 and not even close to this kid on smoothness

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    Woman in first appearance so so beautiful,name please..

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    1:18 Omg little girl doesn't even know what is a phone number, she's looking for something else like a love letter inside.

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    Goodness the boy can act!!!!. Anyone remember the small girl who got arrested for trespassing and taken in the polic car prank??? She is a brilliant actor as well! Especially in the last scene when one guy did not let them arrest the girl lol.

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    potat man

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    Joe T.

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    Maude Laurier

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    nhs2008NC well at least he's a blond

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    +alejandro rodriguez Her name is Maude. She's not only gorgeous, she was one their best pranksters. She's a member of the Laurier-Jacques family of pranksters. You can find out more about them from the five part interview ....."Just For Laughs Family of Pranksters" , with captions in English. Also , check the description "more" dropdown for links to the full videos shown in the interviews.

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    Benjamin Braoulio I think they are french

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    The first women they do this joke on is beautiful...she has a beautiful smile...Beautiful eyes that I seriously wish I can see my reflection on them

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    +KrakenJack If i was rich spoiled brat... maybe i'd do the same

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    ...tell me more...

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    sam clark Nah

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    Show bobs and vagene

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