Lil Mama - Truly In Love Lyrics

[Lil Mama]
Lonely...ok i am ready

It makes me crazy,crazy jealous when i ask around I'am always thinkin bout you when you're not around and only time will tell if we are truly in love

[Peter Toh]
If you are truly truly in love if we were truly truly in love.

[Lil Mama]
Lately late nights all i seem to think about is how theres more and boring thinks to think about then you, well honestly i,i just cant stop around we go.

[Lil Mama & Peter Toh]
If you are truly truly in love...if we were truly truly in love Tell me so if you are truly truly in love if we were truly truly in love...round we'll go.

[Lil Mama]
[verse 1]
I aint got like what i aint gone like you aint gone like what you aint gone like differences look at us breakup makeup break but its all alright i still got seat belt on tight told you what its like on a tough ride right you betta talkin wrong cuz i dont stop at no yellow lights fist signs nuffin thats sumthin to do wit sumthin ya friends say its sumthin thats nuffin to do wit nuffin i anit i anit frontin cuz they more they talk the more we fight the more that wrong that could have went right the more we fight the more we might part some more the more they like and that anit that anit right so we talk to each other and grow, grow wit each other you know how theses witches be doin we cold water we be stuntin....oh we be stuntin they grow.

[Lil Mama]
cuz we develop together forever wherever whenever i tell ya i, i am truly in love.

[Lil Mama & Peter Toh]
if you were truly truly in love...if we were truly truly in love tell me so if you were truly truly in love if we were truly in love round we'll go.

[Lil Mama]
baby i all want is you to understand that I'd be out of my mind if you wasn't right here and all i want is you to feel the way that i feel.

[Peter Toh]
The way that you make me feel the way that you make me feel.

[Lil Mama]
I know one day I might wake up and I know that you are in the world it wont matter to me at all just a memory.

cuz we develop together forever wherever whenever i tell ya I, I'm truly in love

[Lil Mama & Peter Toh]
if you are truly truly in love if we were truly truly in love...around and around and tell me so...if you are truly truly in love if we were truly truly in love around and around and round we'll go

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Lil Mama Truly In Love Comments
  1. gangsta G girl _ rich homie Dubriel

    Tbh I wish Lil Mama and left eye lopes would do a song together

    KiNg MaRMaR

    Well there is a left eye album which was reworks of her old solo stuff. And theres a song called the block party featuring lil mama

  2. Mikeyzom

    Love this song n vid

  3. Gregory Jack


  4. De'Shon Tave

    she should do another song like this and redeem it

  5. matt briggs

    Mm it was so good especially da dress she was wearing in in this video she looked like Trina Lil mama rap betta den Trina in Nicki minaj togetha frfr I luv u Lil mama

  6. Likedbymany

    This song is hot. Its so underrated.

  7. travis jones

    I love girls with clef chin

  8. Ladyflo

    Although am not a  director  I   really wish  I  could   have  directed this video  or  re-made  it or something. It  has a lot of potential  but it  looks  like it was  meant  to be going  somewhere but missed  the turn  and ended  up careening  off  somewhere along the edge of a cliff
    1.  She  doesn't  need backup  dancers or another dancer all the time   she  can dance  by  herself. The spotlight  should be on  HER.  She's  the main attraction not  those guys. Unless  at  the end they come  out
    2. Her voice  should be softer and she  should be  less like  a   caricature  making  all those  exaggerated  moves  and  expressions.   Nicki  minaj  stole  that spot we don't need another caricature  in  music biz.  Doesn't even   look like  shes  having fun. Maybe  she  didn't have enough creative control
    3. The instrumentals  and vocals  should  be slower and  more  intimate then  pick  up  at  the  end  or  something
    4.  It  would be  better  if  she flirted more  and  was  more seductive  with the  guy and showed  more  chemistry rather  than  looking like  she was at a high school   prom dance  but this is optional  and  maybe too cliche but would have added  to  this video  at least

    I'm  not saying  shes  not  a  good   artist  but  just wish she took  it all  the way and made  it look like  she was actually enjoying herself and meant  it in  some of  her  videos   like  this. 

  9. suppohkram

    Has the highest quality for this video always been 240p?

  10. mrgreatamazing

    My wife

    Forget the hataz

  11. Andria Baker

    I honestly feel like this song was underrated.

  12. truly wright

    Truly my name lil bra

  13. Tae'La Lashae

    Lol her face be so serious

  14. LuciousWiro

    look at lil mama holding her own! WERK BITCH!

  15. Derrick Scott

    This is thr best

  16. cdaddy773

    My lip gloss be popping

  17. Latasha Pendergrass

    Little mama is the most fun video because we have the most fun because it yhe

  18. Latasha Pendergrass

    Hay babay

  19. Bertha Kitt

    I miss lil mama

  20. Kenzthabrat

    at first i didnt like this song then it grew on me lol

  21. cristina equis de

    2:48 MARK KANEMURA!!!

  22. absarah

    matt cady <3

  23. Kevin Schart

    ehhhh stay away from the closeups lil mama

  24. Quinn Wolff

    they are so hot....the guys :) and girls

  25. GTEyez

    Y does lil mama look mad in da vid?

  26. Chad Bauerle

    The original version of this song by Peter Toh is so much better

  27. Tha KeeMan

    Ayo this is my *NEW* fav song :-) i jus LOVE her she so fine and she kinda reminds me of my bestie. -(KeeMan)

  28. Taylor H

    singing was kool rap was kool but what was really amazing was her weave wen she was rapping... i didnt kno she even did this! the song whtever!

  29. Brianna jarrett

    none knws how much i miss heer

  30. HappyTofu

    i'm just here for mark in a tuxedo.

  31. Ana Moreno

    FANNY PAK: cool
    LIL MAMA: garbage

  32. nichole609

    whaaat lil bow wow singing now

  33. scott stephens


  34. 2jashia


  35. Jose Benito Ronolo

    damn...............this soooooooooooooooooooo wicked

  36. Gab J

    2:48..... Why, hello there, Mr. Kaidan Alenko. How are you today?
    Also, to those who didn't like the purple dress... It's gorgeous. She looks wonderful in it. WTH is wrong with you?

  37. Ubie

    I actually like when singers step out of their comfort zone and do something different. I think the video is pretty up beat and she does a good job with the character, her rap part was on point as well with the choreo. I wonder when she'll put out more stuff?

  38. Jonas Buelens

    Looks like loads of people who watched this are not open for an artist to bring something new. This is from her album wtf are you talking about? Seriously...

  39. Jonas Buelens

    @xSw3etxBiitchx Mainstream shh** :')

  40. Jonas Buelens

    @dynastymusicworld Same for you man, shenanigans... She can handle any style. You just can't picture her in this style. Take a bath, clear your mind. Then take a look again.

  41. Jonas Buelens

    @bgsuswagger I call shenanigans on this one... She can handle any style. You just can't picture her in this style. Take a bath, clear your mind. Then take a look again.

  42. xSw3etxBiitchx

    Mama please stop the garbage songs i no your better then this shit ..if u did what I no u can u would be up there with lil Wayne n drake rap girl ur shit Is hott

  43. Xzamilloh

    Mama's got some gorgeous eyes...but the face is a little on the mannish side.

  44. Tim T

    I like this song

  45. MrMicheals08


  46. Johnson Simon

    @bgsuswagger dats true dis song not really her style!

  47. Brownsugga814

    That hair is ridiculous

  48. HappyTofu

    Mark was so cuteee!!! He danced so well in his little section and he totally played his part. His face just screamed that he was in love with lil mama..which is kind of weird but still really cute since it's his face. haha

  49. Trinity Isle Productions

    I like this video a lot!! One thing tho is that I think that Lil Mama should soften up some. I understand she has been through a pretty rough life, but it's like in all her upbeat songs she be killing it cuz her hard looking facials work, but for a song/video like this, she should really be softer. BUT I LOVE LIL MAMA!!!!! Ima fan now and forever!

  50. onlypandorashope

    not gonna lie, i only came here for mark kanemura. unfortunately, her singing wasn't strong enough in my opinion. the rapping sounded great. but the backing melody didn't help her put this together.

  51. Shari Petti

    @waverunner6 stfu

  52. Shari Petti

    @chunky543 STFU!

  53. Shari Petti

    @rihrih3 get a life

  54. Shari Petti

    @mikeyray68 an hu r u btw...oh shox no one, at least she iz some where in life n makeing money n she'z well known, dont hate, congratulate

  55. Jessica Colebrooke

    ugly is lil mama and dis jus aint fa her

  56. dancemachine715

    This is how you know Fanny Pak was one of Lil Mamma's favorites

  57. Ryan Lyric

    @OfficialRayAdams I'm a believer she can sing. I'm not a singer so Idk notes and stuff like tht well; however I will say some notes aren't for every singer and altho lil mama does have a low singing voice this truly in love song her voice was to low which is not her range. If she was on a higher note like in no one it would have sounded better

  58. azraell Dragon

    Can anyone seriously tell me why Fanny Pak wasn't part of the top two. Matt Cady's choreography is amazing as can be seen on the ABDC tour. It is still beyond me how they didn't win I'm just glad Lil Mama saw in them what their fans saw. Thanks Lil Mama for giving this talented group a platform in her video.

  59. Susana Dias

    @quitejaded i like the all video LOL

  60. quitejaded

    I like 1:29 to 2:18

  61. Ferdip Dip

    i mean.
    why isn't this on the top charts?

  62. M Haynes

    I dont know what happened in this song, she can actually sing in real life...her rapping outshines her singing here though.

  63. pearlessence66

    this is terrible!!!

  64. Donna Royong

    she can't sing. ROFL

  65. DivaDavid30

    that last lil kick was CUTE!

  66. Pizzatoto

    I REALLY LOVE FANNY PAK!!! so proud of them!

  67. DuffChic77

    That's a really nice song!! I love it! Lil Mama is awesome!

  68. james london

    well damn!! i hate ignorant negative ass people this was a good song with a great video...i actually like lil mama

  69. xsuneaglex

    I fricking love this video. But, I have a question... why are Matt, Phillip and Beau [mainly Matt, though, since he gets the solo thing at the end] singing Peter Toh's harmonies in the video? O_o I didn't get that. I tripped out when I seen them singing... I was like WUT, THEY CAN SING, TOO?!

  70. kookiezplace

    love fanny pak...eww lil mama is trash!!!

  71. Pascal Aka

    she has a face for radio....too ugly, if she was more humble I would come up with a nicer comment....her first album flopped, she deserved it. I wish her the best though....if she changes her attitude.

  72. nevasca

    i didnt know this song existed

  73. Samuelle Matados

    FANNY PAK.. yaaay!

  74. Katrina NB


  75. Kittitian Angel

    y'all suckerz just haterz lil mama gon always be betta than y'all
    and u just can't stand the thought of it
    so shut tha hell up
    Lil Mama...keep doing yo thang!!!!!

  76. Lex Lu

    what the fuck was that.. (Fanny Pak as awesome tho...)

  77. Kristine T.

    aw mark looked dashing, lol he should be in more videos :)

  78. Ryan Lyric

    Yes lil mama looks kinda dudish and she looks like she is mean muggin and she can't really sing. And yes this vid is not a style she should do. w/ that being said the lyrics are great. The director did an amazing job. The cheoragphy is great and the concept of an old school style is amazing. Even the beat is classy. It would have been better if like Christina Aguilera did a song like this but not lil mama. So its not the song its the artist. lil mama is a great artist this is just not her style

  79. TheNormalGirl

    cm lo supiste??

  80. OoMASEoO

    i know lil mama was trying to look sexy, but her face just looks like a mean mug.

  81. TheNormalGirl

    that was painful!!

  82. Travis Lafferty

    I really like Lil' Mama and Fanny Pak, but seriously she could have picked a better single. It seems hard to dance to so the choreography just looks... out of place almost.

  83. BlakesWorld

    i love this video i hope lil mama is singin that song to me lol :- )

  84. Katie Zheng


  85. ajh7711

    Why is her face so rough?

  86. brittwait

    the only thing that kind of bothers me is that when the couples are dancing, lil mama doesn't act like she's enjoying it all that least it doesn't really show in her face. i know i would have been smiling seductively if i were dancing with mark kanemura.
    but that's just me.
    i truly think this video is adorable.

  87. Sahara Myers

    that was so cute. i'm glad she didn't sing through the whole song. it would have made it a little boring, imo.
    i'm also glad she had her little time to dance. i think the viewers of ABDC kind of forget that she's not just a judge because she was big at the time the show came out. she can actually move! lol.

  88. GrownWomanLevel

    i give the video 5 stars......the song 4 stars.

  89. Francisco Zambrana

    The song is ehhhh but Fanny Pak Rocks!!!!!! And that's Mark from Sytycd!!!!

  90. Cocopops305

    The song is better when lil mama raps I don't think she should sing woo fanny pak :D

  91. David Cruz

    FANNY PAK IS THE SHIT!i love them. they are so are freaking dope! i think they should have won americas best dance crew season 2!!! THIS SONG is not lil mamas best but the best thing about it is FANNY PAK! they made this shit...

  92. Kendrick Wallace

    I've never heard of this song but i'm still not suprised she choose fanny pak to be in her video. That was her favoite crew

  93. arod325

    i agree.

  94. Queen Pickle

    I don't need to answer to you, so like I said don't even start.

  95. Ashley Rhoden

    this song fanny pak

  96. Queen Pickle

    Fanny Pak made this video...don't even start.

  97. Sylvie

    aww... the only good in this video is Mark Kanemura :)))