Lil Mama - On Fire Lyrics

Hot Hot Hot
Hot Hot Hot
I'm Burnin Up

Oh! I'm On Fire Hit Me I Gotta Stop Hay! I Gotta Drop (Whoah) And Roll! Cause I'm Burnin Up!

[Lil Mama:]
If You A Fan Hands In The Air Spend 360 Hot Cool Me Down Many Drinkin Ish See I'm Blowin Flames At You Girls Like The Back Of The Bat Mobile Or The Front If I Front You Steal Wouldn't Be Able To Practice Well Cover You Up Like Gasoline And Matress Well (Boom!)
Blow You Away Have You Lookin Like Chucky At The End They Threw Him In The Fire Can't Play In The Park With Me Sumthin Like The End Of The Day Roll With Me I'm a Show You Where You Gon Lay Where I Put You Is Where You Stay Should Of Known When The Street Lights Is On You Off I'm On Been Hood Since Born So Strong So Long To The Rest Of You Youngins Sit Around Watch Now Bout To Teach You Sumthin

Oh! I'm On Fire Hit Me I Gotta Stop Hay! I Gotta Drop (Whoah) And Roll! Cause I'm Burnin Up!

[Lil Mama:]
Listen To This They Feelin My Style Lovin My Posture The Way I Break It Down The Industry Got A Problem 16 Spit A Hot 16 Like No Problem Yeah The Deal 16 Mill You Got A Problem You Start Them I'm a Come Finish Them Like My Name Sonya Blaze I? Most Chick Teenage Rappers Kno I Put It In I'm Gowin In Everytime I Touch The Pen Then Again Is What They Say Before They Test Me My Hot Tracks They Keep Gowin Like I'm Jetly Trust Me All Who Write Gotta Respect Me Trust Me I Dos Right Gotta Contest Me Don't Let Me Get Beside Myself Cause Then I Double Myself That's How You Trouble Yourself Me Plus Me Equals Eweee She Got It Bad Skill-Sum Path Of Mine Grown Women Never Had

Oh! I'm On Fire Hit Me I Gotta Stop Hay! I Gotta Drop (Whoah) And Roll! Cause I'm Burnin Up! [x2]

[Lil Mama:]
So Far Ahead Of Myself I'm Bout To Start A New Life Me Slaughter You Not Nice Mama Mc But She Kno I Spit Light Right You Betta Think Twice So Let Me Do What I Dos Dos And Stick To Flows M A Sticker Heard You Stick To Yours I Deliever A Quick My Union Is Busting To Make You A Believer Even Bruce Springstings

Oh! I'm On Fire Hit Me I Gotta Stop Hay! I Gotta Drop (Whoah) And Roll! Cause I'm Burnin Up! [x4]

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Lil Mama On Fire Comments
  1. Hakeem Chapman


  2. sela asi

    lil mama your song lil mams

  3. Deserai Salvatore

    Yes because Nicki is my idol.

  4. elmerthugg

    Ok I'm dead. are u happy now?!?! lol was it that serious?

  5. futurejd1

    @Deserai Salvatore ok...why are you starting an argument over a comment I left over ONE YEAR AGO?! You must be mentally unbalanced, I dont even remember nor do I care what this conversation was about. Hit me up next time within a few houes, not a year after. Moron.

  6. Deserai Salvatore

    Lil Mama rules. But I agree About Nicki Being Better :D

  7. Deserai Salvatore

    I Hope You die.

  8. Tina Mizz Cat Smith


  9. abby heindl

    Way better than Nicki Minaj!

  10. bfspaulo20

    amo amo amo

  11. TetrapakProdzekt

    she is veru cute, but this kind of rap is hella whack, stupid lyrics with no purpose at all, whack cheap as beats...

  12. Giavanna Berrios

    lil mama is the booom this cick is 100000X better than buyter rymes will ever b

  13. mrball1604

    lil mama is sexy i don't want anyone says

  14. Doris Tomic


    so did you hook up with her al ready ???

  15. lilsmilesz96

    i met lil mama at toys r us right when lip gloss came out lol

  16. Samaria McDonald

    She a beast

  17. elmerthugg

    @futurejd1 U mad at the wrong person. #reflect

  18. futurejd1

    @elmerthugg It's all wack. Nicki sucks. I hate Nicki Minaj, I don't know why you brought that tourette syndrome sounding moron up. Nicki can't rap. This fool said she was the besst rapper in "the game period". That means she's better than Nas, Mos Def, Lupe Fiasco, real rappers...not the b.s. soulja boy, lil wayne, drake homo I don't care how old she was, no excuse for stupid rhymes when you claim you the best period. Nicki Minaj should be taken and strangled.

  19. elmerthugg

    @futurejd1 she was 16 @ the time when this was out & Nicki is 28 years old calling herself a Barbie running around looking like a cartoon character so what's Nicki's excuse? I'll tell u, dummies like u who think a 28 year old women who's hair is multi-colored like a birthday clown, dresses in between Annie & a star track costume & rap with a lil girl voice who does certain things that trannies do (ie. licking her teeth, calling herself a cunt etc) is ok, than u need help.

  20. futurejd1

    Ok...if anyone think this is rap or thinks she can rap, they are delusional. She is garbage. Nicki Minaj is better and she is garbage. I don't think she is ugly, she just wears ugly crap, no grown woman should dress like a 6yr. old. She has strong features which can translate to tranny...

  21. Complexions 21

    @lolbassy I like lil mama everybody got songs people not go like. I didnt' like one of her songs it sucked to me but i like the rest and i think she real. I tell you someone i dont' like. lil nana. ewwwww.

  22. Kadu Nogueira

    Yo lil mama, i think i can be ur fireman :$

  23. smith raff

    i like ha sttyle she aint a girly girl but she show ha hood self yeah babe daz how some gurlz be rockin in brooklyn babe!

  24. kickidd13TV

    @shygyrl10 luv da commit itz true

  25. oHsHiZbRaH77

    @EDkED2hot hahahah ritee

  26. Haneef Foster

    brah she is hella ugly and beyonce and keyshia is hella sexy wit out naked ness but it ok u lik ugly ass grls i feel sry 4 u brah

  27. anoe hontoa ahnoyei

    pretty pictures !

  28. Red Gander

    lil mama ugly azz look like a man she need to sit her lil azz down &i said it

  29. thesunwillshineonme

    @shygyrl10 gurl u tellin the shit niki aint bringing the shit in lilmamma is so niki bitch stop hating lilmama swagga

  30. thesunwillshineonme

    niki minaj lil mama got more swag then u ever had hahah bitch!!!!!!!!!

  31. 注Njetjuk

    lil mama needs to gain some weight damnnnn shes fucking skinny:S ugly

  32. Israil Aliyev


  33. Israil Aliyev

    how old is she?

  34. karmenebanksyahoo

    init shygyrl10

  35. KingDing919

    She can actually sing really good. Just type in Lil mama singing and there is a vid of her singing Alicia Keys song.

  36. tanj1503


  37. benewix

    the pic at 1:55 looks very gangsta style

  38. vballa91

    1. put your finger on your nose
    2. hold your breath for 5 seconds
    3. say the name of your love
    4. that person will ask you out on the next Friday
    5. you will have the best day tomorrow
    6. if you don't copy and paste to 2 other videos

  39. Matches Malone

    sooooooo freakin ! :P
    LOVE IT !!
    lol lil mama <3

  40. Kittitian Angel

    blazin eyes

  41. Nadine Gonçalves

    tas a guxar extes tao a kumentar o teu video em ingles e tu ainda pedex pa eles traduxirem? XD mas por acaso ate tens razao :p

  42. Dree Daee

    hi how are you doing is you still sad i would still be please dont be love thanyny see ya and im waching your video im on fire

  43. Anna Diem

    lil mama is the hottest most slammin girl rapper and everyone who is picking on her shut the hell up lil mama knows how to spit dat shit!

  44. Reyana Coleman

    look at avril lavigne at 1:57

  45. Reyana Coleman

    lil mama is awesom she is one of my idols she is also really preety on alot of the pics

  46. María Oddný Sigurðardóttir

    I want her clothes..xD haha and I love her music! :)

  47. Swollz

    she sorta looks like a man sometimes...
    i dont mean to sound like a negative person but its tru...