Lil Mama - No Music Lyrics

Yo anybody thats from Harlem should know what I'm talking about when I say no music,
[Laughing] ya'll thought it was a game?


No Music (Clap [x4]), No Music (Clap [x4]), No Music (Clap [x4]), No Music (Clap [x4])

[Verse 1:]
Oh, Who you know spit it hard to a handclap
She aint wack
So I tell a corny n***a hand dat
To a record label while I get my hair wrapped
Then I let it fall under my New York yankee cap
Anybody that know better
That got chedda
Bet go getta
Cuz ya already know I'm where its at
And if Im rollin
Im ridin
I got my homies beside me
I tell ben drop me off he like
Where its at
I gets it poppin'
Im droppin'
Ya'll know I dont play
And know my swag is official to what my flow say
And any club that's poppin my record gon play
Rest in peace to Haze and Lil Zay Zay
L.I.L when the m gon carry me
16 spit it mean
In a carry c
37 Willex Ave where you find between
7 Ave is the block where you find me

No Music (Clap [x4]), No Music (Clap [x4]), No Music (Clap [x4]), No Music (Clap [x4])

Harlem Ha!!!

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Lil Mama No Music Comments
  1. bling'd

    ariana grande is shaking

  2. INFJEmpath777

    High school days

  3. J. Valentine

    for instant popularity just buy Dollar Store Lip Gloss! now at family dollar also!

  4. gio gomes

    Finalmente achei essa música tô a procura a três anos

  5. Starlight Buds

    The time all the girls where using perm like crazy

  6. CJ Pedrinho


  7. Dating Advice

    Watching this as I'm peeling the chap-ness off my lips.

  8. Dating Advice

    No! All the boys don't have a crush on you because your lip gloss is "poppin'" They have a crush on you because you're light skin, with light eyes. Colorism is real in black culture.

  9. Geoffrey Jeffryne Andrews

    After buying lipstick for my girlfriend lol

  10. Tiffany Wilkerson

    Anybody listening in 2020 or whaaattt

  11. Naiomi Clark

    This isn’t an ad at all for L’Oréal and M.A.C.

  12. Chris Davis

    Who here cause of Mimi Faust on The Shaderoom lol.

  13. Azha Choudhury

    Lmfao back then I didn’t care what my lips looked like but now I can’t get out the house without lip gloss fr😩

  14. shuppypuppy17

    Anyone notice the Beyonce Reference at 1:46

  15. Janoo Queen b

    Love it

  16. Vadim RUS

    🆒 💯 🔱

  17. Living With Lika

    Lil Mama YOU should start doing mini skits or a YT series and start auditioning for more movie roles

  18. Tom Bystander

    She can get it Monday through Sunday

  19. jen love

    Who is in 2020?❤️👌

  20. Charity Martin


  21. S̤̮trawberry シ Jam̬̤̯


  22. David Chinique


  23. Yes

    It’s so 2011 I’m dying

  24. Freya Marks

    any one hear in 2020

  25. Bad Guy

    This song randomly came into my head 😂😂

  26. Mimi M

    Honestly this was made so long ago and the camera quality is still better than some Samsung's 👀😂💀

  27. Gregory Campbell

    This is real hip hop classic hip hop

  28. Brittany Walko

    This is so old and i still love it. Let's face it. We all thought we were the shit in middle and high school lol

  29. simply_ gacha

    Me today: stands by my locker and puts lips gloss and look at the boys
    Boys: uh what is she.looking at

  30. Super Gamer_girl

    2:24 Ok but these computers making me feel old mentally. The nostalgia 😂


    Me wen I use my new lip gloss on my new man. Right now in my apt.

  32. Saynomo

    Nowadays its just regular pink lip gloss proly back in the days it was the "soo cool expensive sparkly lip gloss you can get all the boys with this magical fairy bad b lip gloss it will make you glow" *NO offence* the song slide.

  33. Marian Kopram

    my science teacher played this in class and i’ve never been more confused lmaoo

  34. Gregory Campbell

    Lil momma the greatest of all time gangsta rap wise

  35. Francisco Diaz

    If you hate lil mama ima come for you at night

  36. ShadowWolf Mems

    They got the moves

  37. roald dahl

    she was like 22 here.. whys she dancing by a higschool locker?

  38. Act

    High school hits

  39. Ms lamborghini

    Sounds like get your freak on by " Missy "🔥🔥🔥

  40. blasian tay

    90s babies were blessed to experience bops like this we actually had the best dances 💯🔥

  41. kvng litt!!

    whats the dudes ig at 1:47


    2020 where yall at

  43. noon tahani

    La la life comedy music video was use your music

  44. Cookie Lovers

    Who Still listening in 2020🙋🏽‍♀️

  45. Life As Dezsier

    Every girl after putting on lip gloss

  46. anthony tunzi


  47. Bil Wacky

    This Is The Inspiration For The MacKenzie Hollister Character.

  48. MajaRox Und lustige videos

    La la life musik

  49. Abril Jackson

    The fact that I argued w/ my 6 year old about this song!!!! Classic & she swear I was making up something


    Yep boom boom wats poppin

  51. kerlyfries


  52. Andrew Johnson

    Hahaha bow wow. Wow what was he thinking.

  53. Danny V

    I was working in starbucks in NYC and I remember asking her name for her drink and she gave me a snotty face mumbling under her breathe for not knowing her and yet not saying anything so I left it blank. I cannot stand the entitlement of celebrities like her with a useless platform. Wow someone doesn't know who you are and butt hurt. Bowow lookin head ass. 🙄🤮

  54. InkRibbon

    "They lip gloss cheap." Yet the cheapest ones are better than the expensive ones lmfao.

  55. Ace Roane

    Lmao I came here from the girls saying **”RHONDA”**

  56. Kashi And Stuff

    I’m here because my friends said this is my theme song...

  57. Tayna Therilus

    Me after buying nk bueaty lip gloss

  58. Ujunior Yaryee

    Whose here 2020

  59. Kamil Thomas

    I need this lip gloss

  60. Xmimi Music

    hi guys im from future

    is there some one from my world ?

    Amelia A

    Xmimi Music hii there lol

    Xmimi Music

    @Amelia A hi

  61. Bestmommie Ever

  62. Elisa E

    After ages finally found it

  63. Sophie J

    This was the song

  64. Cara Shields

    Me showing my daughter this video after showing her a picture of me in middle school “my lip gloss was poppin” “here , look at what we used to
    Get down to back in the day”

  65. Seloua Hog

    I use this song for TikTok and you??

  66. Velda Housel


  67. Victory Edomwonyi

    This became a tiktok

  68. Savannah Williams

    My 4th grade class: NO MUSIC...NO MUSIC

  69. Kiyoko 2409

    I listened to this since it came out!!!! I love this song

  70. The Hunter

    It's a damn shame there was no school shooters here on the day of the video.😥

  71. Get Fit with Natasha

    Who's here from tiktok 🤣

  72. Kiara Fingers

    I was waiting for 2:25

  73. Kayan Burke

    2020 anybody

  74. M a r s h m e l l o w

    2020 anybody?

  75. Bianca Pereira

    Tik Tok rs

  76. •ROSE•

    Dang 9 years ago

  77. Royalty Princess

    Who is back here in 2020????

  78. Jackie Jackson

    May God bless everyone who is watching this in 2020. Love y'all

  79. Hacks 4U

    So I guess nobody came here because of all American!

  80. Lover Lover

    2020 anyone?

    Don’t leave me hanging


    No I'm in 4567


    This was my middle school she shot it at 😱😱😱😱😱

  82. Elaine Elite

    Ain't that thing she wearing around her neck sold at fashion Nova now fashion Nova to I told y'all they copy all the old videos and make new clothes out of

  83. Elaine Elite

    So all the new youtubers who's making new videos with school theme dancing in the hallway and stuff was inspired by Lil Mama💞😏😂😂😂😂

  84. _ Mrs.Yeet_

    Anybody remember when a girl copied this and got over 10ml views and now she famous. Copycat

    Brazzy Niya

    Gacha Princess whats the girl name who copied it

  85. Jennette Turner


  86. angelica conn

    Ashley is going to be there for the interview on the house and home Depot and Lowe's and I will be there at work now so I'll be there at work now and

  87. Navay Lowden

    Who here in 2020???

  88. Unicorn Aaliyah

    When Ms.McClarson said "IT'S POPPIN"💀


    There are some replay buttons 😊

  89. MrzBell2018

    Whatcha Know bout Me!!💋

  90. chambersetz

    I use to bop to this song yoooo

  91. Juanita Martinez

    2020 watching with my kids on the bus. I just let her use a little lip gloss and she think she poppin this morning😂

  92. Shakira Carroll

    Love music video !!!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😀😀😀😀😀😀😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁