Lil Mama - Get Loose Request Lyrics

I wanna hear shawty get loose
So we can get krunk doing that
Tell em'... Tell them put on shawty get loose
Put it on shawty get loose
Kump, kown, break it down and do ya dance

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Lil Mama Get Loose Request Comments
  1. kaah apink

    Tempo bom ❤️

  2. Fhilipe Paier

    o que houve com lil mama?

  3. Mica Oya

    Micheal Jackson "Scream" video with a twist

  4. Ayo Fabricio

    bringing this into 2020🙏🏽

  5. Malik Maxwell

    Still a bop in 2019 i swear

  6. Sarah Evans

    10 years later I still can dance to this ❤

  7. Snakkitty

    I love this song. BUT I remember Chris's vocal being cleaner and more powerful. ?

  8. Walter Santos

    As antigas sao as melhores

  9. kylielaurenn

    but this is why chris brown is the artist of this generation

  10. kylielaurenn

    basically lil mama was the og cardi b

  11. Nikki Lately

    My childhood is the best

  12. LiL' D-Low

    Lil Mama flows tight

  13. rarityluv *

    Killed it!!!

  14. Chyna Thomas

    OMG I never heard of this song. ..crazy

  15. Dakari Randall

    On god I'm getting lil mamma pregnant 🙌

  16. Joel Sam

    She can dance

  17. Alex Wesker

    I always thought she was so pretty, especially her eyes 🖤

  18. Kami CS

    I miss this era! Actual dance and real rap..

  19. Diana Jackson

    This is Lil Mama Best Song

  20. HEITOR Brown

    2019 alguém brasileiro 🇧🇷

  21. FlyingRaijin

    After being a dancer for quite some time I'm watching this like wtf are they doing?

  22. Earnestine Hardy

    The same with song and video this shit is lit af y'all dumb as fk and don't know great music and genius artistry!!!!!!!

  23. Straightless Chick

    Just having a tour on early 20's songs nd here I am again lol miss those days!!!

  24. Joemalia Juggalo


  25. Shauncia Tousant

    I bet this vid was fun to make

  26. Nayops 19

    0:55 , 1:54 , 2:54
    Ayy, Shorty get loose🎤🎶

  27. Alberto Garcia


  28. Charles williams

    3 legends

  29. Надежда Васильева

    Take me back to 2008 year

  30. Cee


  31. Candace Pryor

    This Chic is hyped and talented. Love her energy!!!

  32. My Kookie Lyfe

    1:14 me when I pass a test

  33. Sir Augusthuz

    10 years for 2030, this video is 2030

  34. Sir Augusthuz

    Daqui a 10 anos o clipe ocorrerá no tempo que é passado

  35. GorgeouslyReal T.V.

    Why is she not mainstream?!!!! She is talented. I'm from Florida so I support T-pain since I'm sprung came out!

  36. lemonppr wngs

    Put some respeck on Lil Mama name!!!!

  37. Shine Casanova

    i like this vid tho

  38. Sam Sung

    Is it just me or does Chris brown look better back then. Like then.Comment now

  39. Monica Braxton

    This a hit! I would love to see her and Chris do another banger

  40. Cocoa west

    The hate that Lil Mama gets is unnecessary

  41. Cymoné Elanté

    Am I the only one that seen DJ Khaled on that screen?🤔🤣

  42. Ocean Dabney

    No Thank u she is stiff and can NOT Spit
    But wish her the Best

  43. NoCapDanz Vlogs

    If we had social media back then this would at least be on 50mil

  44. Vurniya Pretty

    My baby Chris brown 🤤💙🔥💯😍

  45. Unique Peach

    Bruh this bring backs memories ❤️❤️🎶

  46. Shea Butter Baby

    I remember I was watching this songs premiere on 106 and park when I was like 8, I was in looovvveeee with Chris....good times *sad sigh😔

  47. mswright12u

    Girl just apologize to the world for what u did and be great again!!!! This was🔥🔥🔥

  48. Queen Reese

    She ain’t know what to say

  49. Queen Reese

    The song sounds better with out her on it to me she kinda messed the flow up


    Go to sleep

  50. Tei Tei

    I forgot all about this song wooow

  51. MzSongbird Shey

    They were paying homage to Michael & Janet Jackson’s video Scream ❤️👏👏

  52. 赞成裕裕裕

    I haven't heard this song in 10 YEARS!!!! Who else can relate?

  53. Kevin Roui

    Late, but just realised Chris Browm did a death drop at the end there 🤯

  54. Unicorns234 2468

    She’s original cool can rap and why are there no more music videos of hers and lil mama if your reading this plz make another vid

  55. Destiny Covington

    She was doing the death drop before the gays took it😂

  56. Dwight HAMM

    Hi I'm doing fine and how are you doing?

  57. halima yusuf

    Who’s here in 2019

  58. Bella Lindsey

    2019 ❣️

  59. Jevon Williams

    Imx stay night tlc no scrubs

  60. Spurr_ovo

    0:42 When your girl asks for the D

  61. getnasty08

    Dang I forgot about this BOP entirely!!!!

  62. Dorothy Jones

    Man I forgot she can dance aaayyye 👌

  63. Abdirahman Abdiwahab

    Funny how this song was lit back then but its 6.3 M views

  64. Abdirahman Abdiwahab

    Back when tpain cb and lil wayne were in every video

  65. Juanita Cameron

    Hi teyerrah this is nita your mother talent is in our blood but it is alright if you decided to not sing are you and t pain together you do have two children together give it a try

  66. Machelll Jones

    This looks like a copy of Janet Jackson and Michael

  67. Shaun Howard

    Chris Brown really was in everything from 06-09 LOL

  68. Demarcus Martin

    Bring back the 106 and park days this stayed number 1

  69. Marijuana Pepsi

    2019!!! I almost forgot about this joint. Look at baby face Chris 😂😂😂Brown. Lil Mama is underrated. She can rap and act. She needs more homage

  70. جمال صالح الصباحي

    هههههه حلوه .

  71. carlisson sinezio


  72. Daph McLa

    People sleep on Lil Mama so much

  73. H. Bee

    This song was so fire. Still makes me wanna dance.

  74. Ashton

    This song played in the skating rink all the time 😭

  75. Chìíka Unìqué

    Watching in 2019 and just realizing it’s inspired by scream with Micheal and Janet lol

  76. Kange Nathan

    This was the shit in grade 7!!

  77. ahprodite2500

    I'm am definitely getting "Scream" vibes from MJ and JJ

  78. Angel

    2019 anyone

  79. KeepMyNameOutYoMouf

    year was 2008 but the style of the video looks like something from 2001-2002

  80. Joshua Gordon

    Bitch! I just realized Chris Breezy did a DEATH DROP BITCH!! YAAASSS 😂😂

  81. Dark_Umbreon

    its 2019 and I just noticed They death dropped in the end

  82. Amora Adore

    Scream and tlc all in one

  83. Johanna Farias

    listening 2019

  84. Renea Renea

    This was inspired by Michael and Janet scream

  85. Erykah Davis

    Even back then Chris Breezy is
    making great features and still killing it

  86. bash mogd

    lil mama got her self into dance shows and shit and less in the music

  87. Valkiria Oliveira

    Que saudaaaaaadeees ❤

  88. nuhboringal

    This CB was everybody's sweetheart. How times have changed.

    Bow Rio

    nuhboringal stop judging s human based of their music videos then you wouldn’t have a problem dumb asss ? You assume you know everything about a fuckimg celebrity when you never met them.....

  89. Дмитрий Денисов


  90. Phakamisa Selanti

    1:16 The only time Dj Khaled doesn't say non on a vid

  91. WX. Self-Taught English

    Eu não tinha internet na época, tinha apenas um DVD do Chris Brown que comprei na feira...Eu e meus irmãos ficavamos ouvindo o dia todo , cantando e dançando junto...a gente até gravava no Nokia hehe como se tivesse fazendo um clipe.. Essa música traz uma nostalgia incrível.

  92. Ayona Laquay

    Who listening to underrated bop in August 2019 anyone ?? 😌💓

  93. J2 Kay

    back when music was good.
    back when singers and rappers could actually dance.
    c: <3

  94. Gabrielle Elliott

    I miss lil mama

  95. Justine Zupin

    omg I was 2 when this song came out!!!!!!!!!