Lil Mama - G-Slide (Tour Bus) Lyrics

If my sister tour bus, ride through your town
You're gonna have a problem, tell um Lil' Mama.

Uh uh, no way, you can show me how [x2]
Uh uh, no way, you can show me how
You can show me how
To G-slide

Lil' Mama tour bus might ride through your town
take her time, show you how
To do the G-slide, let me show you how
To G-slide
Let's Go!

Lil' Mama get it poppin' puttin' work
G-slide for me (Hey)
G-slide with me (Hey)
G-slide with me (Hey)

Lil' Mama get it poppin' puttin' work
G-slide for me (Hey)
G-slide with me (Hey)
G-slide with me (Hey)

When I bump up on the track it's like
(Whoop, there's it is)
From the block parties to house parties
I gets it in
I'm a bump Bee's a knees
And that's exactly what I meant
Young beast from the East
So you know I put it in
I'm that ghetto gorgeous gangster girl
With the fly G slide international (is wretch you know)
By the way that I'm bounce on the track (you Know)
You ain't never see a girl like this before (Oh no)
My heart seems fly high
We run until we die
Run into dudes who
Yapping and always trying to get by
But I don't hear
It goes in one ear and out the other
Told him how to G-slide and he told his mother
Get get down big Mama'
I can dig it, you got it
But when my block starts the G
A stampede slidin'

Lil' Mama tour bus might ride through your town
take our time, show you how
To do the G-slide, let me show you how
To G-slide
Let's Go!

Lil' Mama get it poppin' puttin' work (I put it work) [x3]
Lil' Mama get it poppin' puttin' work (Hey!)

New shirt (New shirt)
New kicks (New kicks)
New Pants
G-slide the new dance
No auto maw
We live in the new times
Lil' ma must've artist for me
Is the new grime
More money, more money
More shine
She the princess of the city
I'm her son boy shine
Top the dime
Shorty got cake like uh
Duncan Hines, come on G-slide

they be callin' me T in the hood 'cause I bring the Pain daddy
And when the time is going down
Make you ring daddy
That mean you got to feel me
'cause I'm might make you fly
And if your G-slide slow
You better pick it up
G-slide with me
Be shy do it
See shorty lookin' over from the side viewin'
I'm 'bout to hook him up
And show him how to do it
Slide right, slide left
Hit time

Lil' Mama tour bus might ride through your town
take her time, show you how
To do the G-slide, let me show you how
To G-slide
Let's Go!

Lil' mama get it popping
Stand on the streets so the people yell
Just lookin' at me like
No fair, I'm here, no fair
And my heart gonna nip you girls
I bet you gonna live no losses
I switch verses like sauces
That prego sauce be poppin
She so hot
When I go bring them down to popping
Now you tip and try to touch
May end up with red spots
When it's hot, then it's hot
If it's ain't, then it's not
Wait, you walk over
There's no room up on the spot
'cause I spot little creatures trying to turn beast (turn beast)
Go feast
They better turn because I'm red meat (meat)
And it's wait wait to see me
while I do it for TV
In the hood
In the hood
Is probably where I must be

Lil' Mama tour bus might ride through your town
take her time, show you how
To do the G-slide, let me show you how
To G-slide

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Lil Mama G-Slide (Tour Bus) Comments
  1. Angal kelly Laura

    Wonna Mack a song beautiful Ballarat 😎😁😘

  2. Paul Alvarado

    2020 anyone?

  3. JR-infocell

    O que aconteceu com a lil mama?

  4. Baheejah Jabri

    Who's here at December of 2k19

  5. Madame Bathory

    Oh nooo my childhood 😂😂 bumping this shit when I was 6

  6. 木村晴子


  7. Acacia Shinault

    I love your songs

  8. Nika Adams

    2:24 10 years later and I still put on my lip gloss like this.

  9. Victor Avila

    God blesa lil mama

  10. Sunni. Edmerson

    The Lacoste and Loreal promos LMAO

  11. D Low

    Crack cocaine hip with it lol

  12. Arnaldo Gomes

    Quem tá vendo em 2019?Da like.

  13. Bob Jackson

    Lil mama on does my thing beat barz

  14. des

    Why didnt lil mama pop off like Nicki Minaj?

  15. Daniel Ridore

    I'll never forget when she came up on stage during Jay-Z and Alicia Keys performance of Empire state of mind ahhahah

  16. Decora Jones

    When I tell you this was an ERA this was a mf ERA 😭😭😭😭

  17. Kami CS

    Dang I miss this era 😔

  18. Hudson Ferreira

    Kkkkkk aaaa infância

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    Anyone remember the performance in so you think you think you can dance and use this song

  20. R0yal Ree

    Anybody still watching in 2019? 😩

  21. Milery Twins

    Lil mama was definitely the best periodtt

  22. gaysharenee

    I think she shouldve came out with this first, she flows a lot better than in Lip Gloss and its still a nice dance style song. I just wish her music career went off like it shouldve

  23. Brandi B

    This will always be my favorite song by you, you fucking killed it! If they play this at the bar honey im straight on the floor dancing 😆

  24. Niyel Ewing

    still my favorite song💕

  25. Teresa

    Very beautiful young miss.

  26. Robert Turner

    This is good and all, but it ain't got nothing on that verse she did for the Panda remix.

  27. yuir btsfanlovjiminandkookievsuga

    Lil' Mama is magical 💖💖💖
    G-Slide 👟👟⭐⭐ (Tour Bus 🚍) ⭐⭐⭐🌟🌟🌟💜💙🧡💖

  28. Monica Braxton

    This was a bump too... 2019/10/4... It got that 2000's feel . Lil Mama had a flow..

  29. Shamara Hoard

    Good ol days.. The energy was amazing

  30. Lia Madagascar

    10 years later...

  31. Allie Mullen

    2019 anyone? Drop a like ☺

    Cassius King


    Kayla Bell

    😃 this song and lip gloss was my jam and still is

    Cassius King

    If this song came now lil Mama would have blown up like Ratchet ass...Nickki and Cardi

  32. Precious Darby

    It's dawning on me she may be the first female rapper who can actually dance,rap,sing and act?!!🤔💪

  33. Jennie Kim

    got here from SinB and Umji's dance cover ♥♥♪!!

  34. Мирас

    2019 **???Kazakhstan

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    I remember wishing I had that magical lip gloss. 😂

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    yo who is watching this anthem in 2019???

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    Música legal a Lil mama além de bonita e MT talentosa kkk

  40. Jéssica Simplício Reis

    Essa música é legal....

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    When the camera made the school bus change. 🙂

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    Im so bored xd g slide 🔥🔥🔥🔥ayeeee;)

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    Has the beat to wheels on the bus

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    This is awful!

    —lilsymoney —

    you're awful


    This is classic! Don’t know whatchu talkin bout 🤷🏾‍♀️

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    the little girl looks like me as a baby lol

  46. Melissa Zamarron


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    anyone 2019 ?

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    Fire as Hell. Siii

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    Omg when I was 14 this was my LIFE. This and the Girlfriend Remix 😂

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    Still in the love with this song in 2019😭

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    I love the song and I love lil mama it’s a song I can dance to

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    Only if music was still this positive!

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    Musical and lyrics

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