Lil Mama - Broken Pieces Lyrics

In the mirror I'm lookin at the shadow
If I bash her I'll probably would just shatter
Broken pieces that represent my heart
Broken pieces keep fallin from my heart

In the mirror I'm lookin at the shadow
If I bash her I'll probably would just shatter
Broken pieces that represent my mind
Broken pieces keep fallin from my heart

Cause I kno wat I'm feeling
And I kno wat is real
Broken pieces that represent my heart
Broken pieces keep fallin from my heart

[Verse 1:]
Everyday when I wake up
I wanna see yo face and I
Realize that you'll never apologize
For yo lies and all the ways you hurt me
And I kno in my mind that you ain't worthy
But when I look in the mirror
I see this girl who keeps cryin she's cryin
She still in love with you
But I tell not to cause she's wildin she's wildin
I don't kno wat she's thinkin about
Get it together or I'm gettin you out
Of the mirror
I'm gettin you outta my system
My vision premonition
And I listen to my answers
And free my soul from prison


[Verse 2:]
My patience a plastic bag
And he kept fillin it
Carryin baggage of others
Is where I emptied it
Played the fool before
I'm not about to let you enter
My mind for my heart draws the bigger picture
His presence embrace me
His lovin so greatly
I miss the way we
Use to sit up all night
And talk about nothin
On the phone
Please how could you be so weak
When you kno u deserve so much better
And rather than settle for less
Jus let the best play catch up
When the time is right they'll find you
If you choose to
Do not do
The best I could do
Is warn and inform you
The mirror


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Lil Mama Broken Pieces Comments
  1. Ja'Meer And Jourdyn

    What did she do??

  2. Jake Johnson

    well thats a lil gay love u lil mama

  3. alyssa minor

    What did she do that nobody likes her now?

  4. TheJshort3

    I love lil mama shes makes one mistake and she gets bashed forever but it seems everyone else gets a second chance. It also makes me mad when people say she wasn't real but im happy i played to a couple of my friends they were shocked I love you lil mama.

  5. Ebony Shaw

    You mean you let your ex treat u like his side kick.
    Women before u have let go and they survived so can u.

  6. Ebony Shaw

    You really think sleeping with his best friend is revenge?
    When they make fun of u let me see if u still think it's going to be awesome.
    I can't believe people think they smart like that :/

  7. Haileika Lippens

    lil mama ILOVEYOU

  8. erica sweets

    i can really relate to this song my ex treats me like his sideline chick so im trying to move on and get over him but its hard cuz im still in love with him

  9. Stephlovesu96

    Lil Mama is amazin!Producers dnt realize dat she is no one hit wonder!Wen i listen to dis song i think bak to all mi friends who have been in relationships nd got heartbroken hella bad!Dey cum to mi askin mi wat dey shuld do to get over their lover nd i really cnt tell dem nothin kuz it hasnt happened to mi!So i tell dem to listen to dis song nd den cum nd tell mi wat dey think of it!Dey all say da same thing!Dey say "Im not as sad as b4" If dis song helped my friends den it can help evry1 else!

  10. Taylor H

    i love this i know wht yu mean

  11. Joshua LaFond

    i gotta agree lil mama is underrated she should be geettin more fame cuz she is one of the few alented artist nowa days

  12. A'nayja Howard

    Broken pieces that represent my heart....... This song is so hot

  13. WrestlingKingTV

    好, I like dat!

  14. Shannon Davis

    This ssONG iS oFFICIALLY lOVED bY me

  15. Kenyata Hamilton

    i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Diamond Ducksworth

    good song.

  17. Charlotte BoiCharlie

    I love this song, lil mama needs more credit!

  18. DarkglowB4U

    got some good lyrics going there mama