Lil Gotit - Zaytoven Freestyle Lyrics


That bitch got a big head, fuckin' on a big kid
Smoke exotic Backwoods, we don't do the zigzag
I'ma get geeked then go and get some new tats
Poppin' extra time, no, we don't do the toe tag
Come to me, trust you gettin' taxed, yeah, wholesale
Got used to the riches, now I'm takin' bubble baths
Solitary stones in the chain cost a couple racks
All in my business, lil' bitch, get your nose back
I'm the realest of 'em all but y'all been knew that
I'm the real G.O.A.T., I'm poppin' on anything
Wrist hittin' hard, could've swear it was Liu Kang
Every time I drop me a top, I get new stains
Every time switched out the car, I get new brains
Strapped up, C4, I'm blowin' up like Hussein
Ice cream diamonds, could've swore I was Gucci Mane
On a Zaytoven beat gettin' sucked by a freak
Soon as I get numb, skeet, skeet, skeet
Blizzard goin' on on my neck, come ski
Rob a nigga with a mask, shout out boy Ski
Got a redhead bitch, wanna meet Yachty
Rich nigga zone, yeah, these Bartis
Clear diamonds on, you don't need Visine
Money stackin' up taller than Yao Ming
Cash on me like XO
I'm at blazing, not Fredo
My shooters don't care for payroll
Long as I live, that's all they go
Family over everything, that's goals
It's money all the time, can't stop, I want more
Get in my zone, go and put it on a show
Cup red, geekin' off a Perc', I'm floatin'
Hit 'em with a right and left and elbow
Remain solid and stick to the code
Pull up with the bros, used to kick doors
Bring 'em back to school then get it sold
Know I get to poppin' my shit, come over
Loving poppin' beans, love my Zoes
I respect my partners most when they let me know
We don't do 'em wrong when I'm not in my zone
Everybody got a Glock when we leave home
Vibin', music, smokin', hoes
It's a lifestyle, this just what goin' on
White boy drip, tatted up, Post Malone
Eyes real low, I'm the new Cheech & Chong
Travis Scott on my ho, pick up the phone
Infinity bars comin' straight off the dome
Infinity cars pullin' up my home
Gas in the drawer, dispensary weed
Rollin' it up, big deuce, no twigs
I ain't met a real nigga yet to call twin
That fake motion picture money, I don't trust them bands
Racks on the passenger, ridin' in the Benz
Upgraded ceiling, windows tinted
Yeah, they can't throw ten but he ain't hold a SIG
With a monkey on that bitch, he ready to split a wig
Done got bad body hoes (Hood Baby)
You better keep a clean nose (Hood Baby)
When you real, it shows (Hood Baby)
No nothing we lettin' go (Hood Baby)
Be proud, you can stand ten toes (Hood Baby)
Make sure they imprinted in the floor (Hood Baby)
'Cause that one time you fuck up (Hood Baby)
I might be the one wipe your nose (Hood Baby)

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Lil Gotit Zaytoven Freestyle Comments
  1. Alibaba&Aj

    Dope song 🙅🏽‍♂️ check ma First singel German Spanish Rap 4k Video

  2. lukita

    bass crazyyy🔥🔥🐍🐍🐍

  3. Mark Meritt Jr

    cover is lowkey hella satanic

  4. peyton jordan

    I got bad body hoes🔥

  5. Kathy Adan

    Shyt right here hard

  6. Ysn Carri

    I swear this the same beat from brankroll song f**** is you sayin zaytoven just switched it up 🔥🔥

  7. Joseph Pantoja

    Melody sounds like drip on

  8. Jamaal Curry

    Gucci forgot how to flow like this. His flow from Dennis Rodman

  9. Egor Bucicovschi

    Hei hei hei respect from Italy 🇮🇹

  10. vlg.moreno 7


  11. Smokey Flexo

    fucking goated👏👏👏 gotto pay attention to the lyrics

    Kathy Adan

    Facts #SluttyDinosaur

  12. David Stewart

    Apple Music lit right now

  13. Snake Beats

    Zaygotit too hard

  14. Dahntae Deluna

    ZAYTOVEN NEVER DISAPPOINTS 😫😭😩 this beat hitting me all types of ways!

  15. ThãätzKing RjSleaze

    Young 🐐🐐🐐

  16. hrs1512000

    Im a 1% document....

  17. hrs1512000

    Can’t control me with drugs...

  18. Legend

    💭Got it shit drip shot out to Zaytoven.

  19. KpOnTheBeat

    That flow bouncy with the beat shit need a movie

  20. KpOnTheBeat

    This MF hard @zaytoven

  21. Kevian Price

    Bro on at least 2 RPS🤣🤣🤣

  22. Yung Dior

    “I respect my potnas mo when they lemme know. When I’m doin wrong when I’m not in my zone.” 💯💯💯

  23. Meredith Harris


  24. y0ungSkrrt 555


    Kathy Adan

    He harder than gunna fr

  25. 9FPS Playboy

    i watched this vid and got an ad for drug intervention.

  26. Nino Santos

    Zay still hard asf.....zay sound is what keed and gotit need...they flow go perfect

  27. Jovane Jones

    This is mumble rapping at its finest 👌🏾

    Junior Gangster

    Lol can't argue with that

    Kathy Adan

    I can hear what he saying jus being honest

  28. DtweakOfficial


  29. Lord Raden XCI Beats

    Who needs beats? All my beats are VEGAN

  30. Raheem Williams

    @lilgotit 👋🏾I’m a real zone touchdown 👣every time I touch down 👋🏾rich nigga zone you don’t 👣need visible free @gwallasmash clear:

  31. TaiiBADMAN

    oh no he gon get flamed on that eyes low line 😭😭

  32. Víctor g Rodríguez

    Alguien español por aquí????

    Brown Boy Traducciones

    yo socio

  33. Pacboy 808

    Hardest one on the tape 🔥🔥🔥

    Dre got em

    no cap llh everybody gotta glock every time we leave home

  34. King Swadankle

    Hardest song on the tape 🔥

  35. Reamzy Og

    Hardest one ☝🏾

  36. Erik Pennington

    Nigga going crazy every song 😂💯🏄🏽‍♂️🏄🏽‍♂️🏄🏽‍♂️🐐 #Hoodbabies

  37. lashara Green


  38. Louis Tuner

    Young niggas taking over! #Slatt #ItsCrazyButItsTrue

  39. VLONEBOI *****

    GOAT 🐍🔥🔥

  40. So Much Fun

    Go Listen to Heart Attack by Young Thug & Gucci Mane Thug been da Real GOAT

  41. Yong bully


  42. Yong bully

    It's a thousand times better than Travis Scott

    So Much Fun

    Listen to Your Generosity by Young Thug & Gunna

    geo cretu

    i agree bro,this guy its overrated


    I love Gotit but you smokin nuts

    Sesay H.

    Get off the acid

  43. Yong bully

    lil gotit is the fucking master

  44. Abu

    Beethoven Zaytoven collab would be fife

    So Much Fun

    Listen to Beethoven by Chief Keef

    So Much Fun

    @Josaphat MangoMwenda listen to Just Because by Future & Young Thug

  45. Noyah Downing

    Need this on apple music

    So Much Fun

    Listen to Nothing Cheap by Strick & Young Thug

  46. 1 Richiey

    who need beats?? i got them abraham lincoln type beats

    Louis Tuner

    Damn.. I was looking for more of a George Washington type beat.. thanks though..

    G.G. Scoota

    Fredrick Douglass flow

  47. Kdot Dta Tv


    So Much Fun

    Listen to Tie My Shoes by Young Thug & Future 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  48. Abdi Nur

    got a Zaytoven beat gettin sucked up by a freak

    A Young Man

    That part gimme goosebumps he floated

    Anahí Kelly

    CFC splitter goosebumps? Really?

    A Young Man

    Anahí Kelly its the way he said it on the beat dropping jus went hard

  49. Rockster got hype

    Sound like Uno mane

    So Much Fun

    Listen to Rich Daddy by Young Thug


    Brabo 🔥 🇧🇷

  51. Mook Amir

    slatt fucking gotit



  53. Róbson Andrade

    To entendendo nada mas meu copo cheio me disse tudo


    Tendi nada 😂

  54. mikhael Zewdu

    bro lil got it truly is trancending rap. this nigga fucked around and changed everything

  55. Reggie Johnson

    Its iight, yall niggas need to get off them percs and TALK.

  56. 4thQuarter2ndDwn H.P.Playincrazy

    🗣️ra raa Raaacks💸

    So Much Fun

    Listen to Loose Screw by Guap Tarantino & Young Thug

  57. P P


  58. The Real Bleach

    Real slime fans saw the title Lil Gotit- ()

  59. alexarel2010


    Robitaille Justin

    alexarel2010 cldnt agree more

    So Much Fun

    Listen to Do It Like by Young Thug & Future

  60. Roniesha Dennis

    What happened to hoodbaby 2?🐍

    Anahí Kelly

    Roniesha Dennis exactly wtf

  61. jacques polite

    1st dee fuck u

  62. KaiGoinKrazy

    He was on percs when he uploaded all the songs on sc

    Hyperion Gaming

    @So Much Fun yo shit hard, did he not drop it? or he did it on the low?

    So Much Fun

    @Hyperion Gaming it got leaked

    Hyperion Gaming

    @So Much Fun lmfao damn my nigga never even dropped it lmao he prolly got hella songs sitting back

  63. jacques polite

    1st🤣 fuck u dee

  64. Tal Hefetz

    Let's gooo🔥🔥
    If you think gotit is the real 🐐 make that blue👇

    So Much Fun

    Young Thug da real 🐐 fool

    So Much Fun

    Tie My Shoes by Young Thug & Future a Goated classic

  65. GoatedBuilds-YT


    So Much Fun

    Listen to Guadalajara by Young Thug 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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  67. Otto.Tha.Lotto

    My fav of tha real goat 🐐

    So Much Fun

    Go Listen to Out The Ghetto by Young Thug he da Real 🐐

  68. Dara Zahrai

    Lilgotit’s yearrr

    So Much Fun

    This Young Thug year

    Dara Zahrai

    Wop Wop yeah both their years

  69. MKU 630

    HoodBaby so Slimey 🐍✔️

    So Much Fun

    @Rain u shut da fuck up before i rape yo ass da worst way


    @So Much Fun you def a thug fan if you tryna butt rape someone


    @Rain becareful this nigga the booty warrior


    @So Much Fun nigga just go fuck your self

  70. VJ Brittten

    finally slatt

  71. Linky Smoove


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    First slattt

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    Slatt Gotit

    So Much Fun

    Listen to Screaming Slatt by Young Thug & Hoodrich Pablo Juan