Lil Gotit - The Wave Lyrics

[Lil Gotit:]
Fuckin' on a thot thot
Chopper make 'em hopscotch
She cussin' 'bout a thot thot
She hotter than a Hot Pocket
These niggas faker than sci-fi
If he die, his mama cry cry
Yeah, your shirt, it got tie-died
We gon' spray 'bout that

Wave, wave, wave, wave
Wave, wave, I'm surfin' this wave
Wave, wave, wave, wave
Wave, wave, her pussy the wave
Wave, wave, wave, we the fuckin' wave

YSL and slime (Wave)
Slatt 'bout that crime (Wave)
And I'm ridin' on 'em, I got Southside hitters (Southside on the track, yeah)
Hood babies, we the fuckin' realest (Hood babies)
Keep a tool, sippin' juice, pour a deuce
Neck pool, diamonds cool, fist water, waterproof
I'm gettin' mines, what about you?
I'm shootin' mines, worry about you
Chasing money, banging red
Alore bitches, busy head
Dior kickin', coppin' it
I ball, Pistons, keep a check
Dirty dirty, my drink dirty dirty
Maison Margiela splurgin', gangbanging
I'ma let her fuck as long as she on a Perc-30
Got that blick on me and fire, no need for call up urgent
Doctor know he got hit with hollows, he didn't complete the surgery
We the wave, you can't save
My car is fast and foreign made
Rock these Yes in the rain
Put 'em in one room, they still throw shade
Push you by yourself, what it take?
Go by yourself and surf your wave

Wave, wave (Tsunami wave), wave, wave
Wave, wave, I'm surfin' this wave
Wave, wave, wave, wave
Wave, wave, her pussy the wave
Wave, wave, wave, we the fuckin' wave
Wave, wave, wave, we the fuckin' wave

[Uno Freaky:]
We get money, ooh, Hood baby, Mr. Screw
We go hard if you ten to two
We tote sticks like changing screws
Hollow tips, they break in two
Can't sink these ships, too wavy, fool
Hood baby, they hate me
We squat these bitches, slay 'em
The chopper toxic waste 'em
We chop these bitches down
No favors, we dangerous
We dawgs like the pound
I got time to shoot
Ready to slide, I'm dyin' for crew
We slidin', we timin' you
We caught you blind, you're tying your shoe
Cash out on deals, I'm signed to who?
I came with a spill, they mop, I'm the truth
Live at the top, we slidin' in coupes
Hot boxing rentals, it's time to shoot (Skrrt)
Hood baby drippin', we tote sticks and tape extensions
Young nigga wake up your neighbors
AR fifth with lasers, that's wavy

[Lil Gotit:]
Wave, wave, wave, wave
Wave, wave, I'm surfin' this wave
Wave, wave, wave, wave
Wave, wave, her pussy the wave
Wave, wave, wave, we the fuckin' wave
Wave, wave, wave, we the fuckin' wave

Wave (Wave)

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Lil Gotit The Wave Comments
  1. Young Aze

    Southside makes any rappers/trapper sound hard. Attention rappers your music will be better produced by the GOAT Southside no cap 🔥💯

  2. Juss Trap

    0:56 that flow 🔥🔥🔥

  3. Aarón Dubai

    Playboi carti + Young Thug = Lil Gotit 🐍🐍🐍🔥



  4. Anime_Madness

    That transition 😭 ( 0:40 )
    This song need a vid and remix on god

  5. Big Waxx

    Every thing NLE dropped doesn't compare to this 1song FACTS!!

  6. Tyler Southard

    YSL, slime, slatt, bout that crime 🔥🔥😓


    Has nothin to do wit that bro 🙅🏿‍♂️🙅🏿‍♂️🙅🏿‍♂️

  7. DJ Liam G

    southside 👺👹

  8. Douglas Santos

    o urso mando um abraço gringo copiando BR foda procurem Matheus Urso WAVES

  9. Mr_DayTown

    He thinks he got that ATL flow but he just a wanna be. When he listens to his own music his mouth get stuck, ugly grandma looking ass. Lilgot it you fucking suck ass

  10. Mr_DayTown

    This dude fake as hell. Garbage lyrics, no flow. His rap name is top 5 in history most garbage. Straight trash

  11. Samantha Mercedes


  12. Dahntae Deluna

    Everyone in YSL gets the best beats!

  13. Prince levitate

    On blood you snapped


    Naw on crip

    Prince levitate

    JOHNNY WOK yea ok buddy

  14. Nneka O.

    👌🏾🔥*dances in the mirror*

  15. Psyche Youtube

    These bros God Blessed Pharaohs? Yes

  16. CameraManFrank

    Geesh I done jammed to this bih for a hour straight lol .

    So Much Fun

    Listen to Go by Chief Keef

  17. Big_Danty XL

    Offset shoulda been on here

  18. Ak Kastro

    That cubeatz sample hitting 🔥🔥


    Ak Kastro sample by vou I thought not cubeatz

  19. Kash Killinem

    🏄‍♂️ 🏄‍♂️ 🏄‍♂️ 🏄‍♂️
    #Wave #Surf

  20. nle choppa



    🌊, 🌊, 🌊, 🌊, 🌊

  22. Anime_Madness


  23. Antwan Gost


  24. Clap Nation

    So was that not guap tarantino in the song??


    Clap Nation lmao dafuq that never sounded like Guap

    Clap Nation

    Sell so u telling me at the start of the song that didn’t sound like guap. U must not listen to guap 😂


    Clap Nation you must not listen to Gotit like that I would have never confused him with Guap

    Clap Nation

    Sell when guap does his baby voice it sounds exactly like that



  26. Cory Reyes

    Get a remix with young thug 🔥🔥🔥

    Austin Cutshall

    Cory Reyes you a smart man

    Cory Reyes

    Trueeeee 👀💪🏼

  27. Cory Reyes


  28. Ricky Wicz

    Palace or Cubeatz sample?

  29. David L

    When uno freaky said I got time to shoot
    Ready to slide, I'm dyin' for crew
    We slidin', we timin' you
    We caught you blind, you're tying your shoe at 2:07 🥵🥵🤮🤮🤮🔥🔥🔥 he did not needa snap that hard

    Debbie Gilley

    wasnt all that

    Kendell Belfon

    I’m highly disappointed it wasn’t all you hyped it up to be

  30. JohnnyToastOfficial

    Yooooooooooooooo!! Go check out my Wave remix ft. my brother on guitar!!

  31. MYGIMG ReaLRiderZ



    Yeah man l love you music

  33. lil royce

    best song ever

  34. Tyler Southard

    Braziest song on this project

  35. Jeremiah Maryland

    He should’ve saved this one for the album, Southside going too crazy on the beat 🔥🔥🔥

    High Wok

    it's on the album lol

    Jeremiah Maryland

    @High Wok this a mixtape


    when a mixtape nearly an hour long we might as well call it an album lmao

  36. Blood money

    Sound like shit.


    Blood money the song not mastered but regardless this shit bang you just got shit taste

  37. Raul Singh

    Lowkey Sound like carti

  38. Official Jayfiz

    Bru man we need this on audiomack I got to travel sum miles for a football game Monday 😭😭😭

  39. Kappa Beats

    Oh this hard hard

  40. Alxius

    🐍🐐 0:56 adlibs sound like a distorted future

  41. Chance Hilburn

    Damn bro this 🔥🔥 🔥 💯

  42. alexarel2010


    Tyler Southard

    alexarel2010 ong

  43. alexarel2010


  44. Cmc Jocc

    *This A Bar* 🙏🙏

  45. YMP Cash

    Best song 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  46. So Much Fun

    Fly Shit Only by Future still a whole wave

  47. Renaissance

    this nigga uno was like ay slime lemme hop on this hoe wit you and fucked up the whole thing😴

  48. Not Nasim

    Just like my pic his comment

    So Much Fun

    Listen to Juice by Future

  49. JohnGottem

    bro go too crazy

    So Much Fun

    Listen to Juice by Future

  50. Chris

    So nobody gon talk about the shadow ???......


    Chris this nigga tryna start a convo bout sum that might not be 100% true, thats just your theory. just listen to the music and leave goof

    So Much Fun

    @Renaissance nah nigga u just a sheep


    Wop Wop not a good argument but.. ight

    Kei W.

    Chris orrrrrrr because goat stands for “Greatest of All Time?” Y’all be doing a whole lot.

    So Much Fun

    @Kei W. Young Thug da Greatest of all time not this nigga Gotit

  51. Gua5 Essap

    Southside is something 🔥🔥🔥

    So Much Fun

    @Dahntae Deluna Listen to Falling On The Floor by Chief Keef

    A-Dawg Beats

    Don't forget about VOU, he made the melody for this

    Gua5 Essap

    @So Much Fun ok i will

    Neyemie Favens

    @iceburg flex

  52. MoneyMakes Miracles

    Too much fire bro

    So Much Fun

    Listen to Too Faded by Future

  53. Edgar Estrada

    Favorite song on this project, easily. Southside is too consistent

    So Much Fun

    Flip by Future a classic


    @So Much Fun i want you dead

    So Much Fun

    @Rain imma have u dead

    ayodaslime reacts

    @Rain 😭😭😭💯

  54. Anthony Gallegos

    *Lil Freaky

    So Much Fun

    Stripez by Lil Freaky & Future go too hard

  55. Kiante Brown


    So Much Fun

    Listen to Bosses by Future & Young Thug

  56. lilgokart

    this beat is incredible wtf

    So Much Fun

    Listen to That's A Check by Future & Rick Ross


    @So Much Fun no it's not 😂


    Phyes bruh he’s just saying to check out the song dumbass

    labrawnjaims realityovertheory


  57. Homie Reinels

    its fucking awesome

    So Much Fun

    Listen to Hard by Future bruh

  58. Homie Reinels