Lil Durk - Green Light Lyrics

DY crazy
Let's get it

Man, give that boy this message (Let's get it), can't wait 'til foenem catch him (Yeah)
Keep callin' me a rapper, I might be the one to stretch you (Might be the one to stretch you)
He claimin' that he gang, the only reason foenem loved him (Let's get it)
I told him he a bitch, he ain't on shit, he nothin' special (What?)
I just brought four Strikers (Strikers), foenem and them desperate (Let's go)
But I just took the keys 'cause foenem arguin' over Tesla
Why you think that he gon' ride for you? He gon' do what I tell him (Gang)
I don't stop at red lights anyway, it's green light when they catch you (Yeah, yeah)
Grab that TEC, nah, ayy (Let's get it), grab that MAC, ayy
Talkin' behind my back, nah, nigga (Let's get it), he a rat, yeah
Tweakin' on that 'net, yeah, turn you to a pack, yeah
Turn up in that 'Cat, yeah, that .40 Glock my gat, yeah (Brrah)
Von pass that strap, yeah, take who chain? That's cap, yeah
That rap money in the trap, yeah, play with me, get clapped, yeah
Pussy (Bitch)

Yeah, your bitch ass
Man, you know what the fuck it is, man
OTF and 300 y'all can't touch these, boy
Man, get your bitch ass outta here, nigga
You know what the fuck it is with us, nigga
You a ho

Yeah, so you tough, huh? (Let's go)
You ain't get enough, huh? Treat you like you Krump, huh? (Dope)
Oh, you think you turnt, huh? Come out cuts and dump some
Like my cash in lump sums, niggas don't want these problems
She put coca on her gums, switches on our guns
We can't go for none', bitch, I put that on my son
Why you shoot him in his back? 'Cause that pussy tried to run
Get your hand out your pocket 'cause I know it ain't no gun

Aww, you turnt, huh? Aww, you geeked, huh?
Aww, you turnt, huh? Aww, you geeked, huh?
Aww, you turnt, huh? Aww, you geeked, huh?
Aww, you turnt, huh? Aww, you geeked, huh?
Aww, you turnt, huh? Aww, you geeked, huh?
Aww, you turnt, huh? Aww, you geeked, huh?
Aww, you turnt, huh? Aww, you geeked, huh?
Oh, you turnt, huh? Aww, you geeked, huh?

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Lil Durk Green Light Comments
  1. alonzo sutton

    Song fire huh 🤔

  2. Dr Smooth

    😁don't think that's the look they was going foe

  3. SiSi IsMe

    I just keep looking at his hair and thinking:

    *"Mmm.....R A M E N"*

  4. Joseph Lucier

    yall see them shoes right...

  5. Lil Artee

    I wish he would just put his real shootas in the video

  6. Sharon Rogers

    Guy who back on the phone: where the 100,000 dollars. Lil dirk: ain’t gettin nothin goofy 🤣🤣🤣

  7. SkyGoCrazy

    Everytime I shoot in 2k

  8. karamana volume 1

    2020 anyone?

  9. CrackheadMagician

    Questionable goon uniform there durkio

  10. Q Brown

    Treat you like you krump huh 🔫

  11. Q Brown

    I never been 🔒 ☝ but i just might catch a felony listening 2 durk

  12. Mr.Anonymous wrtw

    Dramatic pause 1:14

  13. kingg_flare

    Just peeped he was on the phone with 051 melly I always thought that was Tay 600 voice. RIP Grave digger

  14. RL Shawn


  15. eddy ed

    lyrical lemonade too goofy for durk nem

  16. FINE CHINA 999

    Black air Force activity activated

  17. Taylor Hayes


  18. Vincent Wilson

    How you get kidnapped by niggas in tight ass shiny silver pants😂 big L

  19. Baybay467

  20. Nicholas Edward

    I know he’s been to EVANSVILLE and done a show yyyeeeeaah

  21. Romero XVII

    Not the visual I was expecting for this song.

  22. Glizzy J

    Shi go hard 🔥🔥🔥

  23. Kevin Norris

    Did the best song that I’ve ever heard why you shoot him in his back

  24. RisnFN

    I lost $1000 watching this video

  25. Lenardo Morrow

    Michael. Jackson

  26. Rainbow FleXxx

    This video hot

  27. FaZe Mobile

    Thus song goes really hard🔥

  28. Ray C

    Man these rappers wear some weird ass shit. That outfit funny as hell 😂

  29. FghBlue


  30. Angel Villin

    You fuckin heared.....

  31. wylie sansbury

    this video trash

  32. Dreon drejdjdjdjdjr uduududBarber

    Look at this phone.😭😭😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😂🤧🤤

  33. Joe Scott

    now we know where to go if werewolves start popping up

  34. Anthony O

    Auto is cool but Durk should know without Auto he’s a fuken beast. He really doesn’t need it. Maybe he uses it just to even the playing field. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  35. officially Angel

    Look your lyrics 👌 your video 🤷🏿‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  36. Collin gambill_1200163

    The production is fucking fire

  37. Noody 麺

    Swear if WW3 ever happen this what I'm bumpin' on the field

  38. εXσδմςψ

    This dude pulled out a flip phone that sounded like an iPhone 💀

  39. Kid Yolo

    Damn no wonder the 1s at Jds was out

  40. Baby D

    Treat you like you Krump huh🤣🤣 damn you turnt Durk

  41. Animationtronic

    Lil durk’s hair = Ramen Noodles

  42. Rico Kendrick

    Too hard

  43. Redhoot

    They stole they whole shiney pants swag from them corny ass goons in the movie dodgeball lmao ol Zoolander lookin ass 😂😂😂

  44. Chante Trice

    Hi lil Durk how are you doing today I am a fan of your songs there the best

  45. X Thaprophet


  46. money man

    Best Durk video

  47. Disney Lyrics

    Who else just found this by looking up green light from rod wave ?? 😬

  48. cshy co streaming host youtube co youtuber

    finna hydro dip mine black

  49. cshy co streaming host youtube co youtuber

    them black airforces fire

  50. Manuel Perez

    Why does his hair look like ramen noodles? 😂

  51. tupac

    durk looks gay

  52. Rushae Jackson

    Wish he could do more songz like “MAKE IT OUT” 😔

  53. J Hernandez

    I think this video is stupid, I hope niggas dont think lil durk is a god

  54. RB_josh23 And RB_demoir24

    But I still love this song

  55. RB_josh23 And RB_demoir24

    I give this. A 9 but it would be 200 if king von was in it

  56. Lil Willie

    If this was a diss track it would be a career ender

    Arjun Sivanesan

    i think it was to tay600

    Lil Willie

    Nah hahah

  57. The Realest

    0:32 his big a## head

  58. Finnais


  59. ALFIE TV

    love the beat

  60. Ryan Dunn

    To answer your question durk yes I'm turnt and yes I'm geeked

  61. SanityTheFnsKid

    thats why the black airforce size always out

  62. Dontae Harvey

    What up wit the silver pants

  63. Dontae Harvey

    He starts off so hard

  64. OG Kush150

    When you see a bunch of niggas with black af1 you know you are in the wrong place

  65. Cranjis Chazzly

    He shoulda had his churaq homies in this video

  66. Deucy Loco

  67. Yongsleo Kxd

    Is That Joyner 0:26

  68. Toko 676

    Well *DAMN* .... Here I was still hoping Tay600 and him can reconcile.

  69. kD Spazzin

  70. 9the Croy YT

    Niggas rocking

  71. Pop Tart

    BAF1 energy too strong in this one

  72. Tevii Wevii

    After watching this video 100's of times over a span of time I realized....this shit pretty gay platinum spandex & Durk walking around a bunch of dudes like he's their sugar daddy with money

  73. nbayoungboy gang

    Like people always say blacj forces kill people😙


    Hard beat this song should’ve been longer

  75. Swole Mike

    Listen to savage brim more

  76. #Thebeardedking #

    This shit hard!!

  77. Dre Day

    These dudes dressed like ice skaters

  78. Aram.

    Black air forces user = work for a boss

    Silver air forces = your on that top 10 eminem was afraid to diss

  79. Raveen Stallworth

    Lildurk i likeyourvidi

  80. Bobby Love III

    He diss tf outta Krump🤣

  81. Anneke Van Eck


  82. Dekendrick Williams


  83. JoshuaTooDrippy

    My man durk look like some ramen noodles

  84. FiveFive Six


  85. TheoPs

    sounds like the fort boyard music at the start

  86. Big Homie Loco slime gang

    Click on link for 30 years of wealth

  87. drojditorudinorz

    slim PopLord :))

  88. Jared Giannerini

    My boy’s hair look like some ramen noodles

  89. rollapskates

    I appreciate the creative look in the video.

  90. Pasmell 86

    Why shoot em n his back cuz that pussy try to run.. He lowkey diss lil jojo


    Yeah I peep that .. and mubu

  91. bossy _2u

    This should have 100m

  92. A.J Adrian

    Yo Durk pass me a tank top

  93. Rudy Guevara

    They shoulda just wore black pants why the aluminum foil pants? ZOLTEX

  94. Eli Aasheim

    "Keep callin me a rapper ima be the one to stretch him" YOU ARE A RAPPER IDIOT

  95. Tim N.


  96. Chase Dubai

    Melly was on the phone 📲

  97. Sincere Miller

    Do you really do these

  98. June Walker

    lil durk is real talent going viral without using *AUTHENTIC VIEWS COM* thumbs up who agree