Lil Debbie - Stakin Lyrics

Alright, alright, alright

Word to mama, ain't no chitter chatter
Funny bitches think they really matter
Money stacking, need to get a ladder
Still stacking, need a bigger ladder
Still stacking, need a bigger ladder
Still stacking, need a bigger ladder!
Blunts getting fatter, stacks getting fatter
Bitches looking, watch me as I pass ya
I'm just laughing at you tryna stunt on me
Bold bitches try to say they coming for me
All my real bitches, roll a blunt for me
Really, tell me what these bitches want from me
Bitches hating, for the fact I style on 'em
Drive in front of Benz, the bitch gon' pile 'em
Now I got it, bitch, I'm 'bout to wild on 'em
Fuck you haters mugging, got a smile for 'em

Racks stacked up for the riches
Racks stacked up for the riches
Racks stacked up for the riches
Racks stacked up on you bitches
Racks stacked up for the riches
Racks stacked up for the riches
Racks stacked up for the riches
Racks stacked up on you bitches, bitches, bitches

Word to mama, ain't no tricking on 'em
Lame bitch know we picking on 'em
Treat these bitches like a toilet bowl, hoe
Sitting on 'em then I'm shitting on 'em
Just a bunch of hoes we don't know
Bitches rapping but they won't blow
Think we playing with them, oh no, no
I be everywhere these hoes won't go
Motherfuckers come and tryna wipe this
You ain't never seen a Becky like this
Not too many Becky bitches bite this
But now I couldn't check a mic like this
League of my own (league of my own)
Bitch of my own class (bitch of my own class)
Still in my thong (still in my thong)
Hoe, kiss my whole ass!

Racks stacked up for the riches
Racks stacked up for the riches
Racks stacked up for the riches
Racks stacked up on you bitches
Racks stacked up for the riches
Racks stacked up for the riches
Racks stacked up for the riches
Racks stacked up on you bitches, bitches, bitches

I been on the same shit, bitches
Stuck up on the lame shit, prolly
Reading for the same script better
Stay up on my lane, bitch layer
Home like I [?]
Ass that you can't miss
Money that I can't miss
Style that you can't diss
Got my hands on cash, now it overflow
Sure a shawty like hold for four
Hating ass bitches even know for sure
That I'm handing out L's like Oprah show
League of my own (league of my own)
Still got the last laugh (laugh)
Still in my zone (still in my zone)
Hoe, kiss my whole ass!

Racks stacked up for the riches
Racks stacked up for the riches
Racks stacked up for the riches
Racks stacked up on you bitches
Racks stacked up for the riches
Racks stacked up for the riches
Racks stacked up for the riches
Racks stacked up on you bitches, bitches, bitches

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Lil Debbie Stakin Comments
  1. tyshawn

    Summer 16

  2. tyshawn


  3. tyshawn

    She was wilin at the end 🔥🤣

  4. tyshawn

    End 😂😂😂

  5. tyshawn

    Summer 2016 I’ll never forget 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. tyshawn


  7. Alberto Acosta

    How you cheat LIL DEBBIE lol impossible

  8. Alberto Acosta

    This shit sound better on .75 speed

  9. Brii 2Lovely

    Since I was 15 his music has always been fire!! His beat, lyrics HE JUST GO💕🎶

  10. Misty Maxwell

    Good beat, stupid song!

  11. Rita Rodriguez

    I love this song

  12. Kaliea Miller

    if you don't know the beginning of the song your not a real fan!!!

  13. Brokeandtired

    Who is this basic ass nigga?

    Simon Flores

    bay rapper thats who from oakland his music is good


    So....nobody. gotcha! thanks for the info.

    Simon Flores

    His name is Joseph stalin

  14. Beauty In The Streetz

    I was sleep,man"I just melt ☔

  15. Silvia Garcia

    the home girl looking good catch her on insta @lallaazhar

  16. Beauty In The Streetz

    Annn!!!!🎶 🎵booooy🎼

  17. Alex Juarez

    WTF he on

  18. Beauty In The Streetz

    The asian if I'm correct don't speak no English look like.She just smiling and rubbing

  19. Beauty In The Streetz

    ;) Not the old school touch your face;)

  20. Batman The Dark Knight

    lil debbie is fucking trash!!! she's ugly af watch her without makeup she gone look like kylie jenner with out plastic


    +alejandro the g lol

    Jason Powers

    Hey hey hey!

  21. Bkooda LoCz

    J💸 you gO but why u got debt collectors onda line lmao

  22. mylesfinch

    my bitch debbie

  23. Фёдор Комаров

    это че за чушь?

  24. Marie Mosley

    would love to hear a remix ft snoop would be cold af

    93 til infinity510

    +Marie Mosley and charlie wilson

    Aaron Pines

    yeah you right bro

  25. Marie Mosley

    get it daddy I love this video

  26. Maximo Elias

    Bye felicia

  27. Крахмальный воротничок

    что за пошлость

  28. Jay money

    Man this shit wack af compares to Mickey mundays bye Felicia


    says a thugalicious fan

  29. Bennie Wilson


  30. Jakhi Quintana

    I love you

  31. eelshocker anims

    such a crappy song

  32. 93 til infinity510

    who know the sample?

  33. 93 til infinity510

    J stalin steady giggin thru the entire video ahahahhaa, town shit bitch!

  34. Rho Rho

    my name is felicia and you mean song name felicia i love dat song

  35. Simon Flores

    look at the number of likes i was the second digit at number 20th like bye felica i got the sweats they fresh

  36. Beauty In The Streetz

    ;) this look like,and the beat is like;)

  37. Pretty youngthang

    love this fuckin song

  38. Beauty In The Streetz

    YouTube,hella wack.Somebody, can erase your comments.

  39. Michael Nevin

    damn Jovan you a goon for this one! started dying when u dance after lil debb leaves. to think it all started with Guce. mad love ma nigga!

  40. beforeyougogo89

    Omg, this beat - so good again. This fckin vibes - so many vibes again. I'm lovin it !

  41. Fitsum Abera

    That is a weird name. Who would ever call themselves Stalin? He was a tyrant on the levels of Hitler and Mao. He instigated the great purge which killed around 20million people. I thought that name would die out like Adolf did.

    Beauty In The Streetz

    @Fitsum Abera Europeans run,all this shit.In when,we really take it back.(Us,meaning all Africans). No separation on who's better or poorer or what country you from.Holler at me".Antil,than we haven't won anything. Not even with a kitchen fork.See, we have too much pride mixed with being embarrassed.In everybody wants to pretend, They're not suffering. Because, suffering is a sign of defeat.The Europeans, set up shop in Ethiopia. They put people in place to run y'all just like they do everybody else. We don't have enough space,for me to tell you what freedom means to me,word by word.But,first freedom of mind.The most important freedom. Because, when you thinking some dumb shit,in swear your right its scary:( than freedom of self,I have a choices. Than,freedom of speech. When you can really say what the fuck you want.Then,the most important one.Freedom, to really live.Without, the European stumbling blocks they have so properly set up for us to fell.Now,I don't know about you.But,chunky crumbs ain't enough for me to enjoy my life.

    Fitsum Abera

    @GrownAzzNails  We can talk via email if you want. I will delete my comments. Feel free to do the same.

    Beauty In The Streetz

    @Fitsum Abera cool!!! Let's not erase it.I'll email you sometime:) cool debate


    so tf what if that's a weird ass name.he make better at the end of the day.who tf cares about names? as long as the music is dope.dont trip

    Sylvester Moreno

    actually he was first billed as j stylin' n it morphed over time to stalin

  42. Eli taylor

    " Bye Felicia "is slang for FOH Thot. for those who dont knoe

  43. Simon Flores

    the thang broke lmao

  44. Freddy Valencia

    "I'm a Dog but I don't fetch " real shiit

  45. JC Lowko

    Damn shorty is hella fine ! Blonde thang with a gun makes this video fo sho !! But tha song is repetitive I'm sorry but my song 'Bye Felicia' so much better... Check it out y'all .. lOwkO

  46. Henry Morgan

    That is my nigga

  47. 5150ZoDiAc

    lmaoo wish a bitch would pull a mf strap on me haha

  48. Mariano Tionson

    L jay this mariano seen you at the Keith sweat concert, now I see you doing your thang with live wire. Bro keep up the good work Stockton Oakland stand up. God bless.

  49. king César Muñoz

    l jay and stalin rifan greeting from mexico

  50. infrared eluder & bestower of dread

    on the redd mobb this shit thunder uz.

  51. Beauty In The Streetz

    I be rapping this,like I wrote it

  52. Beauty In The Streetz

    Lolol An girrrrrl.


    How is dat funny?

    Beauty In The Streetz

    @NESK you have no sense of humor " awwwh I think a lot stuff is funny.I have a great sense of humor.You know,when you notice where someone is coming from. An especially if they're trying to make you happy or laugh in you notice.

    Beauty In The Streetz

    @NESK Annnn,L'Jay is singing. Like Mike Jackson,on Do you remember the time in some other songs of Mike.I like it"


    @GrownAzzNails ok i guess its funny wen u say dat

  53. KillaCali eastbay

    LMAO this lil nigga do be dancing like drake from hotline bling that's hella funny blood why that fake account tryna front for .. broke niggas got nothing to do hut talk on the net and young gully a d HD better rappers this shit getting ridiculous as fuck now ahah shoulda made a song you mad or nah kuz that's how u feeling

  54. Lvmpenprxle

    This song is a true anthem of the Worker.
    The Proletariat shall unite under the banner of J. Stalin, to once again take the fight to the Imperialist Dogs.
    Capitalism is a Paper Tiger, and J. Stalin is our path to a true, wholesome revolution for the Working People.

    Beauty In The Streetz

    That's too much" lolol

    Eli taylor

    no nigga, this song is about not caring about thots. overthinking things nd shit.

  55. carlos aguirre

    super duper slapper

  56. carlos aguirre

    bye faliciaaaaaaaa


    yea dat you did that one

  58. Cynthia Guerrero

    lollll lil debbie be like "ill be in your video but i gotta shoot yall at the end" lolll love her

    Jason Powers


  59. Jarron Caston

    Nice song & vid

  60. Helloooooo

    he coulda got better looking bitches but lil debbie probably wanted to be the baddest bitch on set lol. the bitch from try again tomorrow bad than a mothafucka


    ok this hard

  62. Giovani Castaneda

    The Way he dances 😂😂

  63. Cassandra Combs

    Lil Debbie tho

  64. JupiterKidz TeamTapOut

    Shit Hella Proper!!!

  65. MarcIsOldies12

    Fresh did his thang again on the beat and Stalin it killed as usual

  66. juan CAMPOS

    bye Felicia

  67. juan CAMPOS

    this shit slaps

  68. Steven c

    this shit slaaaps

  69. Beauty In The Streetz

    Bitches got me fucked up!!!!!

  70. James Turner II

    Fresh and Stalin made another slap... world keeps turning.

  71. James Turner II

    Fresh and Stalin made another slap... world keeps turning.

  72. Beauty In The Streetz

    These, white girls said.Who,is Felicia and why everybody telling her bye.lolol

    Ghost -Booo

    GrownAzzNails ha

  73. d415izmyne

    My nigga Stalin tho...Sonny Bo Giddy Up ride a bitch like a horse lmao!

  74. Skateboardz Visions

    Lmao!!! Stalin Back On His Shit!!

  75. Leno Figgz

    why that nigga hand hella ashy lol slap tho

  76. Steven c

    bye Felicia

  77. 2huNNedproof

    kinda sounds just like the last album

  78. Beauty In The Streetz


  79. athomerecordschannel

    Lil Debbie stepped her game up. She is looking straight.

  80. cakey booty

    slapppppperrr he giiggn lol

  81. Racc Boyzz


  82. Chuck Samp

    Stalin KKKKK

  83. Beauty In The Streetz

    Not,the old school west Oakland step.Oooooh,you broke it No he didn't lol I'm hecka mad. you laid up,you gotta bitch shooting at you😡 you did good.To many bitches.But,you did good.

  84. Tzitlali Sanchez

    she pulled the pistol out on that nigga! yeeee

    Jason Powers


  85. Zombiecure13

    3:04 when you about to hit the pussy

  86. Drew S

    #SLAP one of the best to do it on the Coast!

  87. Eddie Ramos

    my nigga j slaps

  88. Isaac Salazar

    Brah thizz chit Dope lol

  89. valentino F

    Good quality on the video shout out Damon Jamal and stalin

  90. Bash

    J stalin keep up the good work

  91. Gee Chavez


  92. James Ruiz

    love lil debbie. nice track.