Lil Debbie - All We Need Is Love Lyrics

[Lil Debbie:]
Ay, life's getting crazy
What to do, what to do, yeah (yeah, yeah)
Problems all around
World is cruel, it's so cruel, yeah (yeah, yeah)
Searching for a feeling
Something true, something true, yeah (yeah, yeah)
I been on the vibe
Something new, something new, yeah (yeah, yeah)
Gather every nation, burn a peace pipe
Even through the night I can see the light
Tell me what it's gonna take till we break
Kill the hate, we're in war and I'ma lead the fight
Power, greed, the money, that's the root
We aloof, gun strong, hands up, don't shoot
What's the use to this?
I been looking at the world from a different scope
Realest shit I quote
Love and hope is the antidote

[Stacy Barthe:]
All we really need is a little bit of love
L-O-V-E, love! L-O-V-E, love! L-O-V-E!
All we really need is a little bit of love
L-O-V-E, love! L-O-V-E, love! L-O-V-E, love!

[Lil Debbie:]
The power to breathe life and kill war
The power to end hate and feel more
The power to break the shackles and free 'em all
Open blind eyes to understand that we need more
'Cause we all been the victims of the vision
Like race, class, sex and religion, it's a prison
Leave the past behind and free your mind
Changing for the better, I can see the signs
My prayer to the one above
Ask him if he took it all could he leave us love
I promise that will be enough, I promise all we need is love
I been getting better [?] respect it baby
Had to get to work cause it don't get no realer
Started in the mirror look at you
What I see, same as me, now I'm free
Love is key, harmony

[Stacy Barthe:]
All we really need is a little bit of love
L-O-V-E, love! L-O-V-E, love! L-O-V-E!
All we really need is a little bit of love
L-O-V-E, love! L-O-V-E, love! L-O-V-E, love!

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Lil Debbie All We Need Is Love Comments
  1. Ally Frenyay

    Great song and video

  2. Scott Waldron

    Great song and video ❤️👌

  3. all the messiahs

    and a gain and agiain

  4. all the messiahs

    i really do this

  5. all the messiahs

    lil is wat see singing about,i dont need to change my name

  6. all the messiahs

    all we need too be is lil real friend

  7. Jim Chapman


  8. Jim Chapman

    I remember won tyme I was going to work on post I was a civilian contractor and I never thought people would be racist over me thss is the 21 century why is thss happening NOW thss is thee free world peace one nationworldwide

  9. ORGONEkillsEVIL

    Excellent message, creative and on point!

  10. Calgerian

    Beautiful sentiment 🐐

  11. Overgrow

    how did I miss this. I love this side of you


    I will play this day in and out just to see it get some views. everyone share this. her message is eternal and forever.

  12. Sean Boyce

    beautiful tearry eyed

  13. v3z

    She channelled the Basegod for this one.

  14. Ashley Nichole

    This song needs more views!

  15. aaron buckley

    i love this dong an video an check out my music on my channel 🇺🇸💗💔❤💚💜💙💛💓💘🎃😋🚬👍🌎🌷🐜🌈🌀🌁🎼🎵🎶🎹🎻🎺🎧📖

  16. Nick Palma

    Lady Lil Debbie, I'll have you know I like this.
    I'll have you know I'm going to watch Stacy Barthe.
    Lastly I'll have you know my enormous imagination ran a visual of me bumpin' a playlist with your tunes at old age.
    Lady if I'm all active now!
    Lady you && all that art motivates me.

  17. paris stewart

    You don't deserve this. I'm just happy that you are some bodies bitch

  18. FlashTracer

    All we need is *w33d*

  19. DJ buldogginen

    If you diss you likes donall drunp

  20. Nicole Thenoux

    Slds desde chile

  21. D'Angel Barnhart

    FAVVVVVVV <3 Strong message!

  22. Grand Old Soul



  23. Joe

    I'm digging this song

  24. el3ctrocuuute

    the girl singing has such a beautiful voice

  25. Proffesor Dick

    Thank you beautiful ladies for this song!!! I love you both !!! Blessings!!!!

  26. Ami Mitchell

    OMG woman you moved me to tears

  27. Josepha Delgado

    Good vibes

  28. Mansemat Mastema

    We send Love from Poland to you!! 💚🇵🇱💚


    Poland Power! :D

  29. Chanél

    Good song

  30. Jessenia Lozano

    You out did yourself with this one I ♡ it

  31. L V L S

    Instrumental wasted

  32. Dead Ringer

    Dear Universe, Please help me to find a lady just like Jordan Capozzi 💕

  33. fokus9000

    Lol all you need is a new career lol

    Gyasi Gyamerah

    u can have your option, mines is fuck u! Debbie is dope! tryyna spread positivity!

  34. heavydavyd

    Not really sure that it's ALL we need, but it certainly couldn't hurt....

  35. Naughty G

    lil Debbie got da heat!

  36. 45 LAST

    I Love This Song in The Germany =)

  37. Diet Coke

    Trump is Love so trump 2020

  38. ATD909

    Not into this serious hippie Debbie...bring back the fun carefree hipster Debbie!

  39. Jerome Sweet

    Even though I love Trump , I still love this track...not as good as summer though. :-P

  40. Patrick McQuagge

    Yasss! 🙌🏻 lil Debbie for president

  41. zachary mardis

    Great track by Debbie p, even thou her rap lyrics kind of suck. This track promotes inspiration, and peace. At least she is trying, and the last of the the white girl mobb to stay in the music industry. She is also getting better over time.

  42. Marek Stryzieinc

    wow ive been following ur music for years like a lot of ur music but this songs amazing

  43. The Bully

    I love Lil Debbie

  44. Andrew Forrest

    great song it was cool to see  Debbie smile again

  45. shainastars07

    I love this song by Lil Debbie! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  46. Lucille Alexander

    I love this song and video an shout out to lil Debbie an check out my music on my channel

  47. Martha G.

    😂😂 garbage

    Gucci Gawd

    Martha G you still running up the views thou aha broke bitch 🤣

    Martha G.

    Gucci Gawd how the fuck would you even know my income gtfo!! You on this poser Debbie Jock lil lame ass😂😂

    Gucci Gawd

    Martha G Aha that’s what a bum hating bitch would say remain mad you bum get you a 9-5 or some bluhd that bum shit hella out on da B c🤣🤣🤣

    Martha G.

    Gucci Gawd you sound ignorant bless your soul.✌

  48. Blake D

    ahh hell nah, we gonna get that Spirit back in the sky high mode and start dropping hills with my sector 9 board.

  49. Blake D

    those are the biggest I've ever seen, that heart is pretty cool. I got a horseshoe at OKC airport since I used to volunteer with horses.

  50. Blake D

    Civil distrust like the 1960s civil liberties over blacks and whites, we just straight up beheaded 50 in cancun to make sure they were legit, and not ever gonna quit. RIP cancun's violence.

  51. Lil_ Danny904

    Dammit, don't tell me she's a social justice warrior, dammit

  52. Young KG

    this song made me cry tears of love

  53. bfears

    this bops. gone head now

  54. kitty catmeow

    Fuck lil Debbie what r u doing i liked u were when u were saying fuck it

  55. Carl Silulu

    Fuck this shit, where the ratchet lil debbie at?

    kitty catmeow

    Carl Silulu ikr

  56. Stephen Mealing

    We are blessed people to have Antifa to Violently fight for Love. Thank you Antifa!


    Stephen Mealing Anti-Antifa!


    Yeah using fascism to fight fascism totally seems logical. Get da fuck outta here!

  57. Destinee Jones


  58. Brandy Evans

    By far best song she's ever made. Think she's finally finding herself.

  59. OG BonG HiTTeR


  60. sorrowsuperstar10

    good job :)

  61. Codie Rose

    i love lil debbie

  62. Candice McNeil

    ❤️💛💚💙💜 love ya momma

    OG BonG HiTTeR

    Candice McNeil love u lil mama ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  63. Tyler Bellefleur

    i mean, its alot better than cardi b. not that that says much.

  64. Jeremy Rodrigues

    This made me feel good. THX

  65. Samantha Mazzy

    She's trying so hard. Can't help but respect the hustle

  66. Taylah Allen

    Fuck I love her

  67. King Yoni

    can i do with you sex ?

    Kimberłyn AnnMay

    JonAgar never

  68. BayToven SF

    I have a crush on Lil Debbie

  69. shainastars07

    I love this song by Lil Debbie! <3

  70. gnegue g

    Debbie is the Queen

  71. Paul Gardner

    did lil debbie just go SJW

  72. Gregory Stanganelli

    ya debbie awsome

  73. T1 Vevo

    a little bit of love n w.e.e.d weed

  74. crystalline davis

    SO much better than the nasty mindless rap, this really stands for something that comes from the heart <3

  75. matrixcmitech

    Lil Debbie is a fighter and she fights for LOVE. TY Lil Debbie. DONT"T STOP!

  76. Tom D Weed

    one life one love

  77. walrus-face


  78. MRjustin8990

    A good message to the world

  79. Guy O

    This sounds real positive. I want to mate with lil debbie so bad. I want to feel her cutie tight guts


    Guy O that escalated quickly

  80. Kosta Rova

    all we need is weed

  81. Chris Collis

    If any of my niggas fucked lil debbie id punch them in the jaw

    Chris Collis

    Hella Viewz you're fucking trash now jump in a fire or u wanna get stuck too. Actual bad bitches are everywhere

  82. dust hymn

    Here come the butthurt white people commenting "fuck SJWs" lol y'all hated on Debbie for so long for having nonsense lyrics and now that she makes a song thats actually with a message it gets shut down.


    dust hymn it's a game called You Can't Win.

    dust hymn

    Is that why you commented? To tell me that? I dont want to win anything stop being bitter


    dust hymn by "you" I meant Lil Debs situation. Not you, the poster. Sorry to be unclear.

    dust hymn

    I apologize too.


    dust hymn Aww, thank you.

  83. Mimi Cursed

    love you but this is trash


    It's a message u clearly don't get!

    Mimi Cursed

    i do get it. it's trash anyway what kind of singing rapping is that ? lmfao

    King Kong

    agreed. she needs to stick to being a bad ass and cheefin

  84. Libby

    You fucking go. Thank you for creating this. I'm so stoked to be seeing this. I love you and support you no matter what, but this was refreshing to see.

  85. Alyssa Qualls

    Love lil Debbie ...hoping this song is more than what it looks like and she backs this point of view up with her future lyrics and choices to make a difference with the position she has been given. Very hard to take this serious with the lil Debbie I know

    But hey change happens and it's often very weird just like this 😋

  86. shainastars07

    I love this song! <3

  87. Futu Re

    sorry i dont like it(

  88. Bakingpan

    Proud of you for making this.

  89. silver jin


  90. ɆxⱣɍømɨ


  91. Dave auf Rädern

    Nice vibe !

  92. Arnaud Arnaud

    Disappointing you're following those mainstream sjw easy opinion that demands no courage to hold. Ridiculous to divide things between love and hate. Mostly, people advocating for love do it so to manipulate you into buying into their greed and culture of profit over morals.

  93. Robert Dean

    I hate the world we live in. But I love so many ppl that live in this world. Things won't get better til BOTH sides see WE need to come together as Americans and tell the Media and Government fuckheads to fuck off and WE come together! Shit tons of love to you Debbie and Stacy some real shit for real!

  94. Micah Weber

    This was a much better appropriation of activism than Pepsi's. Well done.

  95. Larry Myers

    garbage. all I see is a fat black bitch

    Estúdio Ello

    racist mothefucker! piece of shit!

  96. Rosie Reid

    This made me cry
    I fuck with you on a whole new level now Debbie