Lil' B - Welcome Home Lyrics

Captain! Captain! Welcome! Welcome to BasedWorld! We see you have a lot of new people with you. Now, I haven't seen you in a while, but I want to tell you that everything is okay and it'll be great. I know a couple of people that have bitches! Like I said, but this is all about Lil B today and we're gonna go and take a tour of this based place. You know, some call it BasedWorld. I'll be your host, Captain 66!

Put her on my back, I'm Lex Luger
Diamonds and mac 10's, yeah it's a party
Nobody's coming except me and the shooter
It's a guard at the gate, I'm trying to meet the ruler

Call me Lex Luger [x16]

I'm a monster too, I like monsters too
Mossberg, awkward, with the large WOOF!
With the large POOF, I'm a [?]
I'm off with YOU, then I'm off the WOOP!
I'm the truth, I'm not a lie
You got a sword fight, I'm a master teacher
Comin' from the corner where the bastards teach you
Drugs on the corners, please bring the coroners
My whole lifetime, I was just seeing quarters
Never had a job, I was just seeing orders
Do you want to buy? I was just serving oh yeah
Smack you with the Glock, then I need you to relax
Trust me with the mack, I got love for The Pack
Niggas still at the bar, tracks with the mini macks
Time will tell, maybe that I'm lying
Time will free my niggas man, I swear to God I'm-

Call me Lex Luger [x16]

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Lil' B Welcome Home Comments
  1. Donda Nana

    s/o kaine solo on the production



  3. Tha Original YTPMV Gangsta

    Thank U Based God

  4. Slatternly Skaghalter

    shoutout to captain 66 - 2019 is the year his humble welcoming attitude shines thru with positivity

  5. yungmatt009

    Kage Bunshin No Jutsu!

  6. Tidevoceanfinite

    Is that SNES soundfont a sample from an actual game?



    suceptible danke

  7. suceptible

    Thanks for this upload man #taskforce