Lil' B - Stop Selling Dope Lyrics

So what I'm a choose, with this life shit its like, you got one option, either you gon' live or you gon' stop living So I gotta keep living, you feel me, 05 fuck 'em, Lil B

My nigga said you gotta quit selling dope
My niggas ain't got no respect in the hood no mo
Niggas going broke
I see the same shit that I see
See what you see riding down the street
I see that shit on the daily
People misguided, mishaps on the daily
People serving crack like pavement
Only main concern is the payment
I see we in the trap through rap
What's that, it's a trap
And everything classified as black
What's that
Black Friday, what's that
Fade to black, what's that
All I know is my future black
What's that mean
It's a lot of meaning
What's that mean to you
That dude fronting you, he will kill you
Fifteen gram plate, thirteen gram fill a two gram re cop
Buy one front run, you robbed the drug dealer
Put the drugs down son, please look around son
Please, its bigger than the hood and you and me
It's bigger than-
Yeah, yeah, yeah
This shit is bigger than Big and Pac
It's bigger than Martin Luther
This is bigger than Marcus Garvey
This the future, don't hurt it, but help it
History gon' die this
But I won't live by it
Choose all your clients
This real science, what you do today inspires the future
Just take some time and
Most people not satisfied with the grinding
The only chance you got was to testify it
And just to justify it
That was the test to defy it
No collection of findage
More love to spread the time is
The haters gon' understand this is all in the plan
If you for the working man, if you helping your friends
You survive in the end
And love to all the beautiful women
When given here for a purpose
So find out what your purpose
Live your life and just stop working
Before that you gotta put your work in
Before rap, nigga, I was really working
No job but I was really serving
Waiting on the corner setting destinations
Hit licks, I was walking had to learn patience
Essentially I had a good heart
So people's...
No matter what I did I was forgave in the end
Cause in the end, we all end
So might as well, as men and women
Come back to the table with no division
And we support each other, don't laugh at they dreams
Cause it hurt, when they say they don't believe
There's nothing in the world that we can't do
When you live for yourself, nobody can cry for you
When you live in Basedworld, then they can cry for you
Your soul is beautiful, remember that
Remember that, I love you
I'm a take the game, street nigga
Bitch I cock and aim

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