Lil' B - Simple Math Lyrics

05 Fuck Em, man, this Lil B season man
I'm turnin' up the game, you feel me?
Yeah, I'm goin' platinum and all that shit, you know what I'm sayin'
Ay, fuck these niggas man

Go hard on these niggas
Black 4-5, guess what that's a nine
I know my math, I stay tucked all the time
You see my calculator, them bullets just fly
Them numbers add up, you dudes sweet as pie
I'm a just divide, choppers make 'em fly
Choppers say, my choppers say you a liar
Understand, I'm just a business man
And I'm the business man
Stop takin' chances, I hit 'em with the K
Make 'em say "aye", I'm justin' seein' O's
I just push P's mind's on the E
ABC's, different color coupes, next summer they turn green
Pussy ass niggas get hit with the beam
You never use a gun, you're like Bruce Lee
When I come up, it's somethin' like a dream
The bitches fuck sweet, my swag in the dreams
All a nigga know, hustle hard 'til I pop
I'm a fuck the bitches and I'm a celebrate
Niggas gon' hate cause I'm pushin' Maybach
Chopper in the basket, cause jackers gon' watch me
Niggas get caught up cause niggas act sloppy
I used to be sloppy, now I toned it down
Lost a lot of weight cause I smoke and I push
Bitches got problems, I got emotions
My stuff important, 05 Fuck Em
At the top of the penthouse, stupid bitch cash out
Niggas hate me cause your ho wanna cash out
I need any ho, I want the fast route
Rich nigga and I'm thuggin' too
Shout out to the Bay, California what it do?
I'm knockin' niggas out they shoes
I wear that fake shit cause I'm not rich like you, bitch

I'm still doin' it
And I'm a keep doin' it, you feel me
You gotta get real rich in it, I'm just tryin' to get real wealthy
You understand, that's all, Based God nigga
2014, we fuckin' 'em bad, let's go

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Lil' B Simple Math Comments
  1. Black Anthem

    God-Like beat for a God-Like rapper. That is all.

  2. Killer Panda

    So dope Lil B is swagged out and damn this beats some fiyah #TYBG #TYIO

  3. Stelios Kalogeras

    This beat

    Stelios Kalogeras

    Good job on the beat


    @Steven Kalogeras thank u g

  4. uk jay