Lil' B - Painful Intermission Lyrics

Woo, woo, feel great to be alive, its your boy Lil B, 05 fuck em, I'm your host for tonight and tomorrow and today, the mid-day, beautiful day you feel me, like I say you gotta keep it real

You niggas don't know about the pain I'm in
You niggas don't know about the gang I'm in
You niggas want to rob me for the chain I'm in
BasedWorld nigga (that's the gang I'm in)
So when you come back to see the pain again
I hit you with the back or a burner
Bitch, You won't come back unless you turn to a burger
I got friends that kill, nigga owe me a murder
I got family that will please don't go further
If you smart bullets make you a learner
Go call the police this don't concern them
My pain real everyday I'm hurting
Everyday I'm working
I can't believe niggas gladly murking
Niggas walked up asked me why I served
I feel like you the police for certain
Niggas be talking to a different person
You don't know me, you know I'm working
I won't go back that's for certain
Life so hard but the core is softer
Niggas- day is awesome
How can I think that life not awesome
Real niggas can't say that I'm real
Cause They real, those niggas is dead
Thuggin' so hard I'm the only one left
How that feel when yo niggas got swept
Too close to home, too much respect
They blast yo brother, how you gonna get
How you gonna get back, I lost another brother
Two niggas thuggin', we all stories had classics
Real niggas man, we always in ashes
Now my niggas, ashes
You think it's funny, but these niggas not laughing
Real pain, this is the passion
Crying through my verses you can't hear it through the rapping
What I'm saying is that never should of happened
Niggas get mad
They always saying that I'm always dropping classics
Niggas get mad cause I always being a savage
Sitting up top

Goon of life, fuck this shit, nigga I'm a do me, my hands to the sky, praise to the sky, I'm a live life

But I met that girl that loved Lil B, no matter what time
She said she loved Lil B
Coming from the top
Can't look down at me
I look down at money
[?] hundreds
Talking hundred millions
[?] Mansions
Father at times was hooked on candy
Wanted that money and I wanted badly
I think we gon' get married

Just Listen to the pain, this is a painful intermission, I don't give a fuck if niggas don't feel it, niggas so real, this is from the straight heart, niggas lucky I'm putting it out there, niggas lucky you getting real shit like this, keep it 100

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