Lil' B - Motivation Remix Lyrics

We could dream for a million years, but sometimes you just gotta rock it and do that shit. Keep it based, you feel me? It's Lil B, 05 Fuck Em mixtape

Niggas be talking and rapping, I wouldn't say shit
Keep your mouth shut unless you want to get a facelift
I double pussy niggas them hollows, the baby matrix
Letting off them [?], the models be wanting to fuck me
Niggas, man, they never could touch me
Not a little hood faggot, that's what it must be
I show you gold, but would you really trust me?
I'm so lucky them suckas don't love me
Suckas say shit and get you right off
Put a snitch on the list like a tax write-off
Niggas look at me funny, try to ask what I'm doing
Nigga you know what I'm doing, I sleep with the shotgun
Shit with the AK, I fuck with the AK
I'm stacking for the grey day, rainfalls and melees
Niggas don't understand the war
Born into a fight nigga that is not yours
The only thing I own is the spirit I endure
Trying to endure, nigga, everyday make mistakes
Goddamn man, them niggas got employed
But you a felony, so down
Man, them niggas try and get destroyed
Man, I'm counting on you
Drop the ice, man, it's so cold
Let the water run, you know what I'm saying?
Let's keep building

Stressed out, nigga and I'm fucked up
Blessing all these hollows, these niggas want to body you
Call you a model, trying to have famous friends
But the game's so hollow
Street nigga don't understand them rich niggas
You feel me? This is real shit, nigga
Yeah, and I won't fake nothing
Rawest rapper, did you say something?
Lil B for Lil Boss, I know the BasedGod
This 05 Fuck Em, I swear to God I know the BasedGod
Coming to the top, I'm coming from the under shit
Rep west side, rep that waterfront shit
Came from the trees like a Miami nigga
What up man, you feel me?
This Lil B, I rep for the world order
I see you

Strictly business nigga, 05 Fuck Em mixtape
Everybody rock for me
Lil B, I know y'all been waiting for me, I love you
Like I said, Keke what it do nigga, fuck 'em
Let's go!

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