Lil' B - Mel Gibson Lyrics

Swag, Swag
I look like Mel Gibson!
I'm Mel Gibson!
I'll fuckin' choke the bitch!
Oh my God, I'm Mel Gibson!
I'm an actor, I'm a rapper!

Yeah, I got swagger!
Yeah, I got swagger!
Bitches suck my dick because I fuck 'em like an actor!
Yeah, I got swagger!
Yeah, I got swagger!
Bitches suck my dick because I fuck 'em like an rapper!

Bitches steady choosin', rich nigga music
Young BasedGod fuck yo bitch cause she stupid
Thirty on my dick and I'm high like my groupies
Ten on my dick cause my diamonds white like Snoopy
Yell out "West Side" cause I'm rich and I'm ruthless
Right hand bling... on my dick
Twenty on my wrist cause I'm that pretty bitch
Young BasedGod got tatted like a bitch
Rich nigga music, pretty boy music
Young BasedGod (make) bitches park like amusement
Hoes on my dick: they give a fuck about the music
Bad model bitches suck my dick in the jacuzzi
All these bitches stupid, thirty on my right hand
Young BasedGod got fifty on my necklace
Ten hoes flexin, these girls on my nuts
Woodgrain grippin' and that ho down to fuck

Yeah, I got swagger!
Yeah, I got swagger!
Bitches suck my dick because I fuck 'em like an actor!
Yeah, I got swagger!
Yeah, I got swagger!
Bitches suck my dick because I fuck 'em like an rapper!

Cocaine BasedGod, bitch La Cosa Nostra
Zips in the closet, money in the sofa
Bling Bling shawty, ski mask hustla
Number one pimp, Lil B gon' fuck some
Bitch, my name Brandon, Lil B my main ho
Dress that bitch up, then you get what you signed fo'
Betta yet paid fo', thirty thousand movement
Young BasedGod like an actor in a movie
Ridin' 'round town and I'm yellin', "Bitch, sue me!"
Niggas gettin' mad cause they girl wanna do me
Never been a groupie, she just like my music
Thirty clip handgun: I'm Based but I use it

Yeah, I got swagger!
Yeah, I got swagger!
Bitches suck my dick because I fuck 'em like an actor!
Yeah, I got swagger!
Yeah, I got swagger!
Bitches suck my dick because I fuck 'em like an rapper!

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Lil' B Mel Gibson Comments
  1. alex thompson

    Bro 2010 was a wild time lol


    Big chuuch also mel gibson

  3. lovepinkprincess24

    Omw to work .. and felt the need to let based God fuck my bitch !!! 2019 !!

  4. Lil Jay-V


  5. Zesty Afrikan

    i live my life in accordance with these lyrics

  6. Marcus Withers

    This song could've been improve no mentioning passion of Christ, braveheart, lethal weapon. Hell his famous rant against the Jews or his female would've made a nice intro.

  7. roddyveli !

    I fuckin.... choked a bitch

  8. MagnuM2980

    "Lil B ghost wrote Illmatic" - Nas

  9. AmairCline

    i'm gay

  10. Cierra Grayson

    Based-God told Mel Gibson star in Water World -TYBG


    Cierra Grayson mel gibson wasnt in waterworld it was kevin costner

  11. the Dig DOWn

    The only thing that gives me a boner is lil b's music.

  12. mike freeman

    Strange rapper

    mike freeman

    @SEECH7​ i agree
    I really like this song


    @mike freeman Definitely this was my ringtone for like 2 years LOL 

    mike freeman

    @SEECH7​ i honestly thought he would mention braveheart, mad max or lethal weapon.


    @mike freeman he should've dropped some William Wallace bars lol 

    mike freeman

    @SEECH7​ hell yeah lol


    Lil b told Mel Gibson to do mad max

  14. Ashley Suarez

    "Lil B the Based God wrote Passion Of The Christ" #TYBG -Mel Gibson

  15. Eduardo Morales

    I'll choke the bitch

  16. serranoup


  17. joshgates81

    “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.” - Lil B the Based God

  18. Soulja God

    woo woo swag

  19. dirrenbb


  20. excusemygangster


  21. Alec Baker

    i love u Based God

  22. Peter

    "Lil B made me realize that I'm getting too old for this shit." -Danny Glover

    louis perez

    Peter LMAO


    task force reporting in please bring this negativity elsewhere, FUCK YOU #protectlilb #taskforce


    "It's not a full house without the based god" - Bob Saget

  25. Billy Mays


  26. Ryan Wilson

    ty based god

  27. PointlessLPs


  28. vertscool

    fuck rap
    bump da Based God

  29. Derrick H

    what a joke

  30. Liam Stevens

    "Im Lil B's bitch. He is supreme over all other beings, and his music makes me horny." -Mel Gibson

  31. Jonathan Carvajalino

    Str8 killa

  32. mika martin

    im done im done you killing me to funny i cant deal

  33. Jasmine Harrison

    lil b >>>>> anything #TYBG

  34. Michael c

    This nigga. Troll nigga funny

  35. Matthew Simmonds

    Ya i got swagger

  36. Nathaniel Whitely

    Lil B A Real Niqqa

  37. Kevin Kirkpatrick

    Airsoft78745 or whatever is a bigger negative fuck and lil b violated his mother

  38. ANT

    Damn son, where'd you find this?!

  39. kyle sinatra

    after i heard this i had to immediately sacrifice all my bitches. TYBG.

  40. Anthony Valenzi

    wow love this track

  41. moondancer1122

    Lil B is da best. lol.

  42. ymkamara420

    " I'M 32 YRS OLD I'VE ENJOYED AIRSOFTING" Brah please evaluate your life before commenting on the Based God. Thank You

  43. Seth Bard

    Well, get the fuck out of America, you bitch ass inbred fuck. We rep the bitch in this nation. May BasedGod have mercy on your ignorant soul.

    That sound's better. #Based

  44. Kevin Kirkpatrick

    Right hand blang... On my dick

  45. Valiant DJ

    i dont normally understand lil b but i just read an article which gave me a idea of his intention in the music industry. THANK YOU BASED GOD

  46. TheRickyp83

    That awkward moment when I read a complete fucking idiot make a comment calling someone else an "inbred piece of fuck" and "ignorant" when you proved that you're obviously just that yourself.

  47. Luca DeAdam

    "Lil B is the real Mel Gibson." -Mel Gibson

  48. djali222


  49. Atombombmother


  50. Johnny Dee's #1 Fan

    Properly based

  51. Niles Pfeiffer

    haha alright I'll get out.

  52. Niles Pfeiffer

    haaaaaa basedgod ur a joke and you know it, thank you.

  53. Yaaydrone

    truly the greatest sound to ever grace my ears thank you based god

  54. jumbosmalls

    You aren't replying to anybody. dafaq

  55. WellSmeth

    "Thank you for honoring me, Based God. You can fuck my bitch any time of the day, Based God." - Mel Gibson

  56. Felipe Zuniga

    Based* omg please forgive me, BASEDGOD

  57. Felipe Zuniga

    Astounding thank you baselord.

  58. x97sfinest

    Sometimes at night I go to sleep and dream that basedgod fucked my bitch...

  59. Vieo Beats

    Please, you're making an ass out of yourself. I speak perfectly good English. Go to sleep or something kid.

  60. Vieo Beats

    Shut up you little faggot, your name is AIRSOFT78745. So fuck your argument. I bet you're a lil 14 year old white boy that goes on 4chan. LMFAO

  61. Sean S

    One his best beats to rap to

  62. kakusei3000


  63. ItsOttis

    hey fuck you niggah ima bust up you bitches arse

  64. mhannan5000

    I must say this song is really touching

    Doug Roux

    mhannan5000 it kindve is

  65. Terry The Chunin

    Well get dufuq out america u bitch ass inbred piece of fuck we rep tha bitch in this nation!!!! May basedgod have mercy on your ignorant soul

  66. BasedBro


  67. Kevin Kirkpatrick

    Right hand Blang......on my dick SWAG

  68. Aidan young

    young based god fucked your bitch cuz she stupid

  69. jalan williams

    Based gods went hamm on dis shit

  70. Katherine

    Oh. My. Fuck. This is the worse rapping attempt I have ever heard.

  71. ocalaballa

    Do you know what satire is?

  72. NotAnAdmin

    "Im Gay" - Lil B #TYBG


    He is truly the voice of our generation
    i cry everytime

  74. Iknowhowtostake

    S- Secretly
    W- We
    A- Are
    G- Gay

  75. Dawson Brewer

    ur a fuckin dumb ass. shut the fuck up, if u believe tht, i hope u go to hell

  76. Dawson Brewer

    shut yo dumb ass up

  77. Dawson Brewer

    oooh heres a nazi zombie. dude dont say shit about my "INTERNET" spelling. it dont make u a better person or even smarter just cuz u take ur time to spell every fuckin word out. oh and btw, im pretty sure its spelt "taught" not "thought" jackass

  78. That nigga

    ''Lil B is a superior rapper i have nothing left to do but kill my self because i will never be as good as him'' - tupac

  79. Malcolm Wilson

    Task force...we have a hater

  80. draztik

    bruh u finna burn in hell 4 [email protected]!ng the #BASED lords name in vein. ill pray 4 U

  81. Dawson Brewer

    Idk how u ignorant mufuckas like this fuckin garbage. Someone tell me, how is this song good? How is any of his songs good?? Nd quit sayin tht hes not serious cuz he sounds the same shitty way in every fuckin song. I hope him nd his "task force" can burn in hell with demons rapin yall forever

    Doug Roux

    Dawson Brewer jealous much?

  82. dyonleblanc

    omg! im mel gibson...I'll choke the bi#%!

  83. insideascreenplay

    this song is pretty terrible. but i listen to it anyway.

  84. rockwjz

    God damnit dude, it's SATIRE! Fuck I hate having to break character, but how can anyone ever think this dude is serious?!

  85. Capri Sun

    yung based god fuck yo bitch cuz she stupid

  86. Lucker508

    u jus mad cuz base god didnt fuck yo bitch

  87. zansawah

    One of Lil B's hardest songs to date!

  88. Rahman


  89. Will S

    based god>zrmoore738

  90. camoh455

    This is fucking trash, and needs to be destroyed. i hate this generation

  91. Zach Moore

    go die please you have no taste in music.

  92. King David

    This has to be the worst rapper alive

  93. MykesterMachinima

    he's actually black, do a search for trapaholics guy

  94. kai dollaz

    Dis nigga name most of his songs after celebrities #STAYBASED

  95. Mordecai Walfish

    i jizzed my boot first time i heard this JAMZZzzz

  96. MrLongduckdoong

    lilb loves strawberry flave lube....That and a rubber fist should do the trick! Party starts at 10!!!