Lil' B - Lil Bs Layer Lyrics

Some niggas got honor
Some people got no honor
Some people stay loyal
And some people ready to run to the next thing and jump ship
Whoever stay solid with Based World, you already know
I love you for that
Realest, rawest, ever

I rep Lil B, that's the dude I roll with
Pop a couple bricks, watch the school get snowed in
Niggas wanna burn with the mack or the cator
I'm a ask you one time, to see the sunshine
We see shit real, but you don't cross the gun line
You get dumped off just for talkin' one time
Niggas step back, put the scope right on 'em
It's 05 Fuck Em, I'm a go right on 'em
My gun go left, but it's so right on 'em
Hit that bitch with the cator, there's no discrimination
Niggas act fake, I don't appreciate 'em
Real niggas love snakes, real niggas cut cake
Fake niggas say things, but they don't hold no weight
Real niggas talk, they keep your head on straight
A lot of niggas rap, but them niggas aren't me
I seen 45 before I turned 23
I faced 21 before I turned 17
Hit niggas up with the stars informants
Black Op works is all in my dreams
I'm wakin' up, I keep seein' fiends
Fiends at the house, it was fiends on the street
Still painting pictures, but I need a new screen
I need new brushes and I need new paint, it's disgusting
My car's a different color, just to show 'em that it's nothing
They said they ain't want the beef
They said that they love me, I put 'em in the grave
They acted real fuckin' suspect
Niggas switch subjects, money in the textbooks
Money in the underground, niggas get they ass whooped
Suckas play games, I'm a fold 'em like a Macbook
Play with Lil B, fuck how you look
I'm shootin' like [?] and I'm dunkin' like Westbrook, nigga

05 Fuck Em
Let 'em leave and let 'em hate, nigga
We don't need 'em, I don't want 'em
Well tell 'em if they got a problem nigga, come see me
I'll take them and they team out
I'll take they whole nation out, one man army

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