Lil' B - Lil B Lyrics

Bitch mob, bitch, what it do
I make ya bitch fuck me
Real street nigga, so I prolly wouldn't trust me
Stay with the Glock with the nine or the musket
I'm the Based God, so your bitch wanna fuck me
Bad coke deal, so we call this shit husky
Lookin' for a Lassie
Infrared dotted shotgun lookin' classy
Red dots on the boy, like a game
Shoutout to bitch stone, I'm a make Twitter
I got dope and stones, I got business stones
Pretty rich, rockstar I'm Rolling Stones
I got rows of stones
I'm rollin' holmes
Pop somethin' so quick that'll close your dome
Pop somethin' so quick that'll expose your dome
Come out, fuck this bitch, and raid your home
This is my time, I'm a fuckin' shine
Niggas out west with the vicious grind
Fuck the boss, nigga, the bitch is mine
Won't break her back, the bitch is mine
Watch your bitch, fine
The bitch won't survive
I'm a fuckin', like 'em wet and slidin', you feel me?
Credit card and slide 'em
Don't make me pull out the receipts if I'm lyin'
I need a Mexicana Latina mami
I need a gangster bitch with a body
You feel me, that likes to start the party
Pop a couple pills and I see you in the morning

Little B, Little B you are the shit I'm talkin'
Little B, Little B, Little B you are the shit I'm talkin'
Little B, Little B, Little B you are the shit I'm sayin'
Little B, Little B, Little B won't you please come fuck with me

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Lil' B Lil B Comments
  1. Niss Sale

    This shits so fire that I stopped selling crack! Thanks based God!

  2. Zeke Koteen


  3. Ace Da'Kid AMG

    BasedGod Back Oh My God .TYBG 💪🏾

  4. name less

    Positive rap man

    Love Quack

    Yes 👍

    Love Quack

    Love Lil B

    name less

    @Love Quack I'm starting to understand wat he's promoting unless I'm just perceiving it wrong but its like the worlds pressure make us hypocrites if we give in cuz if u listen to his old shit he hates on crack coke he was tru positive rap now he's like ballin and making tracks like this but he always everywhere positive messages wit negative rap

  5. Devon Rumsey

    10 years in the game an your still trash..

    Love Quack

    Over 10 years in the rap game and has been a legend for years*

  6. OGdaJuiceMan

    "Lil B bullied me in HighSchool" -Osama Bin Laden

  7. Young Black Brethems

    1:43 what my mom hears when I listen to any rap song

  8. A.B. Mayweather

    “Thank you lil b” - Tyrone biggums

  9. Dislike Solutions

    Im GNA go to Winston Mall FIGARO

  10. jimena bird

    Guys just try *AUTHENTICVIEWS D O T C O M* to get Views & Likes..

  11. King_ Ding-A-ling

    Not even being funny, Lil b is the god father of the new wave rappers , it blows my mind to realize how sleept on he is. Lil b's influence goes over most peoples head but know lil b acknowlege your legacy and I respect it.

  12. Sha Leyva

    Chef knife

  13. typoerased

    I stole Lil B’s flow -Q Da Fool

  14. Nasty Nate

  15. Jessie Toney

    Garbage, line him up against Tech n9ne, Ces Cru, Rittz, twisted Insane and he would get broke off


    wha kinda crack you on

  16. slaughter king

    😂😂😂😂 trash

  17. AR Alfredo

    Thank you based god.

  18. Stephen Cox

    "whipping that dope on a dirty rug" some of the hardest shit i've heard in a while.

  19. LTopomcFly

    That was a fat crackhead

  20. lemonlimelukey


  21. Scum Lord


  22. Alexander

    Luv the adam22 reference hahaha

  23. Lost Scvng

    remixin dope sell it in Thailand

  24. Switchblvdxx Judvh

    Imma fatman

  25. dj florence

    I love lil b and I don't care who knows!!!!

  26. john tron

    Lil B Rated Number #2 Out of Ten On California’s top best employers! His customers all give him a 5Star Review. 🙂

  27. tiana kennedy

    Guys you should try *AUTHENTIC V I E W S D O T C O M* to get more fun more views on yt

  28. marvo0435

    Coward. Bet you don't even smoke it.

  29. sensitivethug2001

    « Lil B is the best pound for pound »
    -Joe Rogan

  30. SlaM Ù

    What’s popping bro I played basketball with u couple time in the East Bay. We was at the gym lol

  31. Big O

    Lol he mocking xanman

  32. Bubblegum Hash420

    this is based cooking music i did the cooking dance to this

  33. Jereny Plays

    If this don’t hit a Million we tripping

  34. Edward Whiteside

    I hear 2019 Draco flow/BasedGod Made every flow.

  35. Jeremy Jefferson

    This dope asf lil b bruh. Sound like soulja boy flow that hoodrich Pablo juan stole.

  36. یخ شاه

    What's kinda hilarious is that he's just getting better LMAO

  37. Justin Likewise

    You raps are shit.

  38. tiana kennedy

    Guys you should try *AUTHENTICVIEWS D O T C O M* to get more fun more VIEWS & LIKES

  39. Niko Diallo


  40. Master Bruce

    That was the most unsmooth drug deal in history 😂

  41. Antonio Rodriguez

    Soulja boy flow

  42. moises regalado

    This dude is a joke.


    Man get out hope you have a great day tho #blessyourday #TYBG no negativity

  43. Shano Shanadjiq

    Everybody make some lil B Tiktoks

  44. Shano Shanadjiq

    This should get big ot TikTok

  45. Kyle Chamberlin

    based god got some new production software and hired a new videographer, task force checking in to approve of these developments

  46. WhatzitTouya

    Lil B got the hardest chorus of 2020.

  47. CerulianX

    this is beautiful

  48. Sindre

    This made me quit my doctoral degree to start selling crack. Thank you basedgod <3

  49. FrontStreet Tez

    i dont care how others look at forever a LilB fan..been one since his SOD days/ BlueFlame..

  50. Itzarzky

    This is actually fire🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  51. Unknown Username


  52. Jamahl Dujour

    He said “ion give a fuck about the traphouse let burn down and we bacc out”
    💯 hardest line in human history

  53. Purp Kay

    Lil B's hair looks horrible in this video

  54. AG_

    202o flow

  55. Pepe Chep

    when is the Joe rogan lil b podcast coming out?

  56. BJ 19XX

    He can’t come back after gettin beat up and then sayin he want peace with them it don’t work like that

  57. original cameron

    I love lil B😤😤‼️🤘💯 BASED GOD 4L

  58. Blue Rain

    Lil B is a cutie, I'm feeling the dreads 😍


    On my way to da EMPLOYMENT COMMISSION! I need this CHORUS on Repeat-x100 ... Plus !!!!!

  60. Jevon Dismuke

    Trash truck juice.

  61. A1 Blanco

    This is every hustler anthem. Based God the New Master P

  62. Clarke Neeq

    He straight clowned no jumper lmao this shit slap


    DA NEW PLEDGE O’ALLEGIANCE !! Go Get Em Mr. ‘B’ !!! “E A R L Y”

  64. Chris Topher

    Nice hair B no homo

  65. computergohan

    Lil B could've wrote some better lyrics to this..

  66. Nicholas 3

    ...what no, I think the real question is,...WHY is this👀

  67. ChurchedOut Mind Building

    Mannnnnn this is hilariously good. Lol you can't take it serious it's like he say the most outrageous thing and make it sound good lol

  68. Adam Mullarkey

    this shit fucking SLAPS

  69. Flailed ABORTIONz

    The crack I sold..I did it for B

  70. Rayquan Adams

    Whipping it whipping it WE GOT CRACC OUT‼️😭💯🤟

  71. Jr Sluggz

    Called himself a bitch now he got the bitches

  72. Nichko Rose

    YALL TALL TOO 😂😂😂😂😂

  73. Whay Yay

    This is a fuckin banger lil b, goin dumb to this shit TYBGYCFMB

  74. MPCLive56

    This is just bad. Period.

  75. your mom

    More fukboy music for lames

  76. Charlie Zelenoff


  77. Mr Koo1aid 540

    Goofy Unblock me!! ,, you a Happy meal as nigga

  78. Tony Alston

    I started selling crack just to re up with Lil b 💯💯

  79. Chris Topher

    I just noticed the Figaro adlib at 1:57...nice

  80. love maria

    Its illegal to put lil b in jail

  81. Nut Stain


  82. Raw Visions

    the beat was cooking harder than the based god himself, TYBG

  83. AaronCartel Carter

    Yooo lmfao I feel like Tylerthecreator and Orlando brown go crazy on this 😂🤦🏽‍♂️fuckin facts tho! This nigga goofy 🤣

  84. jimena bird

    DAMN THIS is best? HARD! Go viral today ight,with *AUTHENTICVIEWS D O T C O M* , you can get MAD hits, likes, views, AND exposure to ANY video! GO VIRAL TODAY IGHT!

  85. lookin ass

    Lil b the best in the game.

  86. ketamine maneroo

    Guys I think he's selling crack

  87. R. E. Kamilleon West

    this flow is fire

  88. Hillary Shitlon

    What in the negro spiritual did i just listen to

  89. Pill Bosby

    Need a better bud conneCT that empty ass jar haha 😂 tgis fool funny asf

  90. Y U N G J I M M Y

    is that man cookin wonton soup?

  91. benblac83

    Lil b is your father

  92. don dony

    Spaceghostpurrp>lil b

  93. steve sutton

    Dam. If lil b didnt up and dissapeared for 6 years he probably wouldn't have to sell drugs.

  94. Goldenstandard

    Lil B Once Said Finish The Sentence Hoes On My Dick Cause I Look Like