Lil' B - GOR (God Of Rap) Lyrics

God Of Rap, Lil B, Rawest Rapper Alive
Lil B

Bodybags I was out broke in the hood you wouldn't copy that
Niggas made fun of me, niggas didn't wanna rap
I was out having beef I was talking murder rap
Bitch all this game from the hood so I murder rap
Niggas don't want... you are a nerd rapper
Only time I rap Is when I coat plastic
Get you a plate
Gotta freezer, I'll put the dope in your face
You niggas look stupid snorting dope
I'll whip my coke and then I'll... like a rope
My bitch hold the package balloons
Yup and she geeked off the balloons
Put it up in the ass put the powder in the ass
Drugs in the penthouse, got robbed for my stash
Ten in shops, got the whole block
Fort like Knox, coldest shit right here
100 Grand sitting in the backseat right there
Finna take the stove, Finna take the shit out next week
Finna sell that shit whole
This reference art, art reflects life
Niggas don't spark, come back for the war
Stop the war bitch, we got more soldiers on the front line
Dying for the love dying one time
Rap niggas, I'm a take off with your plate
I'm the God of rap nigga and this here my space

It's Lil B, God Of rap - welcome to the first level
You've completed...
I feel a new Based level - forgive me for all the pain
God of rap
Lil B

I can feel... Lil B God of Rap, Rawest Rapper Alive

I'm the God of rap I'm a show you who the maker
You're not God, you just a faker
I hold straps no matter what time of day
I got so many straps you would think that I'm Gay
Shoot a couple bitches then I'm back to the safe
Playing cops and Robbers, damn life's great
Lil B BasedGod, I still know the BasedGod
Call me God of Rap sincerely, the BasedGod
A lot of you rappers wanna call yourself God now
Go be in a france? You can go live
I'm dying everyday but I'm living in the moment
Put my Gun in your mouth cause I'm so horny
And then I blast that motherfucker, get the cash from the safe
Then I'm movin out of state on my way to the border
Finna go push a cake, wrapped in the car, it's my birthday
Put my face in the cake and I get so high
Sunflower seeds with them cocaine eyes
You can say you God of Rap, then you speaking of I
Rawest rapper alive, Lil B, BasedGod
Put my soul in the music and the mic got me crying
Smile through the speakers I'm staying based now
Never leave my roots, I'm a storm the troop
Lot of fake friends, I lost some real ones too
Still moving by myself no one no group
No gun, no vest, no need, won't shoot
Just use my hands, all honor I prove
You Niggas do a lot of bad it's no honor with you
You niggas put on shit? Honor your crew
Put your rappers on, you should honor me too
With you fake ass niggas I was honestly through
I'm a street nigga, you a rap nigga
Oh you a female rapper? I wanna eat your pussy too
I'm eating all you pussies too, 69 two Glocks
Finna beat your pussy and the ass and keep the door locked up
Tape the bitches for money in California

It's Lil Bars nigga ya nam sayin
Pain nigga

Yeah you the God of Rap when you speaking to Lil B
Lil B know the BasedGod and that's on everything
I'm the God of Rap there's no need for explaining
Lil B the greatest, trend setter, vendetta
Grand Theft BasedGod, Grand Theft Auto
That's Lil B
You niggas already know all the pain that I've seen
Seen money burn, seen glass floors when you look down
You can see the basement, see through the glass with the covers and the matrix
Real based talk understand what I'm saying?
Way too rare for explaining
Lil B

God of Rap - and welcome and continue to a third level
It's getting very cold
But I'm a step back
05 Fuck Em Mixtape
Lil B
I need you
Lil B for life
Lil B is the rawest rapper

Give me the praises, give me the praises
Hit a nigga quick with the mack and the stainless
Won't come back unless his back where his brain is
Get a little scared every time that I'm aiming
Shoot niggas up then I burn like money
Like fuck money why you love money?
My niggas hate money
He got raped on the interstate
I came back with the guns and a dinner plate
Niggas ask me I'm sending plates
I'm sending more food then you ever got
Niggas greedy in America
Niggas get you in America
Got the pistol in your area
Niggas talk then they carry us
I was sitting in the mirror 5 days just to get it up
I'm focused, too solid
Niggas playing games, scope on em, red dot em
Lil B

God of Rap nigga
You know about me, I'm the hitman nigga
A lot of niggas getting taken out with these raps
Rawest rapper alive God of Rap

In the hood niggas got red dots on em
Cops and helicopters with the choppers on em
With the choppers on em niggas seeing bodybags
Fiends with the heroin, people drooling at the mouth
It's like Resident Evil man where is the people?
Niggas dying
But really - where is the people?
You want peace? Then peace is what you talking
Based got the AK with them bullets at the targets
Really got a line to the mothafuckin coke, shit
I really got alligned to where the coke split
And I really put them bags where ya coat sit
You niggas need to sit in the coach, shit
First class niggas where my dope sit

Fuck em, God of Rap
Yeah - check it out

And nigga fuck you too
I'm talkin bout fuck you too
And I ain't never signed no deal
But I did sign up for some fucking X Pill
P-9 on the wall in case niggas slipping
Living in paradise tucked off in Richmond
Niggas had problems in the hood
I got problems in the hood put the problems in the hood
I still got problems in the hood, I'm wilding in the hood
Niggas wilding in this good I be wildin like Suge
God of Rap nigga
Lil B

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