Lil' B - Goin Platinum Lyrics

Oh yeah, baby, I'm feelin' ready for the game
I know y'all been waitin' for me
My first album goin' platinum
I'm finna sign a multi-million dollar deal
We talkin' billions, nigga

I'm pushin' 'til the end, niggas mad I'm hustlin'
I'm rich, y'alls rap street nigga, you don't understand
I'm in a hole in the wall
You don't feel me cracked in the wall, my back to the wall
I'm back in the hall, niggas mad I'm strugglin'
Niggas so jealous, back then, get knocked out back then
Seein' things back then, put the burner to ya, then ya
I'm a juice niggas and take a sip
I was born purple, never been irked
You feel me, I was never Urkel
I was mad at them niggas that was, yeah, never jealous
Young nigga with the [?] passion
Basketball wasn't nothin' for me, I was a star
But nigga I ain't touch the league
Everything customers needed, nigga I got it
Plantin' seeds in the hood, nonviolent
I seen murder, I seen burglars
I seen street niggas that came with the burner
I had dreads, I never hit the head shop
My dreads locked, I'm real they're not
Street nigga, in the game I'm hot
My niggas was doin' things and they was stayin' hot
Pushin' niggas back to the classics
I was ridin' hot whips, you was never in traffic
This is real shit, man, I'm always smashin'
If you don't hear your name, you ain't a factor
I'm a 90's baby, I'm a 80's baby
Dope in the 90's and it go for 80, baby
Based God, nigga, I'm so crazy, baby
I'm Eminem, I'm so shady, baby
This Lil B, 05 Fuck Em

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Lil' B Goin Platinum Comments
  1. vesacksi

    positivity :)

  2. bboyn0odles

    The ending is the epitome of lil B the based God. Stay blessed and stay positive everyone!

  3. Lil Burox

    Lil B The Truth

  4. llEYESfromABOVEll J3SS

    ''if yall got anything to talk '' i love yall '''
    ty bg

  5. llEYESfromABOVEll J3SS


  6. llEYESfromABOVEll J3SS

    '' have a nice day in school''

    wow fluent tybg

  7. llEYESfromABOVEll J3SS

    stupid old school flow.

  8. Juwann Nelson

    So much love at the end of this video.

  9. Scott S

    Why am I the only person hearing garbage?

  10. ThatNinjaBLAQ

    the end of this video is amazing

  11. llEYESfromABOVEll J3SS

    Dude spoke his struggle

  12. King Éron

    Wow tybg nd i really mean that man. When i see those people so genuinely happy to see you nd vice versa it makes me happy. I pity tho that see the love he spread for their own eyes nd still dont get Lil B. Those that dont get Lil B dont want to. Period. #OneLove

  13. llEYESfromABOVEll J3SS

    This didn't get enough credit got Damnt

  14. Kind Asshole

    "Please say what you say on that lil wayne " 😂

  15. FrikkyDikkyDo

    he's goin more platinum than you believe or understand

  16. Critical Level




  17. Kestrel on a Hill

    Damn, the beat couldn't even keep up with the Based God

  18. David Vujanic

    Lil B you should do more videos like the segment at the end, where you go talk to the public...spreading your positivity & filming all the people that are happy to talk to the based god and show their smiles and basedness. #BasedWorld  


    I approve of this - DanielOnePiece

  19. bob bobob

    Lil b is our saviour

  20. David Barton

    #RNS at the end.

  21. Goth Crow


  22. YourNFLExpert

    The first billionaire rapper -Lil B

  23. DoinLifeProductions

    the end tho LOL good vibes


    My nigga Lil b I see you bruh

  25. jkr znd

    LOL Lil B's tha Best Rapper of all-time

  26. John Moore

    "lil b has change the game I respect lil b"- lil wayne

  27. wav.yliving 波打つ

    Wow. I wanna meet Lil B soo bad. Such a postive guy.

  28. Princeton on the beat Production

    Based god is the truest tybg plz gimmi a feature on your platinum album!

  29. BackYardChaos

    Sounds like you're reading the newspaper doggy

  30. Stakk Boy Lo

    Based Boys #bitchmob  

  31. Matt

    "It is only logical that Lil B have intercourse with my female companion"
    -Mr. Spock

  32. TheInfiniteFox

    "I gave up my seat for Lil B."

    -Rosa Parks

  33. Ironway

    I Hear You B

  34. Steven rodriguez


  35. TylerWolfHaleyAce

    Lil B always on my playlist
    Based lifestyle man

  36. MrLilpaul3

    Lil is one of the realest people around no joke. #Tybg

  37. Dionne

    Lil B > Tupac

  38. ReptillianHighPriest

    oh my god that was so BASED! 

  39. MoLassessss

    this shit is literally the worst rapping skill ive ever witnessed in my life. im not hatin, im bein hoest. my fuckin dog freestyles better than this. compare this to Kendrick Lamar or Hopsin, honestly!

  40. Jhari Jamison

    This made me smile

  41. The Real American

    Based God when I grow up I want to get bitches like you. Praise Lil B.

  42. Based Strawberry

    Lil B really cares about his community wow! Thanks Lil B for giving me the courage to love and care about other humans on earth!

  43. Rey Proximo

    My gosh, who made this beat because it's fire.

  44. Cap Bee

    Check out my Lil B x Kendrick Lamar mix on my channel #taskforce

  45. Madara Uchiha

    Fuck my bitch ,Sakura please Based God

  46. Josh Newsom

    Lil B actually formed dipset- Juelz Santana

  47. Joshua Wheeler

    Wtf? This nigga is trash. How about yah go listen to some music that makes sense.

  48. DBoy0113

    The ending is epic... Y hate on the basedgod he loves us

  49. I'm NotHere

    This beat slaps, hard!

  50. Texas_TForce

    Lil B will go 5x platinum - Jay Z

  51. IVIurda941

    If you like to play video games and you like lil b join my crew in gta v

  52. IVIurda941

    If you like to play video games and you like lil b join my crew in gta v.


    the end of the video was amazing pure bay love right there. That was so deep at the end its hard to even understand that last moment between based god and the dude in the care if you arent from the bay

  54. Mattwashere2013

    "I'm a 90's baby, I'm a 80's baby!" -Lil B... #TYBG

  55. Chad Muskaa

    Pure HYPOCRITICAL trash! 

  56. Boyz on the Grind

    Basedgod Diciples Mixtape!!!

  57. Henrique Matias

    Lil B is a legend. He should be next US president.

  58. TheTeamBOG

    Basedgod Diciples mixtape!!!

  59. Justin Koerner

    I'm glad to call Lil B my best friend

  60. Sound Whore1

    Check out my music video !!!!!

  61. The Dank Magician

    Lil B can fuck my bitch ANY day.

  62. Banned_Account

    Still Thuggin'  Still Blastin' my 800+ song Lil B playlist


  63. Steven Kemp

    Fuck Spoken Reasons


    Just watching these videos can make my entire day!

  65. Bjornoveli J

    Where the fuck is the brrrangtanngtang song u mad bruh
    -Taskforce Gunnery Sgt

  66. Kentavion McClendon

    End of the video thats love man, Lil B best rapper ever!

  67. Jalen Simpson

    In the begging hshnakxynshwshjd is what I heard

  68. Junior Brown

    I try to listen to the younger generations music and get into but I can't.. Am I just not getting? I hear my youngest son listening to artist but all he say is 'Swag' and 'Bass God' and his songs don't even have good bass! God save the youth

  69. Zay Kashew

    At 2:36 that is happiest scream I ever heard lol I fuckin love basedgod. he hides no emotion!

  70. itzallbad

    Goddamn B's beats are always on point, dudes got slaps on every record

  71. mo121394

    Move aside Picasso and Van Gogh, this is true art #ThankYouBasedGod

  72. Phillip Labissiere

    very sad

  73. TheCord

    Fuck me Based God!

  74. Based Tsunami

    Lil B is so happy. :)

    Zay Kashew

    @Johnny Tsunami lol I had to laugh becuz u r so right

  75. MythOfMadaraa

    I was a HUGE basedgod fan.... 51,000 views ? 😓😓😓 you fell off bro. Still got love for bitchmob tho

    Zay Kashew

    @MythOfMadaraa is it lil b who's fell off or the people? great things always prosper. this guy lives forever

  76. Guthrie Witt

    inside sightful like when how ya man fucked every last one of justin biebers bitches and came with a song about all of it blind oblivious , ah well calculated predicaments before a fast thrown in beginin. fire to wet dry core stone hedges once surrounded with a pushed over rock missin, trap door frozen transformed once experiment again accomedated all sin~ the dudes grin- i was there when the kid finally gave god and the devil some credit for i guess creating just a little bit%? damn gee golly wiz -Oliver in the rough wind~ slick ricardo with the herpies missing on his dick. jynx'd him with all these fly bitches and they're pimps turn~ somewhere around on down a alley by a supposed fake atm.  read the cook book and missed out on the recommended heat temperature right along with some kinda high or low level to burn, ankles- spurs drop'd down hover'd in 2014 ~ the covenant sounds of rumbling to a year following a most recent previous occurance. with no truthfully absorbed worldwide recognition.  ~damn summer camps a bitch. september class with a public defender -dominate skills coarses deep off in pretend. brain new age talented composition~paint breath cement, stirred and mixed out of the wheel barrel dimension. the last grasp reached for my hand with a pencils lead before it all sunk in. pinocchio law abiding citizen, mary poppins back up in the sky~ fucked jiminy cricket- taylored swiftness in the celler , stalkings, g-strings,  earings & favorite lost trinkets. oh whats this and a~ gold tornado mink with a fat ass helping of candy coated butt cheese?

  77. Hitler

    He is so bad its good.

  78. Greg Gilchrist


  79. shutupblacktv

    You are really ass now nigga. I mean u was ass before but you had swag. Now you just really fucking suck. Still wearing them vans nigga??

  80. recklezzshine

    The based god 🙌 & how can niggas hate the based god but can rock with chief keef you can barely understand his ass

    Zay Kashew

    chief keef is amazing


    you an barley understand either of them

  81. DᴇxCʟᴀɴTᴠ

    U sounding like a crackhead right now stick with girls on yo **** not sentimental emotional shit

  82. Diego Cortez

    young based god with that 55 heater

  83. StayWavyStaySchleep

    Real nigga

  84. Neyse Rodriguez

    Pure trash..

  85. Fight Island

    I really think lil b might be the worst rappper known to the world like cant believe that there are people  out there who thinks this dude is some kind of " Good " rapper ' He makes me want to shit out my ears  everytime i hear a song he deserves to lose all his accomplishments as a so called " rapper"  He's Shitty Nothing but shit and all his followers are gayand beyond You people are the worst Fans to a rapper in the history of rappers having fans like what the fuck am i even doing typing all this shit up, im wondering myself . You all can suck a 1,00 dicks multiply it by infinity The worst of the Worst How is this Song allowed on youtube, matter of fact  how are you people allowed to comment on youtube it makes no sense how Human Kind could go disaster like like this, You see how the picture of evolution works, now its going back in reverse. This is why Japan is winning

    IonKnow WhoTFYallIs

    We Love you :)

    Zay Kashew

    @Jeorge Morgan basedworld loves you brother. if u get a chance study up on lil b some more. take care jeorge

    Fight Island

    * Kiss Kiss  Be loved.


    Thankyou somebody finally said it. This dude can't rap.

  86. YoMamaPlaysGames

    Listen you a good rapper but u got no melody in your songs and ur voice don't go with the beat


    He loves you


    Come rap with Swag Master Shappy Lil b

  89. God King Blacc

    Damn the end of this video put the biggest smile on my face, even if you think lil b cant rap, look how he touches people lives, its like he's the modern Jesus, and no'm not dickriding, just being honest!


    He Ain't Jesus Or A Modern Jesus, But I Do Agree Wit You


    @Gregory Campbell Yes he is


    @Gregory Campbell yes he is.

  90. SvuceMvnn

    Long live Lil'B!

  91. sFsaid1

    From the comments Idk if these are his real fan sucking him or they are made up acc?

  92. Joshua Saxon

    so shady babyyyyyy

  93. Debit D

    Based god fucked my bitch


    anthony mackie w/ dreds n fat drake @1:00