Lil' B - Dear Mama Lyrics

Yeah 'Ma, you know, I know we had some hard times
Hey, Dad, I love ya
Hey man, this is for my family
Mom, Dad, everybody, you know what I'm saying?
Hey Mom, I wanna say I apologize for all that bullshit, you know what I'm saying?
I was a fake ass nigga for a long time, you know what I'm saying?
Real nigga

I wanna thank you for this shit that I can't do
If your mind died, I wanna say God bless you
Somethin' so real, I can't speak, you're special
Man, I can't even write it through the pencil
You taught me, you love me
Now I can't forget you
People say your name, they can't even compare to
Growin' up there man, grown man, I'm scared to
You know what I'm saying?
Over night time, in the day time
Better not curse in front of you
You kept me it so real, the rap shit got uncomfortable
Real people do real things, and I love you
We had more than enough, you provided me with more than enough
Let's celebrate for the poor
And we can do what we want
I owe you thirty times more than more
I owe you thirty times more than anything I could ever endure, door
I want this more for you
I was in [?] stealin' food for you
Tryin' to be out there with them dudes
Had to pay with my life, I'd pay for you
I wouldn't be no bitch ass nigga
I wouldn't let not motherfucker play with you
I'd pay for you, you paved the way for me
There's nothing to do, I'm so militant
I would have to shoot, put my hands on you
I'd black out too, you know what I'm saying?
My mind up there is my mind on dope
So sometimes I don't even know, I just hope
I love, I stay positive, for the ___ others
I love ya Mama, that's the real, that's the best of it
And I love all my niggas that lost they parents
One hundred to ya'll, man, you know what I'm saying?
Lil B

You know, like I said, man, I've gone through a lot of shit, man
A lot of pain, you know what I'm saying?
05 Fuck Em
Hey, Mom, I've got you
We gon' get out the hood, you know what I'm saying?
And we gon' be straight
We gon' be straight, promise that
Hey, Pops, I got you, yeah

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Lil' B Dear Mama Comments
  1. Shitpostas Rex

    fake based's cant find us here

  2. Kory Khojasteh

    One of those songs where it feels like Based God is reading my damn mind

  3. Subsonic Sparkle

    TYBG... OMG... omg... thank you

  4. Super McNasty

    Based God's serious stuff is very overlooked

  5. uk jay

    yo props this is one of the best instrumentals on 05

  6. maurice williams

    anybody know or got this instrumental?

    Ryan Smalley

    The Sample is Barry Manilow - Sweet Life. idk about the instrumental tho

    Almighty ElbieEff

    @Ryan Smalley @maurice williams sample is correct, I'll post the instrumental on the 1st on my soundcloud

    maurice williams

    @Elbie Eff aw man thanks bruh


    maurice williams I do