Lil' B - Built To Survive Lyrics

This is what we do, you know what I'm sayin?
05 Fuck Em this is what we do
Yup, yeah, I said we're build to survive
You know, shouts out to all my family in the building right now
You know I'm grinding for KeKe, what it do?
I'm grinding for ya'll

I was in the streets, I had to do it
Nigga I pushed Based, man, that's the movement
Niggas get chopped up, and the dope rocked up
I was rippin up crack like it's a potluck
And don't intertwine, don't lose your mind
Niggas gone in the streets, alone in the streets
Sittin back, pissed and bettin on me
The tank's on "E," niggas listen
I got visions on top of visions
Like two televisions on top of one television
I was looking for a plate to celebrate
Hard times get you nothing but a soft shake
Might as well stop the snakes, I'm here doing great
Trying to see space, all this open space
Decisions God bless the ones before us, this mission
We all finna die, what's our mission?

We built to survive
It's Lil B, nigga
I say we built to survive
One day at a time
I say we built to survive

He got into a car accident, left him paralyzed
He stayed strong and positive, I respect that
Life, easy no shit man
Imagine somebody that's highly
Back to [?], soul crumble, I want to help
But what's the deal? I speak the real
The world not ready for the soul help the others
Meditate, focusing, it makes me see
That we all is built to win
Stay positive, I know you sick
But you rich in soul, and this is for your soul
Niggas eat off my music, if you got an empty stomach
Throw my music on, Lil B
Nigga keep it on locked I keep it real
Staying closer than the street, we built to survive
This is how I feel

We built to survive
One day at a time
I say we built to survive
My life
You know what I'm saying?

Man you got fake friends? They'll kill you too
I kill time, that's the only thing I'm violent with
Keep the nine close [?]
I gotta start working with
These motherfuckers that smirk and shit
Dirt shit, put you in the earth quick
You feel me? A new purpose
We die in the old life to build a new one
Accept death, embrace it
What's in outer space?
I keep saying, the shit I can't keep clear
I'm more built to survive, for real
We here, don't count me out
I'm druggin hard in the hood, drug death is more than driving
We all gotta get high and say, "Fuck it"
Congrats to your budget, get money nigga
You feel me? I'm off in the cacoon
While the bitch sucking dick, I'm getting rich

We built to survive
You know what I'm saying? Keep that in the air
I say we're built to survive
Don't let nobody tell you, you don't even stop, man, stay strong
You feel me?
We built to survive
I know you gonna make it, and congratulations for making it
You know I really respect you for pulling out of that situation
You know what I'm saying?
One time man, this is for you
I say we're build to survive

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