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Nigga, if I don't go platinum
If I don't sell 1, 000, 000+ records
Oh yeah, it's a motherfuckin problem
My first album better go platinum, and it's finna go platinum

This is BasedGod for the birds
Tour around the world, then I serve to the curb
I got shit for sale, I got guns and mail
I put guns in mail, BasedGod bitch!
You got killed with the last shot
How do I suck? I just like to fuck a lot
Don't put words in the air if you don't know me
Those stares, you niggas is like Kobe
Niggas get blasted for thinkin they 2Pac
I look like a nerd, but I got the ooh-ahh
I keep it real, I got the same line that you got
But you got a fade, and I use the blade
Gettin money, in the snow or the rain
Niggas act the same, bitches act lame
You hate Lil B? You's a bitch
I put you in the same box as a brick
And then I fuck you like a bitch
The dope that I sell makes fiends take shits
I'm still in the hood like the bass line
05 Fuck Em, I gotta thank the BasedGod
Lil B

Nigga, if I don't go platinum, niggas gonna have to pay
Niggas gonna be hell to pay
This gonna be a bad day if I don't sell 1, 000, 000+ records my first album

I gotta take the power back, you niggas taking power naps
A lotta things you suckas do, I wouldn't be proud of that
Don't come through the hood if you don't know how to act
Doctors come at you with [?] and them shower caps
Suck it up nigga, you don't be proud of that
Everybody wanna tell, niggas be proud of that
A lotta niggas get caught, and they don't know how to act
I'm a act civilized, dope guns and dead beef
Who's still in the streets? I know I am
I stay in the street like them bootleg Jordans
And I'm still shooting like Robert Horry
In the streets, home court, do it for the glory
My niggas serving pills, that's what they told me
I don't know nothing, that's just a homie
If you sell bricks, then you taking chances
In the Bay niggas doing life for advancement
Couple niggas in the hood got left stranded
It's war in the streets but we don't panic
It's dope on the block nigga don't cram it
You gotta make room, please don't jam it

And don't leave the residue burning
I'm a serve you niggas like writs to nurses
You know I gotta go platinum, I got to
Fuck that

Niggas get they head bust, I'm like, "So what"
I won't shed a tear, I'm not gon' pore up
Niggas be laughing, and they won't grow up
So niggas gon' be surprised, you feel me?
I was born American, so I know about the genocide
Taking niggas out, dying with pride
Don't close your eyes, 05 Fuck Em mixtape
This here Lil B, we gon' survive
I'm a real thug, no award nigga
I ain't enlisted but I'm still at war, nigga
50 niggas rocking like [?] triggers
I got 30 chop nigga, fuck women
Reppin for the Bay, and the whole world
World Westside, Berkeley boy, California nigga
Locking up the dope with the corn liquor
51 ho wanna fuck a nigga
52 bitches, aing where it's at
Got a [?] bitch with the 6 pack
Servin out dope like [?] rat

You know what I'm saying?
Niggas want platinum, I'm holding that gutta shit down from the start
I ain't stop being gutta, nigga

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Lil' B Bloggers Anthem Comments
  1. Pinkkuntus

    Favorite song off the tape 😍

  2. Sean Dafny

    Day ina life type hype

  3. Sean Dafny

    Thank u so much for this 1 B.