Lil' B - Beat The Ho Up Lyrics

Oh, the bitch trying to child support me? Oh, oh knock the bitch out! Oh, kick that bitch down the stairs, oh yeah. Oh yeah, I ain't playing that game. Niggas trying to play with me like that. We ain't even talking about that shit though, we on some other shit man, you know what I'm saying'? Aye man, it's that based shit man, it's that real player shit man, I ain't trying to be like that man, I ain't even like...

Beat the bitch up for my OG nigga
Going hard in the paint, that's word to my nigga, man
Bitch what it do? Bitch what it do?
Slap my bitch up for my OG crew, man
Tripping on foes and I'm beating on hoes
Holler 'West Side' and knock that bitch in the nose
We still going dumb and we still going hyphy
2013, hit the bitch with the Nike
Ohhhhh bitch! Bitch! Bitch! I said bitch!

I'm a trick off, I'm a pay for some head
East Oakland man, watch what I said, man
What it ho man, I'm in here man

What it do ho? Man I said what's up
She said 'I don't talk to black', oh bitch, what the fuck?
Man you a racist ho, you know how it goes
Walk across the street and sock the bitch in the nose
Oh! Bitch! Aye bitch! Aye bitch!
We don't fuck with them racist hoes man!
You talking about, bitch you don't talk to black
Bitch what? Smack! Knock the bitch out man, okay

Beat the bitch up like I do Sunny D, man
I beat my bitch up cause she said she love me
Knock the bitch out and then she hit the next day man
Bitches wanna fuck me, man I can see okay
Going to see man, the bitch wanna get socked up
Call me out man, you know what?
I'm a the slap the bitch in her booty

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Lil' B Beat The Ho Up Comments
  1. Carter !

    the first 20sec of this along w the beat is so crazy. dude was in the pocket the whole time, intentional or not. thats some metal guitar solo shit where the niggas be tapping the frets fast af and shit. amazing

  2. Wolf Fortress


  3. Barlos

    sometimes I wanna off myself but I listen to your songs and remember the good shit i been bumpin since I was a freshman in 09 I'm your bigggest fan

    Sean Dafny

    Barlos stay up bro and push thru to the end. might as well


    @Sean Dafny you sure right sometimes a nigga feel down but thats what Lil B music is for


    @Barlos Aye bro I know where you're comin from it gets better my man.

  4. Barlos

    i love you brandon

  5. Barlos