Lights - I Can't See The Light Lyrics

For weeks I've felt lost and I can't see the light
Shining through the darkest of days
What can I do to stop myself from hiding my thoughts
From this world of lies?
I've felt so lost for far too long
Trying to leave it all behind
I find I cannot forgive myself for feeling like this
How can I even begin to forgive myself for all the things I'm thinking of doing to you?
How can I forgive myself for this?
But it's all in your head
You just walk out of my life and you expect me to let you back in
With open arms I'll turn to you
For weeks I've felt lost and I can't see the light
So I'll do this one alone
I'll hide my thoughts from you
Is it beyond impossible for me to hold on for you?
Is it beyond you to forgive me?
If not I'll do it on my own time
How can I forgive myself?
For my world is slowly falling down
And you just stand there and watch me fall

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Lights I Can't See The Light Comments
  1. Andres

    Dude 20k views on this eh lmao

    Tanner Cunningham

    Andres it's lit

  2. Andres

    LOL member when u liked this broad

  3. hotsawce

    I like this but my ears are bleeding XD

  4. augustrosebud

    You know you like it. ;D

  5. Giorgia

    I wanted to see how bad it was.

  6. augustrosebud

    Why are you even on this video then?

  7. Giorgia

    Ke$ha can't sing either.

  8. Kimber Lynn

    but you think she can't sing? go listen to some mainstream ke$ha or something kthx

  9. Giorgia

    I see your skills of assumption are working. But no, just because I find emaciated bodies disgusting, doesn't mean I find the extreme opposite such as "fat with jelly rolls" attractive.

  10. augustrosebud

    So what's your definition of pretty? Fat with jelly rolls? :O I bet so.

  11. geekdave01

    In the darkness of night. Alll the stage lights are shining bright.

    And we work work very hard to make u say

  12. EllTheGuitarist

    Sarcasm surely ;)

  13. Giorgia

    I love how Lights doesn't use any autotune at all :)

  14. Giorgia

    that simile makes so much sense. Cus I would be listening to a song if I had no ears lol good one.

  15. Shawn Chao

    Yes if Yu think she is unattractive yu are gay. And no, yu are not entitled to your own opinion on this matter lol.

    ANd if yu have heard her sing live And acoustically her voice actually sounds exactly like this in real life. No tuning.

  16. DigitalMori

    Her mic picks up too much of her sounds.

  17. Mike Saikaley

    I'm anxious to see peoples reactions when they find the whole version of this song.

  18. Giorgia


  19. Giorgia

    @ArielSingsOfficial No i'm not crazy but thank you for your concern. We obviously have different tastes and definition of beauty and talent. :)

  20. Ariel Morer

    @redpeppershakers Wtf? she's gorgeous, naturally thin, and an amazing singer. are you crazy?

  21. Slyfan09

    @redpeppershakers Well I suppose you got me there. :P But I was not discriminating against homosexuals. I wouldn't, due to the fact that I am bisexual and completely tolerant. <3 I didn't say anything mean about homosexuals, only that if you think Lights is ugly, you must either be a female or gay, because no straight male would have that opinion. d: An you're seeming awfully hypocritical. Is making fun of someone because they were born skinny, "unattractive", or flat-chested ok either? No.

  22. Giorgia

    @Slyfan09 Mhm because joking about homosexuality is ok? And if you meant to insult me by calling me gay that 1) says you are descriminating homosexuals, 2) you aren't saying something nice either which contradicts what you just said there. You're confusing ^_^ (Ps. even if i were gay, i could still find her unattractive lol)

  23. Slyfan09

    @redpeppershakers Lol. xD Good gosh, it's a joke, calm down. d: Youre entitled to your own opinion, but you know what they say. If you dont have anything nice to say, dont say it at all. (:

  24. Giorgia

    @Slyfan09 well OBVIOUSLY i am! omg thank you for opening my eyes, you know me so well! lol please just stop, you're embarrassing. I just think she's unattractive, deal with it, who cares. Everyone has different opinions and i'm entitled to mine. Good day :D

  25. Slyfan09

    @redpeppershakers If you think she's ugly, you're obviously gay. And I'm a girl saying this.

  26. Johnnie Young


    You're mean. :c

  27. Giorgia

    damn she's ugly, flat, boney and can't sing.

  28. Yeti4President

    if i get one like i'll....OH WAIT I DONT CARE!!

  29. Marius Meder

    @wafflezburger it's from the original song by Architects :) if you like it, go listen to it ^^ my fav band

  30. wafflezburger

    How come she can't see the light if she IS Lights? Does she not have any mirrors? The metal twist is totally awesome, though :)

  31. maude lavoie

    is it the full song ?

  32. Cody B

    @52olgakayfan2 i love lights as everything she is <3

  33. Marius Meder

    @Apipa123 Sam from Architects who originally made this song :)

  34. notreallyanythingatall

    God I love her.

  35. Jessica

    o_o I love this. So. Much.

  36. Kcsk1998

    Lights can't see herself...? Tell her to look in the mirror. O.O

  37. Rachel Jones

    i love lights, i think she is beautiful and amazingly talented.
    but this isnt a good cover, and the songs she writes herself are alot better.
    architects version of this will always defeat, they're so amazing.

  38. dougymoo

    Fuck you Tanna. You're stunning. haha

  39. JohnyPeeter

    covering architects, singing with bmth, this girl is so hardcore, i'm in love...

  40. Tanner Cunningham

    @l3gitgirl ahhahah

  41. Tanner Cunningham

    @LIGHTSUpdates ahahha i dunno but its an awesome song

  42. Tanner Cunningham

    @l3gitgirl yeah she should there all soo good ahah

  43. Tanner Cunningham

    @l3gitgirl i know right!

  44. Tanner Cunningham

    @Raaaaven1 goooooooogle

  45. Endorphin

    Well, I am glad lights has a good appreciation of music such as Architects.

  46. Tanner Cunningham

    @Robbietaro np

  47. Robbie Tanizawa

    @TANNA1717 :D tankyou lol found it #20

  48. Tanner Cunningham

    @Robbietaro go to lights page on youtube and one of her video blogs is this song

  49. Robbie Tanizawa

    o: where did you get this ?

  50. I am DeSimone

    I am in Love with her