Lightfoot, Gordon - Ecstasy Made Easy Lyrics

I can always try to forget somehow
What's a part of the past
Have a little laughter if you please
I won't even mind if it takes awhile
I've got time on my hands
I feel another chapter in the breeze
Somebody touched my heart string
Somebody made my heart sing
Somebody stole my heart away
Nobody's sayin' their sorry
It's a mighty sweet music
You can dance all night
Put some wood on the fire right now
Ecstacy made easy

Ecstasy I ask you, are you a name
Or just another patron with a smile
Let me analyze you, are you a flame
Or just the dying embers
Of a kiss run wild

Somebody found my heart string
Somebody made my heart sing
Somebody touched my heart last night
Somebody set me in flight
It's a mighty sweet music
Take a chance they say
Put some fire on the old iron stove
Ecstasy made easy, made easy

I hope I never lose what belongs to me
By the right of my birth
At midnight sailing out of Perth
Getting under way we turned 'er westward bound
On that southern sea
To sea what ecstasy was worth

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Lightfoot, Gordon Ecstasy Made Easy Comments
  1. borderlord


  2. Alan Kenworthy

    One of my favourites, what a great catchy melody, what a great impact on the rhythm of your life! Gordon , you were incredibly good.

  3. Mar Thivierge

    My favorite EAST OF MIDNIGHT song, and one of my favorites of all Lightfoot's later work. This and SALUTE were great albums. I remember that people got on his case for using drum machines and synthesizers (It was the '80s, after all), but he came up with a great sound, even if it wasn't the folky-acoustic thing that his fans were used to, and he was still writing such great songs, it's a shame that more people didn't stay along for the ride when he got to this point.

  4. Patrick Fealy

    He caped the ocean with a phrase and set our minds adrift
    upon the sea of seven shores in dream like golden rifts
    within the soul of every man that ever went astray
    their rests the shore of Shangrila beside the siren's lays
    and here we are like mariners like castaways from sea
    remembering the minstrel bard that helped to set us free
    imprisoned now by yesterdays faint distant trumpets call
    a tryst of winds sweet symphony  upon the harbor wall.


    @Patrick Fealy yes ... sweet symphony ! RIGHT! need your comment on the latest upload (The way I feel) ... keep your comments!

    Alan Kenworthy

    Lovely writing , Patrick, you do poetic justice to Gordon Lightfoot.

  5. J Taylor

    This album along with his Salute show what a great artist he truly is. Love this song.

  6. Gail S.

    One of my favorite songs from "East of Midnight" (along with Morning Glory &  A Passing Ship). Thank you!


    Keep checking this channel and I'm sure you are going to have more and more hits you like !

    Gail S.

    I will!

  7. Steve Struthers

    I've always thought this song was interesting because of the way it mixes a 'new country' feel with 80s pop and rock. Too bad this one never hit the airwaves, it might have done really well.

  8. attaremad

    Hey people .. sure you're having fun and don't forget to check the latest videos !

  9. Violet J

    I agree with you and you put my thoughts into words exactly!

  10. attaremad

    mmm ... not much people like this one but I used to prefere people with very special taste ! By the way I've left you few words in your channel !

  11. J Taylor

    This is one of Mr Lightfoots finest recordings of on of his most beautiful compositions. Thank-you for sharing it.

  12. attaremad

    I paid your channel a visit and didn't find a place to leave a comment ! Anyway go ahead Raul and visit attaremad and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE ! I'm sure you'll have F,U,N !

  13. raulantonio65

    Excellent song.

  14. attaremad

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  15. attaremad

    I guess this album didn't have what t really deserve !

  16. attaremad

    OK purchase anything you want but keep visiting (( attaremad )) as soon you'll get songs ( as I always did ) never appeared anywhere else ! I'm away now for some work and few days I'll start the F U N !

  17. Rita Dickson

    These are great, thanks for sharing them with us.; Can we still purchase the c.d's?