Lightfoot, Gordon - Anything For Love Lyrics

In my life
In my time and in each line I've ever sung
And in my life
Was it my imagination or are you still the one
Who lingers on
I'd do anything for you
You'd do anything for me
We'd do anything for love
Oh you'd use any means
And I would try any scheme for love
We'd do anything for love

Once or twice
In my loneliness I watched the world go by
There was I
One too many miles beyond where you might say
Some luck was due, after all

We could have touched the sky
You had no alibi because
We'd do anything for love
Oh I would try any means
To have you in all my dreams because
You'd do anything for love

Not long ago as I remember
Once upon a dark and windy day
When love looked like a dying ember
Before you came to call
The beauty of it all I though I'd lost and yet

Cause in my life
Here in my mind in it now shines
A guiding light
Never again will I lose my way
Oh I would not tell a lie and
You had no alibi because
We'd do anything for love
Oh You'd use any means
And I would try any scheme for love
Simply anything for love
Oh I would do anything
Just about anything because
We'd do anything for love
Anything for love

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Lightfoot, Gordon Anything For Love Comments
  1. frances brisco

    LOVE this song brings back memories

  2. Linda Lowrey

    Another great song!

  3. mike sutton

    Too electronic sounding synthesizers etc. . The song would have been better with real violins , piano accoustic guitar 🎤 🎻 🎻 🎹 🎺 🎸 🎵

  4. frances brisco

    Dream like love

  5. Donald Knowles

    One of the many great tracks to come from Canada

  6. William Martinec

    genre bending Gord still great voice --why not?

  7. Maruarar Nicholas Simamora

    In my life
    In my time and in each line I've ever sung
    And in my life
    Was it my imagination or are you still the one
    Who lingers on

    I'd do anything for you
    You'd do anything for me
    We'd do anything for love

    Ohh, you'd use any means
    And I would try any scheme for love
    We'd do anything for love

    Once or twice
    In my loneliness I watched the world go by
    There was I
    One too many miles beyond where you might say
    Some luck was due, after all

    We could have touched the sky
    You had no alibi because
    We'd do anything for love

    Ohh, I would try any means
    To have you in all my dreams because
    You'd do anything for love

    Not long ago as I remember
    Once upon a dark and windy day
    When love looked like a dying ember
    Before you came to call
    The beauty…


    Where's the rest of the lyrics? I need them so I can sing along! 🎹🎶🎼

  8. Haweater

    Very typical schlocky over-production by David Foster.
    Did he ever re-record this song years later, to a much more spare acoustic arrangement, skipping all the silly instrumental fills? If he didn't then he should have.

  9. Geralyn Norris

    This is one of my all time favourite songs

  10. widyolive

    So this is what's in the people's mind about Canadian musician back then 30 years ago. Fast forward 20 years after and comes Justin Bieber 😶

  11. Ikaika Maleko

    This is a great song, first heard it in college when I was at UH Manoa in Honolulu, a poignant element and feel to it. Great memories damn how I wish I could go back.

  12. Cheryl Johnson

    Just lovely-lyrics, melody and his baritone voice-what a gift he has to share with us.

  13. zeus


  14. Gaston Bouchard

    Great tune and sounds

  15. David Goldstein

    Reminds me of Phil Collins.

  16. Rhonda Betterly

    This is our anniversary song. Sent it out to my sweetheart today as we celebrate 27 years together and always doing Anything for Love.

  17. harmonybee52

    Beautiful song; love it when the woman chimes in as well !

  18. Rosy Polsri

    really love this song..

  19. Bartonovich52

    Like so many 1980s songs it’s way to refined and plastic. Coming from an upbringing in the cynical and depressed 90s, we can spot schlock like this a mile away. David Foster writes great sterile and half inspirational compositions... but to drag Gord into this with a white suit and shallow lyrics with no true heart or meaning behind them? It’s almost sad.

    Give me the Gord who wrote Black Day in July with passion and sadness, the Canadian Railroad Trilogy with hope and inspiration, Don Quixote with temperment and poise, and Sundown with decadence and depression.

  20. elfrida dora

    I like this song.

  21. Steven Fredrik

    This is one of the “strangest” songs by Gordy. Some like it
    and some don’t. He took some kind of “production” side-trip on this one, and I
    loved the result. I am not sure that I wanted him to continue, but I have listened
    to this one a thousand times and love it immensely.This song is an oddity among the songs of
    Lightfoot. I have always liked it a great deal. It is so unusual for him. It’s
    the big production model of his work. I always wonder what would have happened
    if he had continued on this track. So many of his greatest songs would have
    been entirely different, and perhaps not so memorable, but this one is well-worth
    the listen. I am happy with this one, in which he stepped out of bounds and scored
    a home run. I have listened to this one a thousand times.

  22. Sonny Rodent

    In my life, was it my imagination or are You still the one who lingers on. Classically beautiful!

  23. ChamanJ Amarasekara

    One of the Most Beautiful songs from Gordon. An absolute Gem. I love this Track.

  24. David Wiebe

    Nice elevator musak.

  25. Greig Campbell

    Out of the norm for Mr. Lightfoot, but still a good record.

  26. Michel Charette

    Gord, you are the best that Canada has ever had to offer in the way of entertainment. I just love that song ... along with Black Day in July, Don Quixote and the Great Canadian Railroad Trilogy.

  27. mark duncan

    Sounds like David Foster!!

    Sam Cox

    And Lightfoot!

  28. brian kehoe

    the voice is unmistakeable............and so is the producer......David Foster.....

  29. surrepeight

    I've followed Lightfoot since he began on United Artists records so long ago. I've listened to, i don't know, more than a dozen of his albums, everything I could get my hands on. I love everything he's done. Yes. Including this. Foster worked with Streisand, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion and Chicago, making hit after hit. He knows how to make hits. He co-wrote this with Lightfoot to make a hit. There's not a thing wrong with this. "Never again will I lose my way..."

  30. Dunstan McCormack

    Only if I could turn back the hands of Time!

    Ikaika Maleko

    So so true.

  31. Ivan Conrad

    Gordon is one of Canada's greats ... and who wouldn't love this song?!? It's perfect ... like all this songs!!

    Linda Lowrey

    I agree with you!

  32. Tygur Masscotter

    Gordon Lightfoot's great, and so is David Foster! Great song by both. :-)

  33. mark duncan

    Not Gordon's style!! The voice is " Golden" though!

  34. Rhonda Betterly

    How I have loved this song. This is for my sweety of 29 years, thanks for asking me to dinner, what a life that has come from that night.

  35. Frederick Paske

    First my say would be in love.  Too have someone to love you would anything for love.

  36. Mulya Jaya

    for the first time i was listen this song,when i was study in yunior high school...still remeber that...full memories...

  37. Taufik Tengku

    Great song from David Foster and Gordon lightfoot

  38. Janice Bradley

    Thank you Trixy for remembering this song!!

  39. Herman Hermitz

    Boy I have been looking for this song for a long time. Bring back sweet memories.....

  40. Jeff Romain

    Those honey sweet Bryan Ferry echoes. Gordo's done gone art-pop on us. What a delightful curveball from him out of leftfield. Quintessential late-evening track that sets everything just right.

  41. Geralyn Norris

    This is one of my all time favourite songs, it has a very special piece of my heart as it takes me back to my true love.

  42. Steve Strickland

    1st Class

  43. Wayne Powers

    loved this song the moment I first heard it released and still keep coming back again and again to listen to it . Anything that Lightfoot records is great in my book .

  44. Greg White

    Wonderful Album

  45. wonsuk kim


  46. Brian Simerl

    Same people who hate this might complain about the Johnny Cash modernization and covers towards the end of his career.

  47. Slunk Downs

    great melody

  48. iHeart Gaming and Whose Line

    I still cannot believe he would actually go pop, music wise


    remember when I'm high school...

  50. Mark Sanchez

    It was the first single from "East Of Midnight".

  51. Speedy Petey

    One of Gord's Best, love it, love you Gord!

  52. Rusty Sh

    This album was a collaboration with legendary producer David Foster (Man in Motion- Theme from St Elmo's Fire, 1988 Winter Olympic Games theme) and is sounds more like his music than Gord's. Still great and both Canadian.

    Hery Arya

    Rusty Sh yups true..i have cd cassete...all the songs very good

    sam flanagan

    -Love Gordon lightfoot frever,saw him in person in Canada during tje late 60's. Also ;ove David Foster's wonderful music. Both supremely talenred!!

    Gaston Bouchard

    I should have realised when it came out, but I didn`t seem to hear the connection till I read your comment just now.

    ted cichanowicz

    @Gaston Bouchard this is the only tune on the album that David Foster had anything to do with

  53. Veranita HR

    lagu kenangan di awal pernikahan ku...

  54. Tamara Jacobs

    Okay, I know a lot of people on here don't like this song, but I love it.  Whatever the background music is, Gordon Lightfoot's voice is always ethereal  no matter what he sings.


    It’s because it’s so David Foster—sterile and full of false hope—and really doesn’t have the lyrical depth we’re used to hearing from Gord.

    Zulkifli Abdul Latif

    Why people don't like this song?

    Ikaika Maleko

    I love this song, first heard it in college, great song.

    Ikaika Maleko

    @Bill Lewis Yep same here!

    Bee Ehess

    Tamara Jacobs ...there’s nothing wrong with this song. It’s just Gord making the transition to a more contemporary sound. Sure it’s got Foster’s signature over it but I don’t care...every once in a while you gotta throw the fans a curve.

  55. Nancy Carlson

    Can I listen to any Gordon Lightfoot music with.... He and Guitar only????? - No synthesizer and violins in the BG - it's so annoying when you want to just hear his poetry

    Lorenz Müller

    Those are top LA studio musicians! Michael Landau on guitar, Randy Waldman and David Boruf on keys...

    Dennis Collet

    I've heard and seen Gordon Lightfoot in concert, (35 years ago in Vancouver) and I think the extra backup in his later works is just as good and sometimes moves the soul even more strongly than just his wonderful voice..


    Don't think I've ever seen any of his performances with just him on guitar--only with his backup band. And no studio albums I know of are without backup musicians. To what performances are you referring to?

  56. June Steed

    LOVE you!

  57. margaretta nazareth

    4 seasons in germany xxx

  58. Ari Perdanakusumah

    I always fell in love with her every time when I heard this song .......... although in thousand times........

  59. vivie anitha

    memories song...for someone

  60. Back Roads Bill Steer

    It is the lyric, " my loneliness I watched the world go by..."

  61. Gary Newton

    First heard this playing on the radio whilst driving in Los Angeles Traffic.

  62. irawan hariadi

    nice song...

  63. Jan- Michael Vincent

    i love this song. gordy!

  64. Ada Pigrau

    I love this song, to me just perfect

  65. NaeWoelanala Suwarsono

    Falling in love with this song when is listening at first time..I remember..remember him so far away..miss him so really-really miss him..hehehee..

  66. how hi

    i like this song....i love you

  67. Dan O'Malley

    Ron Sexsmith covered this!  It was even played on BBC Radio 2 yesterday! Not a favorite, but it's ok. "East of Midnight" is a pretty good album in my opinion! "I'll Tag Along" especially.

  68. R Paz

    It is defiantly a change in style for Mr. Lightfoot but I liked it .

    Tom. Mihail

    R Paz Gordon wrote the words not the music!

    Julia B.

    R Paz yeah it's really good right?

  69. Alex Tahti

    Was this song in the "Pretty Woman" movie???

    Greg Palmer

    +Alex Tahti Nope.

  70. Michael Russell

    "Anything For Love" is quite possibly Gordon Lightfoot's WORST SONG EVER and certainly his cheesiest.  David Foster's production makes Gord sound as if he should be vying with Kenny G. and Michael Bolton for most awful adult contemporary crap. This is a disgrace.  The 80s at it's worst! Bleccchhh!  A funny aside, when I saw Gord on his concert tour for this album back in 1986 he sang this song to a pre-recorded tape of the horrendously bad music as if his band refused to even play this drivel.  Also Gord made a comment to the effect of "the record company is making me play this song".

    Alex Tahti

    @Michael Russell I can verify this happening. This David Foster song was in the charts so Gord's hand was forced.

    Miss Brown

    +Michael Russell I remember being rather stunned by this when it came out & had to let it grow on me. Your reference to the 80s is spot on now that I hear this song again. I guess the song is OK but certainly not classic GL & for sure not very good. Like a lot of 80s music, frankly.

    Ron Thomas

    Whoever you are, I feel sorry for you Michael. You just don't get it and that's really sad...

    Jeffrey Gordon

    Michael Russell I have been a musician for 60 years and a Lightfoot fan for 55 years. This song is very different than Gords other songs. I love it. It grew on me.

    Johnny Natrium

    What a sorry person one is who can only appreciate one specific sub-genre that he's accustomed to. There was a lot of garbage in the '80s; this song however is one of the greats. David Foster is/was a great producer and his sound has its own charms, just like more acoustic folk does.

  71. Den Secret

    This is a song where the melody came from David Foster, and Gord was asked to add lyrics.  I don't know how well that works, but the finished product is really not like any Lightfoot song I have listened to.  The 50-year old voice is still great, though.

  72. jeff odegaard

    we love you gordon lightfoot

  73. sandinyourshoes

    Gord's style was certainly different in the 80s, but how could he not have been affected by the changing times?

  74. Fifi Safitri

    I Love This Sog Forever.......

  75. Mitch Lehman

    Love all the over-analysis of the song/Lightfoot.
    Enjoy - or, as Mike Tyson so insightfully once said - "if you don't like it, why don't you turn off your station."


    Who’s worse, the over analyzers or those who over analyze them?


    @Bartonovich52 The over analyzers. Done.

  76. 関文

    I like this song .

  77. jeff odegaard

    love this song so wonderful

  78. honestmango

    I know I will get hate for this comment, but as a lifelong musician and lover of all kinds of music, I don't think I could go to sleep without saying that this song is terrible.  The lyrics are actually worse than the music, and that's almost impossible. 

    Greg Palmer

    And on the AC chart, too. If you have to go out, at least try for the mainstream pop chart.

    Mike Stevenson

    With very few exceptions, they don't allow 50 year olds on the mainstream pop chart.

    Mike Stevenson

    I don't like this song either, but I loved the other single from the album 'Stay Loose'. Which also used 80s production values. Just a way better song.

    Johnny Natrium

    I honestly cannot believe the narrow-mindedness here which is counteractive to real artistry. Variation in styles is always welcomed by me and this is a great collaborative effort. Cheesy and sentimental, yes. But there's a place for that too. Foster's dated-sounding production still has its own charms. Love some of these old early-digital sampled instruments, just like I love more traditional folk too. You're the barbaric if you have to knock everything that doesn't sound like what you're used to from earlier years.

    Mike Stevenson

    I'm good with cheesy, sentimental, 80s, Foster, all that stuff. I just find this particular song really not good. Foster, like Phil Collins at that time, was spread very thin and maybe this song was his 75th best idea or something like that.

  79. Marge Crafton

    Gordon Lightfoot is by far the best song writer. He writes with passion and abandonment.. Love you Gordy!!! Anything for Love and you.

    Tom. Mihail

    Marge Crafton next to Phil Ochs!

  80. SuperCarver2011

    A radical departure for Gord. A bit too commercial experiment with David Foster.
    I guess he was trying to stay on the hit parade charts as the folk era of the 60s
    and 70s died out and artists had to reinvent themselves to fit in on the pop

    Carola Suryammy

    Get over it.  It's a beautiful song.

    Greg Palmer

    +SuperCarver2011 It's a nice enough song, did rather well on the AC charts back in the day. I don't imagine it would work on today's radio.


    +SuperCarver2011 He was trying to stay current with the hit parade on the radio, but this one under the the musical direction of David Foster, just didn't t work out for him. His fans remembered him best for his beautiful guitar chords
    and the exquisite accompaniment of Red Shea,.. such as "Beautiful, If you could read my mind", etc.
    The highly overdubbed and overproduced album did nothing to help his career as a writer/performer as the music scene
    started to change from the folk singer times of the 70s.


    I wonder why _everyone_ during the 80s thought that adding a faux, tinny orchestral organ-beat sound to a song would be a great idea.

    Bill Lewis

    Commercial or not, departure or not, it's still a great song in its own right.

  81. John Richardson

    Gordy is the most prolific song writer in the world today, bar none. Dylan is great but Gordon Lightfoot  takes home the trophy !  I'm 73 and I have been a fan for over 60 years.  Hope to see you again in concert, but I realize you as I have to go at a slower pace. now that we have reached "senior" status  : }}    Keep going my friend!

    Bee Ehess

    John Richardson I’m 50 and been a fan for 40 years. A national treasure Gordon is. I hope to meet him someday. I just met another Canadian legend last week, Bruce Cockburn. A true Canadian both of these guys who are both very generous with their time. They go and play a 3 hour show, then take time after their shows to meet the fans. Amazing.

  82. Ronald Charles Epstein

    "Let it Ride" is a better selection from Gordon Lightfoot's 1986 album "East of Midnight." 

  83. Bayu Haryo

    I like this song

  84. LuisPrada17

    Gracias David Foster por  componer  y producir tantas y tantas melodias los 80's no hubieran sido igual sin este Dios !   ! !

  85. Carmen Ghemi

    Hermosa canción!!!

  86. albert lintang

    Eternally love song n good colaboration with David Foster ! This is one of my  best favourite  n collection songs when I was in the last year of High School Student 1986. Now it will be a great memory song with all of my experience  in the past n long ..... long ago !

  87. john statt

    Best the singer I HAVE EVER KNOWN!

  88. Marilu Leon

    Bellisimo tema. Me recuerda a mi primer amor.

  89. Rev K

    Love it

  90. Rhianna Barr-Beaumont

    it was 1986, my father has the lp,

  91. 須山貴之

    I looooooooooove this song! From Japan.

  92. Moh Najib

    i dont care this is song 1986 or 1981 but this is song very-very goooooddd....

  93. Rob T

    It was indeed 1986 NOT 1981.

  94. Kevin Clepps

    a nice song!!

  95. gerry moran

    It was definately the summer of 86, the sing was produced by David Foster on the heels of "Now and Forever" which he produced for Anne Murray in the spring of that year which has a similar does "Baby can I hold You" by Neil Diamond. 3 great Foster productions which always sound great back to back.

  96. Linda Spontak

    Wow, unreal !! =]

  97. sweatintotheoldies

    Sounds like a movie theme song from the 80's. Pure Foster alright. Glad Lightfoot realized he should go back to his acoustic roots which are classic.

  98. David Crumpler

    I have this album...this song & Morning Glory are my favorite songs on it. Pity it's an LP. Thank heavens for youtube where I can continually listen to them.

  99. whiteray1

    Not out of the question for me to mess up, so I just checked the back of the vinyl jacket: 1986. Thanks for keeping me on my toes, though.