Liam Gallagher - The River Lyrics

Well come on, you weak of knees
Afraid of the thought police
You who say our generation is forsaken
Get out of your clouds of weed
Get out of your time machines
You can say that the sleeper has awakened

You gotta scream and shout
If you're gonna work this out
Change comes when the water falls
I've been waiting so long for you down by the river

Well the walls are closing in
And your head’s in constant spin
And the pain in your eyes I do comprehend
Don't believe celebrities
The money-suckin' MPs
The device in your hands, imitation beauty

You gotta scream and shout
If you're gonna work this out
Change comes when the water falls
I've been waiting so long for you down by the river

Lick your lips like a prize-fighter
Surely you can take a punch
Your knuckles can't get no whiter
They're gonna eat you for lunch boy
So come on

You gotta scream and shout
If you're gonna work this out
Change comes when the water falls
I've been waiting for you to come down by the river

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Liam Gallagher The River Comments
  1. Boomer Sina


  2. butterboi

    love this 90s vibe

  3. Ben Harris

    1.1 million views.. that is criminal! This tune is pure Liam Gallagher!! What a banger.

  4. Nishant Mehrotra

    I’ve played this song over 256 times

  5. Ondra Pfingstner

    "The sleeper has awaken"... reminds me golden gothic 1 <3

  6. Mark Boon

    Manchester shifty 1 Utd 2

  7. SuperFloyd35

    Liam this follow up is fucking STELLAR! Your stuff just kicks Noels shit into the rivaaaa! Cheers mate!

  8. The Modster

    Got a Step on!!! ✊

  9. RueDaWhirl

    Just bagged tickets for Heaton Park, MCR in June. Come on you know!

  10. jack dickey

    He reminds me of the legend john lennon !! I love this style of music !

  11. Numa Starostenko

    This guy is trying to be Liam Gallagher LOL!!!!

  12. GuestOfGregoryHouse

    Who's the half caste wandering round thinking he's mint

    Si Hopebgood

    you racist twat

  13. David Shotwell

    Liam making real sound while Noel noodles around.

  14. VARsinson

    The Boca doesn't like this

    Flor Moe

    The river esta feliz

  15. Funtertainment

    I like this but Meadow is dope af

  16. Nishant Mehrotra

    Easily the rock and roll song of the year.

    Tame impala, foals, black pumas, etc bring it

  17. Paula Simpson

    Liam has stayed true to his roots love all his solo stuff

  18. Sólyom Sam

    Glory glory Man United!!!

  19. Prastama Pinandita

    I didn't like it at first ...but now it is my most favorite song the album LOL

  20. Johnny w

    Im feelin well supersonic 💚🌟💚

  21. Maximum Effort

    Liam is swimming in his own pool, in his own Oasis......doesn't need Noel to be a lifeguard !!!!!

  22. Jon Reed

    Poor poor album. Retrospective backward looking . Needs to get over the whole ‘Noel’s deserted me’ vibe.

  23. graham seery

    it does what it says on the tin,,,,,,,,,,,,godlike

  24. Hugo Gonzalez

    Does anyone know where is that painting located in Manchester ?

  25. Andrea Pepato

    After Many listenings I've decided this is the best song of why me why not, but my favourite is Once

  26. Matt K.

    The river has passed through Ecuador right now.

  27. Anna Niznet

    I could listen to this gazillion times

  28. cothib199

    Just ordered those shoes for 40 buckaroos

  29. chiffmonkey

    "Don't believe celebrities" - A Celebrity


    In an interview Liam said that today there are too much famous people so called "celebrities" and there are a lots of them didn't do any valuable in its life. So I think he refers to that. Of course I think too there is a difference between an artist/singer/songwriter etc. and for example Kim Kardashian or Paris Hiltin if you know what I mean.

  30. Joshua Sario


  31. todd heath

    Guess what I wanted from Liam... A kick ass fucking rock ‘n’ roll record with harmonies Hammond organ drums bass and guitar....

    todd heath

    See you in Vancouver on October 21 when you play in front of the WHO

  32. Rainkid

    Hi everyone! Rainkid on the speaker🔊 We just released our very first song and there are more coming. Check out our music and give us some feedback, we would love that.
    Peace Rainkid ❤

  33. Blankbean

    The Roadhouse.

  34. Mark Boon

    Pure Manchester

  35. Bruno Silva

    This song is an anthem.

  36. amarshmuse concepta

    THE RIVER 😘 MERSEY!!!....💗 YOU.✌✊

  37. william thomson

    loveit liveforever liam

  38. julia _

    This is Liam🔥🔥

  39. Kenneth Moutet

    Ironically this sounds a lot like it could be on noel’s first solo album

  40. 정허

    Sounds like "The Turning" in the "Dig out your soul" album, especially liam says 2:59, so I love it

  41. delboy20091

    Almost 1 million views, keep watching everyone, keep streaming on spotify, let's make this album MASSIVE ...

  42. Baby Irene

    Holy gosh this record is dull. How did he stay awake through it?

  43. TheMusikryder

    Maybe in England this is good but that's it. His voice is too damn whinny!

  44. joshua callirgos

    This "so come on" that's makes remember The Turning from Oasis
    Great album

  45. Milly Buck

    I like this song so much :D

  46. Sarettasupernova87

    Massive tune! This could be' an oasis tune without doubt!

  47. Nishant Mehrotra

    The Phoenix rises from the ashes. That’s the vibe

  48. Gilberto Martinez

    This must be in FIFA 2020

  49. Peter Moreira Ribeiro

    Sounds like Oasis... ✌🏻

  50. Kirsty Sharman

    The lad kind of looks like reni

  51. Patrick Cagoul

    Just heard the full album it's been leaked...
    Fucking Class


    Brilliant Lyrics.Brilliant Melody. Brilliant Tune. Top Drawer Liam. Greetings from Belfast. God bless.

  53. Jeff Jones

    Why me why not... Exeilent... Going forward not backwards. Fantastic stuff. And jogging. To rest is to rust.. But you are stainless steel.. 🎼👍👍👍

  54. ethan mariani

    Gallaghers Irish Poets of Rock

  55. ethan mariani


  56. Sarah Robinson

    Ample respect for this man.. 10x’s the man his brother will ever be👊

  57. Gareth H

    Only reason liam would get noel back is for the live shows. I totally agree with noel that Liam's live band are awful, but liam carrys them well

  58. Christopher Bell

    I like this song better than One of Us.

  59. D Larson

    Kick ass hot💯💯💯👊🏼👊🏼💪🏻💪🏻

  60. Biblical

    Love it

  61. Gill

    I reckon all hallows eve. #hiddenmessages game brilliant 8.9.19 13.19

  62. Gill

    #hiddenmessages yes

  63. Simona Martinello

    Liam The Best his music is amazing he is amazing

  64. Local Bloke

    Should have been an Oasis song. Liam is awesome.

  65. James Moya

    Can someone give me feedback on this song:

  66. Michelle Gonzalez


  67. Fit Ramli

    "Beady Eye" Vibes ..but not at all ..

  68. Scott Martin

    Gary R1872 one has defo got to cuncur._.

  69. Michael Boguski


  70. Manc Larks

    This absolute class how have I not seen this gem. Loving the Manchester theme video 🐝

    Sam Kelly

    Manc Larks fuckin class innit pal

  71. paul kennedy

    His really shown that he is a musical genius himself. Better off on his own.He also seems to be trying to patch things up with Noel which makes him look like his the more responsible one.

  72. Sue Hackney

    Someone who lives in the touch with the next generation. Knocks me over with his growing talents. Mature Liam ...pure Malt.

  73. Kris Trznadel

    Alrighta tune 😀

  74. Peter May

    Awesome song...sounds like the best Oasis !

  75. Meryn Rossiter

    Stupid rubbish

  76. I Auman

    Ive been listening to Oasis until the group split up.Years later it's been my first time listening to Liam's solos. He's reviving my spirit.

  77. Vincent Brennan

    Such a good artist. I'm really glad he's doing his thing

  78. Harry193

    Every new song is stolen from hits.. this being Bob Dylan.. I don't care though - decent.

  79. Sebastjan Pirih

    Sleeper has awakened. And it was about time!

  80. Scott Dinges

    1:05 right on time with the snare drum

  81. Mandemaker 86

    Can't wait to see the man in amsterdam!!!!!

  82. amber freeman

    LG is smashing right out the ball park.He is so fkn bringing it to us.Sounds incredible.This album I believe is going to be fkn outstanding xx. Massive appreciation to you LG.For giving us real rock n Roll tunes.xx

  83. israel zvulun

    Perfect! Marvelous!

  84. JAA

    Manchester and Rock n Roll. Name a better duo. I’ll wait.

    Anthony Mc Cusker

    Liverpool and Rock n Roll

  85. Jack Rudduck

    Get out of your clouds of weed 🤟🤟🤟

  86. MrRfc1873

    Tune! Can’t wait for the album

  87. Rodri

    No creas en celebridades!!!!!

  88. overthebar07

    These new songs would go great with Peaky Blinders series.

    D. A.

    overthebar07 my fockin thought !

  89. Luis 10

    Liam Gallagher is back bitches, my daddy is back!

  90. versloe1

    Thanks Liam .... awesome tune


    Where did you find Banksy? ✌🏼

  92. Edwin James Pope

    Almost unlistenable. GCSE lyrics.

  93. Rewind Fast Forward

    The man and the voice that makes you feel 100 feet tall.

  94. J R

    Fuck an oasis reunion Noel is a sour old cunt now. Liam’s got the right team together now

  95. S.C

    It's good but please just reform Oasis and bring us all back to life.

  96. Brad Bennett

    absolutely no comparison to beady eye days, way better

  97. FifaWondaHD

    Lick your lips like a prizefighter,
    Show me you can take a punch!
    Your knuckles can’t get no whiter,
    They’re gunna eat you for lunch, Boy!!!!

    What a tune 👌🏻👌🏻

  98. Thesilverthunder777

    what fukn tune. swagger all over it.