Liam Gallagher - Misunderstood Lyrics

They christen you a lost cause
But they ain't fighting your wars
All you need's a little love
Your an angel in the making
Maybe you're misunderstood

Found your faith and lost it
A prayer without a prophet
Waiting for a sign from above
But you're nothing short of saintly
Maybe you're misunderstood

There ain't a mountain you can't climb
There's just the dream between the fate that we find
Gotta keep a diamond in your mind
When you're tied up in your history
And nothing ever seems to be enough
And you're misunderstood

Raised inside the shadows
Nothing but regret grows
Waiting on the great and good
There's a world there for the taking
Maybe you're misunderstood

Kill 'em all with kindness
Don't let the bastards grind us
Down, walk with your head up
You're an angel in the making
Yeah you're just misunderstood

There ain't a mountain you can't climb
There's just the dream between the fate that we find
Gotta keep a diamond in your mind
When you're tied up in your history
And nothing ever seems to be enough
And you're misunderstood

There ain't a mountain you can't climb
There's just the dream between the fate that we find
Gotta keep a diamond in your mind
When you're tied up in your history
And nothing ever seems to be enough
And you're misunderstood

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Liam Gallagher Misunderstood Comments
  1. Kieran Pugh

    Beautiful simple as

  2. Paola Buscaglia

    Viva Liam Gallagher

  3. Richard Pilhofer


  4. Sami James

    tears..... amazing keep going king parka

  5. lee benson

    Don’t care what anyone says if you don’t love the pair of them you don’t love oasis.

  6. James Goodwin

    The kids 'Gettin Better Man' !!

  7. Kiee

    ไพเราะมากเจ้าค่ะคุณท่านเลียม 😍

  8. MoonwalkerWorshiper

    It is so spot on when social life is uphill

  9. Mark Ollerenshaw

    A fine fine song

  10. Sean Pearson

    Beautiful.Awesome.Class.Thanks Liam.

  11. Richard Pilhofer

    team liam all day baby

  12. Faritz Raka

    Love this song

  13. Kevin Hall

    Great song this, would say the best on the album and the bar is set high on that one.

  14. Susan Mccafferty

    Why me? Why not... misunderstood every day releate relate relate ha ha true story btw!!! Gutted I missed half gig in Glasgow hydro bouncer knockback from shitty wristbands fallen off amazing gig handsome man your fiance is a lucky lady see you soon transmt??? I hope....loads of love 🍀

  15. Donna Horne

    Thanks liam I dedicate this song to my ADHD misunderstood son 💕S💕 thank you 🌹

  16. jack dickey

    Talent !

  17. delboy20091

    I don't get how Liam only has 294,891 subscribers here, he has loads more fans, most don't care i guess, Every fan should subscribe. Shame this weren't a single as well, it's a classic ...

  18. mario vergara

    Did he really write this song?

  19. DrummuseTimbo

    My favorite song on this album. THANK YOU Liam Gallagher!!!!

  20. Simon trow

    love this song liam..thank you...keep the rock n roll goin mate..cant wait to see yeh in liverpool this week

  21. Aidan Yoon

    This bloke buried the best song ever in my life in a bonus track. It deserves more.

  22. Matias Diaz

    The best song of the album 💕💕💕💕 i love you liam gallagher

  23. Matias Diaz

    The song of the album 💕💕💕💕💕

  24. Matias Diaz

    The best sing of the fucking world

  25. Mark Ollerenshaw

    An absolute modern classic in every way. Love the way he sings find in the chorus - fi i ind.

  26. Maragent

    What is it with his songs that I just want to replay them over and over?

  27. Steve

    The song sounds like a Gilbert o Sullivan song... don't mean that in a bad just does.

  28. Slippery Jack Reviews it

    I can really relate to this song. All of you who also relate, keep going, even if your rejected and lonely, things will get better. You're just missunderstood

  29. Steve Davidson

    Can't believe it not on main album

  30. Kobetic1

    Biblical album

  31. dicky Muhammad

    Bad Boy From Heaven.

  32. twangman5

    Is this Rock nRoll?

  33. Saskiaza Aza

    Lol , I'm not crying
    You're crying

  34. Pedro Fernandez

    This album is SO good.

  35. dubseedz757

    This album has been so good !!! I love me some new LG music !!!!

  36. andrew chambers

    top tune,he keeps getting better FUCKIN ACE



    Let’s put this legend & the best song on the album to number 1 for Xmas 2019.

  38. DJ Yentonian

    If Deluxe Tracks are the Modern Day version of the B-Side, then this is Liam's version of The Masterplan, it's that good.

  39. Roost RICCaRDo

    Misunderstood 🤪🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 L.G. Friday mornin...

  40. Sally Berry

    Very George Harrison/Travelling Wilburys.. Nice country vibe. Gorgeous song..Goes to my heart ❤️❤️❤️

  41. Christian Vaz

    Canción con un espíritu muy "Stop crying your heart" con una melodía emotiva que va desde la melancolía a la paz. Y la interpreta el último rockstar. Liam volvió para no dejarnos solos.

  42. reactions 4u

    Why is this a bonus track?

  43. lee riding

    Such a good album! But this is the stand out track...will be a timeless classic

  44. Dream Noise

    “Nothing ever seems to be enough”

  45. Mark Ollerenshaw

    One of the best songs ever written. Cheers x

  46. Jodie Findlay

    I think he wrote that for me I feel that connected to it x

  47. parka monkey84

    Sounds like let there be love

  48. adrianedbe

    Lyrics written by Liam himself, amazing

  49. Kingishar 2012

    Liam is the best he makes my day

  50. Elie Elis

    Love the voice...the voice..from soul...fighting for the world.

  51. Rob Walker

    Why is this not a number one single?

  52. alexander

    aren't we all?

  53. Chris Knight

    The production and slide guitars reminds me a bit of Cast Walkaway

  54. René Llatas Trejo

    qué gran canción, recontra feeling, la voz de Liam 100 %

  55. CAR TEC

    ok so sounds a bit robbie Williams in the tune but liam rocks it. also why this not on the radio

  56. martin edwards

    What a fucking beautiful song . Well done Liam x

  57. Yeah

    This could be a top 10 song of all time

  58. Tommy Shelby


  59. Ale_ Mac

    This is my favourite song from Why Me? Why Not.

  60. Richard Pilhofer

    Hands down, one of the best sets of lyrics ever written. Holy shit man

  61. dnalpu ca


  62. Lee H

    Don't let the bastards grind us down, walk with your head up.

  63. Neil Barley

    Biblical tune propper up there ,both albums respect to you lad keep em coming rkid👍🇬🇧🐝.

  64. Danceswithzombies

    Who is the true genius?


    Great tune LG..!! #WhymeWhynot #Misunderstood #Oneofus #whenifoundyou #Once #Asuwere #LiveForever

  66. Robin Runciman

    Great song to silence the critics and show people the great spirit of Liam

  67. Blackburn, Lancashire , England , UK, (BREXIT)

    👍 from down the road like

  68. True TactiX

    My dad would love this.., I find it so sorry he could never here it..

  69. chris larder

    Boom !!! Rocky of rock !! End of fu Noel

  70. Bjoern Templ

    Thanks to this I started to listen robbie williams again. :D -> Strong

  71. Cleyton das Chagas Barreto Barreto

    Wonderfull song !!!!!!!!

  72. Egito Veloso Veloso

    Que música massa meu.

  73. TheMozza1968

    We all have our favourites, but boy ! This is arguably the best album I’ve listened to from start to finish👍

  74. David Hurley

    Mint song

  75. badgreeb beatle fan

    the album is a classic in the making

  76. S J Morris

    Noel who?

  77. Steve Davidson

    this album is the nuts

  78. Steve Davidson

    Wat a tune

  79. Brenda House of Shine

    XXX OOO Perfection my brother. 💜😎🐒✌#Liamgallagher

  80. kevin most

    Deluxe rules ok

  81. Marcos Leandro

    Liam Gallagher se mostra cada vez melhor...E agora Noel Gallagher o que vc fará sem o Liam.Ele decolou sem vc e já vc se perde à cada dia.

  82. Roberto Milhomem

    Não há uma montanha que você não possa escalar

    Há apenas o sonho entre o destino que encontramos
    Tem que manter um diamante em sua mente
    Quando você está envolvido em sua história
    E nada parece ser suficiente
    E você é incompreendido 💔

  83. Ry Maddog

    This is a good song but the best song on the album is easy invisible sun

  84. Marcos Ferreira

    Cast No Shadow and dont Go away vibes

  85. 김기범

    감자새끼 딱대 ‘misunderstood’

  86. Eileen Kehoe

    I feel I have been misunderstood, YOU have misunderstood ME..

  87. Gabriel Martins

    What a fucking tune

  88. Ash Almond

    Meaning: You didn't know what I mean

  89. Trastero Ambulante

    Qué lejos quedó oasis flaco. Qué maravilla de canción!!!!

  90. lewan gillard

    Beautiful song.

  91. Paul bolt

    Great Song and the arrangement with the pedal steel soaring in the background is superb

  92. Johnny Primavera

    I love this song Liam... Top man!

  93. triptothebeach

    I guess it's Noel in the chorus background singin'

  94. Simon trow

    Borrin ur voice

  95. Senbis

    Composed and produced by Robbie Williams

  96. Alberto Valls Mulero


  97. Sandi Eržen

    This song is the best for me and my Kranj city !! lyrics rock..

  98. D G

    Daddy Liam

  99. Adilson Leandro Bitencourt

    O álbum do ano liam gallanger perfeito

  100. clouseaux114

    love it, why a bonus track??? should be a single. see you in seattle L I AM