Liam Gallagher - Invisible Sun Lyrics

I am a laser
And I see with X-ray eyes
Straight through the underground

I am a wave
All my face up to the lights
I will be free

And, yes, I'll take my time
'Cause I don't want what is not mine
Like the heat from an invisible sun
Thy will be done

I can make it come together
I'll make it come alive
And it's gonna get a little better
Invisible sun, thy will be done

You little monkey
You've escaped into the sky
Where I can see you

It's all a dream
All your shakin', blame, and lies
Do not faze me

And, yes, I'll take my time
'Cause I don't want what is not mine
Like the heat from an invisible sun
Thy will be done

I can make it come together
I'll make it come alive
And it's gonna get a little better
Invisible sun, thy will be done

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Liam Gallagher Invisible Sun Comments
  1. Zhulin He

    Can't part of it remind u guys of 'wall of glass'?

  2. Zedi Awakening *John Kim*

    Who said he needs Noel?
    Now he’s better rock n roll composer than Noel

  3. Tomek_RM

    This could have been one perfect Oasis song, once ;)

  4. MegaJyms

    He sings with such an arrogance!

  5. Kieran Pugh

    Carnt not love the man time after time

  6. lintburn

    as good as it this never made the album proper is beyond me.

  7. sofien fadhlaoui

    best song of the album imo

  8. oasisoasis21

    that guitar part is awesome. Sounds like Cloudburst. Mega track

  9. helio carvalho cordeiro

    Nesse álbum não tem música ruim e sim uma melhor do que a a outra, dependo do gosto de cada um. É uma obra prima.

  10. Paul Benham

    Might be my favourite song of the album

  11. William Lansdowne

    William Lansdowne

    1st world problems slowed down

  12. Norberto Velazquez

    Very stone roses, amazing song liam!!

  13. pardon my pringles

    Dammit Liam perform this live this is such a banger

  14. William Lansdowne

    Heavy stone roses influence

    William Lansdowne

  15. Hallo, Tschüss

    Well well well liam is still a god. Thats a fact...

  16. 1mins and then say goodbye to Eponymous


  17. 1mins and then say goodbye to Eponymous


  18. Norberto Velazquez

    Stone roses song!!#

  19. Jason Blake

    So Stone Roses groove... Love it yeahhh!

  20. jofhill1066

    I absolutely love this tune!

    It has Roses feel to it. Fucking awesome

  21. Phonpatkamon Hanfakheaw

    Best one

  22. ryan summers

    Hopefully be hearing this stomper live later on in mcr by the man himself LG

  23. theheartlessnoob

    I love this track but I wish it wasn't destroyed by how awfully loud it is. This album makes BE HERE NOW sound tiny.

  24. Mark Boon

    I love Liam .and I’m a red manc

  25. dicky Muhammad


  26. Funtertainment

    Everything in this album is dope 👌👌👌👌

  27. todd heath

    All killer no filler...fuckin brilliant record

  28. Mark Richmond

    This album is BOSS ❤️

  29. Maxi Hadda

    He needs to do more tunes like this and not shit like Now That I've Found You.

    A joke that this isn't on the album and songs like Halo and Now That I've Found You are?!

  30. Maxi Hadda

    Who's bright idea was to not have this on the album?!

    And shit like Meadow and Alright Now made it lol.

    RD 1

    Maxi Hadda I know, some boardroom prick maybe

  31. Mark Boon

    What a tune

  32. Mark Boon

    Fucking Manchester

  33. Mark Boon


  34. Simon Adams

    This track Definitely maybe influenced by Ian Brown😎

  35. William Lansdowne

    Better and bigger than The Beatles

  36. William Lansdowne

    Compare Compare this to Ian Brown The song keep which you got which was CO written by none other than Noel Gallagher

  37. Dream Noise

    Hendrix Beatles vibes

  38. Dream Noise

    Fucking wicked drums

  39. Back ln 87

    Well done Liam you're rocking again

  40. Remington Steele

    Why? Why the fuck is this just a bonus track???

  41. Johnson, The black and white boy, the beautiful boy

    sounds like Beethovens 5th in C minor...its LG in his finest hour FFS

  42. Cesare Delpolito


  43. jason lansdell

    Sounds like Kings of Leon Crawl...same drums!

  44. Anne Campbell

    wot a tune !!!!!!!! x

  45. Roy M

    Can't describe just how BIBLICAL this tune is

  46. María Luz Carrizo

    Amazing tune. The band's solid sound reminds me so much of Morrissey's (♥)

  47. JAA


  48. Jorge Sanchez De La Torre

    vaya puta pasada, pure rock star style

  49. Dennis Mikulaj


  50. Miss Keys

    Amazing this song!! Why the heck is it only on the deluxe edition though?

  51. Aleksandar Djuric

    It's really interesting to me that no matter which song off of this album I listen to on Youtube, the comments are full of comparisons to different (mostly British) bands and artists. I've seen at least 15-20 different bands mentioned. It only goes to show that this album isn't too original, although it has the LG touch. It's still a very good album though.

  52. John Hinchliffe

    What I like about this album is Liam’s pushed boundaries,it’s not all guitar based songs,he’s added strings and piano that were never there before as well as bringing in some electro as in this song,best track from the album without doubt which is faultless.....RKid has a lot to live up to....c’mon let’s have it!!

  53. Richard Philip

    Cool quite Ian Brownsy

  54. supremepwr

    Ian brown vibes!

  55. minervartmusic

    great sound, great song!

  56. Master Blaster

    You little Monkeeeeeeeeeeey... Yes Liam.

  57. chiffmonkey

    Why do we want Oasis back again? Someone remind me.

  58. Czeekaj

    Take a seat. This man has been listening to Lennon.

  59. Nico West

    Now come on, thats a tune! Should've made the album, if not a single even.
    I've aways thought Liam's voice is great - unchallenged by anyone else at the moment - for those psychedelic, floating, NewWave-ish tracks.
    I only hope them live mixing guys finally get their stuff sorted out and discover the type of sound that Liam's vocals need ( and deserve ) to be really monumental again, esp for his recent stuff: I do think they're going for a way (!) too 'dry' vocal, it really sets it all an unnecessary limit. With a proper amount of reverb, in connection with the new-found force he's sending off into the mic, it could be a blast of a sound, a different level really.

  60. Jamie Howsam

    London o2... get up for!!

  61. David Brown

    Liam Galllagher !!!!! Can this guy get any more godlike ?? Class again as per

  62. A Man

    now this is a tune to put on your headphones and walk down the street feeling godlike.

    eduard jones

    @A Man by the way learn english or to mutch drugs is cool. butt you have to be critical to me (i mean attack me) only accorting to what im guilty at in reality (if you use bambling for swell thats allright ladd) butt you have to show some dignity dyou know what im saying

    eduard jones

    @A Man i have to tell you this cause it happened infront of your own eyes

    eduard jones

    @A Man butt you know that nobody has to tell the other ladd nothing if he dont wanna talk. ill tell you why - cause then if the other ladd really belive that me is an enemy so thats the only way that he is able to know or im able to know that he see it like this. now i finished you can swell me if you is still angry ladd butt its allright if you do that for manchester nott just in order to hurt a lonley sailor like me only cause im PRETTENDING STUPID or that he is STUPID FOR REAL

    eduard jones

    @A Man that means stuppid in reality. take care ladd i know that you is pissed butt we gonna walk over and keep going. good bye parka prince. just gett the fuck away from the keyboard dyou know what i mean cause you hadd to mutch druggs (thats a joke im laughting!)

  63. Damon Jay

    if u like this, go buy ian's latest solo. it's not even silver yet!

  64. Marcus Lewington

    Absolute belta LG

  65. HuntingOWLgames

    That guitar riff unreal

  66. David Kennedy

    Parka music 👌

  67. Tassos Dimitriadis

    Ian Brown!!!

  68. LoLzZ85


  69. chrisperry838


  70. momo lam

    All the songs of the album are really brillant

  71. Ry Maddog

    Best song on the album easy

  72. Maxi Zamac

    When your favorite tune from the album changes on a daily basis, what a banger! Why Me? Why Not X

  73. Lee H

    Nailed it!

  74. Alessandro Davi

    The Charlatans.

  75. rory clynes

    Best on the album.

  76. Thesilverthunder777

    Once pretty tasty too though

  77. Thesilverthunder777

    I think this is my fav tune on the album. Grows on ya

  78. E G

    Goddamn I love that bridge

  79. Tony Kemanetzis

    this is one of the best songs ever

  80. 안태영

    Ian brown!

  81. orlando mendes


  82. ThAdonis

    This is so Ian Brown I kinda wish they collabed on it.
    Would love him to include a tune with Brown or Ashcroft for his next project.

    Euan coulter

    ThAdonis He doesn’t do collabs


    @Euan coulter He's collabed with The Verve, Prodigy, Death in Vegas, Seahorses, The Who, The Jam and more.
    Now do one.

  83. Joe Lewis

    Best pure rock song on the album by far. Turn it all the way up and feel the swagger

  84. dubseedz757

    Love you fookin legend Liam Gallagher..

  85. Peter Christensen

    The verve

  86. Leo Grax

    I'm listening to this song...and my neighbors too

    Jeri Lee

    Leo Grax This is such a massive tune! I think this album is a new Sgt. Pepper,based on the craze over it and the 60s feel to it.👌Class.

    Anne Campbell

    Lol hysterical x

  87. Damon Jay

    LIAM DOES THE STONE ROSES & IT WORKS! U little Monkeyyyyyyyy


    U my nigga

    William Lansdowne

    There you go agaiin with your 1rst world problems.........


    @William Lansdowne u my nigga

  88. Dukey_40

    Nailed it again LG!

  89. DCdailylife

    Is this a bonus track

  90. felipe Silva


  91. Boldfacechimp

    Serious serious tune this

  92. Jodie Findlay

    Ian brown xx love it xx I don't want what s not mine xxcome together

  93. Vladimir Dzaganiya

    I think it's the best song on the album!

  94. kevin most

    I thought Liam's first solo album was good,but this ones beyond good.All 14 tracks are corkers

  95. Medalion

    Don't say you love me
    Don't say you want me
    Don't say you need me
    it's understood

  96. Mark Ollerenshaw

    Hints of Depeche Mode. Awesome, awesome song