Lewis Watson - Made Up Love Song #43 Lyrics

I love you through sparks and shining dragons, I do.
And there's poetry in an empty Coke can.
And I love you through sparks and shining dragons, I do.
And there's majesty in a burnt out caravan.
You got me off the paper round,
Just sprang out of the air.
The best things come from nowhere.
I love you, I don't think you care.

I love you through sparks and shining dragons, I do.
And there's symmetry of your northern grin.
I love you through sparks and shining dragons, I do.
I can see myself in the refill litter bin.

You got me off the sofa,
Just sprang out of the air.
The best things come from nowhere
And I can't believe you care, care.

Yes, I'll believe you [til fade]

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Lewis Watson Made Up Love Song #43 Comments
  1. Darren McLean

    Wow - great version - super powerful

  2. Mac Mac

    Wow this is perfect

  3. mark datvolta

    What a great tone to your voice....im just disappointed you didn't do the high bits...Maybe cover songs that are more in your vocal range of you can't do important bits that actually make a song

  4. Elizabeth Ko

    Towards the end it sounds like he's singing "yes I will leave you" but then I started hearing "yes I believe you". What do you hear?

  5. KombatKlub_EasternBloc

    Absolutely amazing.. Every few years or so I run into incredible talent on youtube. I am sure if you continue your music you will be one of the famous people I first heard of on youtube 👍👍

  6. Claire Poirier

    this deserves so much more recognition

  7. Victoria McMullen

    i have the chills so amazing

  8. Hannah Johnson

    Hands down my favorite cover you've done

  9. Amirah Lucker

    your music really gets me through bad nights. i love you

  10. hayley quinn

    I listen to this everyday. I love this ! I love you Lewis. come back to Ireland soon please !! xx

  11. Headphone Jack TV

    great rendition of a classic :)

  12. Gaming With Joy

    this is horrible he should stop singing pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssseeeeeeeee sttttttoooooooppppppppp!!!!!!!! !!

    Sámal Weihe

    Gaming With Joy disagree !! Love this cover

  13. Nikola Jovicic

    dose anyone knows to rite a love song

  14. crowing4repair

    Came across this by accident after hearing a Guillemots song in a film. Heard this version first, think it is FAR superior, and now can't get enough! - Love from Canada! oxo

  15. Louise Janson

    Hearing this live was amazing

  16. Rachel

    this song live is everything

  17. dorax160

    This song will always remind me of you :) beautiful cover as always :) (also glad that I could here you singing that song live)

  18. Tiffany Meshale

    i love your accent when you sing!

  19. Minnie Harrop

    I always thought that he was singing "swag out of the air"...

  20. Julie Whiting

    I love this song :)

    I miss your hair being like this... I like this hair...

  21. Tayla Hayward

    Ur soooo good I wish I could write my own songs like u xx

  22. Natalie Briggs

    absolutely perfect

  23. Gime Toma

    lewis, please please please please come to Uruguay

  24. Gime Toma

    oh, this is so beautiful

  25. Christine Senia

    Tour the states!

  26. SnoopySmosh


  27. Grace Shike

    just died and went to heaven brb

  28. Melanie Barrall

    Can't believe you're not going to the Bay Area in CA! Please come! I would be so happy to see you!

  29. Kenn C

    That song was especially good

  30. Kenn C

    Libya would be a nice name for a child.

  31. Adam Doherty

    you remind me of that guy in blades of glory thats obsessed with Jimmy.. "oh, im still gna kill you one day"

  32. Zoey Schmoey

    I could never find the words. Thank you!!!!! That's exactly what it is!!!

  33. Emily Xzy

    haha. agreed. And I love Lewis' music and covers, but... that's taking it a bit far.

  34. Andy Hart

    Wow little girl you need to seek help @amyolla

  35. Amyolla Amysurman

    not replyed

  36. Amyolla Amysurman

    I love him so much and know im get really pissed off because I m his number 1 fan and I sent lots of messages and he has replyed and lewis if ur reading this I love u sooo much ur my idol and omg u are so perfect I love u so much and plz reply to my message I love u so much and I dumped a boy because they hate u and I dumped them because I love u so much that's how much I love u I could be here for ever saying how much I love u and I go to all of ur gigs and I have all of ur albums <3 u plz repy

  37. Chloe Elie

    this is perfect

  38. Sammie Caine

    Your performance of this was probably my favourite part of Barn on the Farm. I hope you come back and play BOTF again next year <3

  39. Amelia Barnard

    You should do a duet with Ryan O'Shaughnessy! It would be awesome! <3

  40. famousgirll77

    this is such a lovely song...i quite enjoy it.

  41. Milly Tunnicliffe

    i cant help but cry when i hear your voice lewis i love you so much i am in love with you never stop making music.

  42. sandrynshenn

    when he walked into the crowd, and sang this song at BOTH, my heart literally melted. so so talented x

  43. nzbsmileee


  44. Ollie Bowern

    just did a cover of this, on my channel :-)

  45. akke

    I want your guitar. That's all.

  46. anniebody123

    how is this guy not mega famous yet???

  47. Maddie Williams

    If you didn't know, this is a cover.

  48. Emily Xzy

    no capo. C & F for verses. G, Em, F for chorus. Basically.

  49. Ted Rent

    His lyrics make my soul melt omfg I can't wait for this album to come out

  50. Emily Ornduff

    "i love you i don't think you care"
    ugh i hate you for being so perfect.

  51. lotta7782

    Beautiful! It was amazing when I saw him singing it live in Manchester. One of my favourite songs.

  52. Lauren P

    oh my, his voice in this is enough to make me cry... <3 i just dont understand how people dont love his music the way we do, each to their own i guess xox

  53. Jammi Evans

    Love this so much

  54. Stephie Shen

    Lewis's music literally makes me ache with love

  55. Natalie Clarke

    Lewis this is such a good cover, so much better than the original. Especially when you sang it in Leicester on the 13th June, incredible night. You are just crazy talented

  56. nzbsmileee

    Chords please?

  57. Emma Duncan

    stop pls i cant its just too much

  58. Farazimut

    you're perfect omfg why do you live in UK ? i mean, c'mon man :D come to quebec (canada) someday ! pleeeeeease

  59. Taegan Hancock

    You are perfection. Please love me.

  60. YelenLezcano

    greeeeat voice

  61. beth neal

    pure silence when he sang this in manchester last night, amazing.

  62. Tom Stevens

    Lewis' stubble...*sobs* he's becoming a man :')

  63. Melissa Nguyen

    So so so beautiful :)

  64. Kristie Georgia Hari Brookes Healey Byrne

    I nearly read that as see you in THE bath, I was thinking 'What is this!?' :D

  65. Elise Cimino

    Wouldn't you love to know Lewis, so you could hear him sing whenever you wanted to. X

  66. Broghan Cole

    I don't know what to say... Good, very, very good. As usual. I can't stop listening to you, even your old covers from the old days. I'm addicted, when I don't listen to you I crave hearing your music.

  67. Hayley Chillcott

    beautiful man :-)

  68. Romanna Watson

    could listen to this all day, so beautiful lew

  69. Molly Brooks

    I could literally listen to Lewis sing for hours and hours; his voice is so amazing!


    Really rather incredible...

  71. Ophelia

    this is amazing!!<3 please watch my cover of your song into the wild x

  72. lcx81


  73. flickchick495

    This song is so beautiful omg

  74. Asha O'Connell

    DIDNT mean to comment that but please never stop being you because you're amazing I love you and your songs and you're so talented never forget that <3

  75. Victoria Rosee

    his voice just makes me melt, cannot wait to see him again in a couple weeks

  76. Aimee Fraser

    I love Lewis to bits! Perfection

  77. hxrrorshow

    this is actually just too perfect for life

  78. Sarah Michelle

    so beautiful

  79. beth neal

    so excited to see you on monday in manchester!

  80. lyricswithme

    Your voice's really beautiful:)

  81. bella jean

    lovely loowis

  82. deneja davis

    he could be singing about the number 4 and id still be beautiful

  83. Amelia

    aw lewis this was so lovely

  84. Evi Bouzouka

    Wow :O Amazing <3

  85. Eleanor Mountford

    This is one of my favourite songs and you sing it so well!

  86. Gabby Nelson

    Le dead

  87. Bella Raff

    When he says "sprang"...

  88. katiemcmusic

    Wow i love you & your music.

  89. Shay Chambers

    love you so much Lewis! This is great you keep getting better

  90. Bella Raff

    the passion in his performance is incredible

  91. Rikke Bjarnesen Andersen

    And so I fell in love.

  92. SecretNinjas11

    9 days until lewis!

  93. Ellen Hatton

    Amazing, as always. :)

  94. SecretNinjas11

    you're freaking brilliant

  95. Meghan Bissett

    Seeing Lewis tomorrow..can't wait, been wanting to see him live since his cover of small bump..phaha

  96. Lucy

    4 days until i see lewis again and i can honestly say he is the best live act ever and one of the most genuine, nicest people i've ever met. Love u lewis