Lewis, Jerry Lee - Folsom Prison Blues Lyrics

I hear that train a-commin', it's rollin' around the bend
And I ain't seen the sunshine since I don't know when
I'm stuck in Folsom prison and time keeps draggin' on
But that train keeps a-rollin' on down to San Antone
When I was just a baby, my mama told me, son
Always be a good boy, don't ever play with guns
But I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die
When I hear that whistle blowin', I hang my head and cry

I bet there's rich folks eatin' in a fancy dining car
They're probably drinking coffee and smoking big cigars
But I know I had it coming, I know I can't be free
But those people keep a-movin' and that's what tortures me

Well if that freed me from this prison
and that railroad train was mine
I bet I'd move it on a little farther down the line
Far from Folsom prison, that's where I want to stay
And I'd let that lonesome whistle blow my blues away

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Lewis, Jerry Lee Folsom Prison Blues Comments
  1. Rock N'roll


  2. Aron Aguero

    Jerry Lee Lewis is the greatest but that’s Johnny Cash’s and only he can sing I best

  3. Casey D


  4. Swedy Senior

    Jerry the Killer the only one

  5. Joshua Dew

    This is the worst cover I've ever heard. Disco wasn't for everybody.

  6. belou 37

    Un tempo pas habituel pour jerry lee mais c'est génial...

  7. Alexis Levy

    Just mozart's rock

    jeanmarie basset

    Bien trouvé,man

  8. MyinnerEyeMike

    Killer Country is a great LP that stands the test of time.

  9. retroeddie

    I purchased this album when it was first released...around 1980--Killer Country. I believe this is the first track...I was expecting to hear something that sounded close to Johnny Cash's version, more or less. But after I listened to about the first 10 seconds, I was like...WOAH! This ain't like Cash! lmao. This is all KILLER! Only as JLL can do it. It's a rockin mutherhumper all the way! And, Kenny Lovelace is the only motherfucker in the world who can play rock and roll fiddle, and keep up with the Killer, lol. Freakin INSANE! CHEERS!

  10. Pierre Bianchetti

    merci Jerry à toi aussi Cash

  11. LadyWriter 1968

    I prefer Jerry version of this song, more upbeat and instrumental, just personal preference. and love his piano playing to.

  12. Harry Bonnett

    when johnny cash sings. this. one. it. sounds. like. he. is. doin. time. its. cashs. song. and. the killer. is. great

  13. Batbold Boldbayar


  14. Vannes Carter

    Fuckin killer killed it. I love u johnny but jerry made this his.

  15. Steve Miller

    Wake up America, when you top the great Johnny Cash doing his best it is the audience that is defective. Its not just music, Americans are in a trance steering this home of ours onto the rocks. The Killer is a genius, not just in music.

    Leonardo's Truth

    Let me know when that time comes when Johnny Cash tops on this song.

  16. ProudKansan08

    Best version of this song EVER!  First heard it in the early 80's at a country western bar for about a month, and then the dj stopped playing it because it was "old"-that's what he told me. Too bad this song can't be purchased any more, or at least it wasn't available a few years ago when I was looking to buy it.

  17. kingslandhome

    You are right ! !

  18. Steve Miller

    This should be a hit right now. By far the best version of this great song. This is natural God given talent.

    Leonardo's Truth

    Negative; Johnny the Cash is still #1. This is interesting variation.

  19. krolltan

    Couldn't agree more :D

  20. Lydia Taylor

    Everything Jerry Lee does is amazing

  21. Lydia Taylor

    I love this song!!!

  22. bigboreharley

    Both are good
    rock on

  23. Serop Pasha

    just love it when the piano kicks in

  24. allaboard70

    Rock on! The best version of this song :)