Levy, Barrington - Vice Versa Love Lyrics

Whoa... hello, hello, hello, helloooooooo.
Please give a helping hand oh jah
to guide all of us together
people are straying and straying
dividing themself's from each other
there's to many hopeless souls and ragamuffin souljahs
what we need is love and what we need

Everybody wants vice versa love
to all the hungry, vice versa love
come on and get some, vice versa love
come on and get it vice versa love

To all the rude boys put down all your guns,
The only ammunition we need is love
love for everyone, mothers tell your daughters,
fathers please tell your sons, just warn them,
teach them, tell them, show them, that what we need,
that what we need is everybody wants vice versa love,
to all the hungry, vice versa love to all the rejects vice versa love,
come on and get it
warn them.


Please give a helping hand oh jah to guide all of us together,
people are straying and straying dividing them self from each other,
what we need is love that's what we need,
everybody wants vice versa love, to all the hungry, vice versa love,
to all the rejects, vice versa love com on and get it vice versa love.
Warn them, teach them, tell them, warn them, warn them,
tell them, warn them, warn them, warn them, teach them, warn them, teach them
warn them, tell them.
Warn them.

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Levy, Barrington Vice Versa Love Comments
  1. Fortnite jamaica

    2020 and beyond

  2. Kimberley Best

    Still hitting hard in 2020🎶🎶💜

  3. Steven Samaroo

    2020 still going #respect

  4. ItsMoses

    My top reggae song ever... My parents listened to this record all the time when cleaning the house... I do it now with my children... Gotta teach your children soul music... All 5 of mine has been influenced by this song... Much respect and thank you

  5. Leston Taylor

    What we need is love ..2020 God bless everybody vice versa love💪💯🕆

  6. Blue Bird

    2020 anyone January love dis song 😘

    Scotty Mudgi

    This song is timeless. As, or, MORE relevant today as it was when it was written. Be this song in your everyday life. Peace Love Unity Respect

  7. Justin Green

    Still Listening In 2020... Song touches the heart, soul and mind.. 😢😪 In some deep meditation right now... Praying for Vice Versa Love and Equality for each and everyone across the world.. 🙏Nuff love one and all ❤

  8. Rohan Brooks


  9. Rick Williams

    Wow! this song never grow old positive vibration from the iconic meastro Barrington Levy 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. Rynell Hylton

    King of kings bless Barrington levy

  11. Jamaican Choice tv

    My most favorite song of Barrington....it gives me goosebumps everytime ... especially mother's tell Ur daughter fathers pls tell yr sons .... warn dem teach dem tell dem
    I wish my mom told me........best advice ever

  12. Titus Fergis

    Still jamming Nov 2019

  13. joel byer

    So Realistic😍😍😍😍

  14. Auchie Thomas

    love this song soooooooo much yesssss <3

  15. jay mafia

    Best peaceful song in the world! 🌏 💯💯💯💯

  16. Tony McGreal

    Fantastic music. Subscribed 😀 😀

  17. Reyan Pierre

    Forever song
    I'm 27 and this is my favorite song ever and one of my favorite reggae artist love from💖 🇹🇹

  18. dryan

    Only if we would only listen.

  19. John Hall


  20. Wendell Tai Kan

    Great Great voice 👏👏🎶💯💯

  21. chris martin

    Who" plays this song more than 1times give me a like 😍😍😊😎😭😞

    ruth diaz

    So haunting, so true

    Dom Trussardi

    My homies used to keep bugging me to replay it over and over and over on my 500w system when we're were chillin out. I didn't mind.

    chris martin

    @Dom Trussardi it's better when you're smoking weed

    chris martin

    @ruth diaz only beautiful souls knows the true meaning of this song


    When the music nice we play them twice...:-)

  22. Douglas Francis

    I can't listen just once! WARN THEM TEACH THEM what we need is LOVE!

  23. Jewel Frederick


  24. Rachael Clarke

    Love this song 2019

  25. David Lynch

    2019 and I am still listening to this song

  26. Markeisha Crighteney

    First time I hear this song I was about 12 man I cried 😭 and cried while singing it

  27. Christol Badal

    Beautiful voice❤ September 2nd 2019😍Still listening

  28. MarlsJ Joseph

    Still a powerful song in September 2019🙏Love is all we need.

  29. Karan Ramjattan

    Such a powerful song

  30. Jaden Courtney

    Peace🌍✌👈❤😢😢still going 2020 with it💯

  31. crock'z Genna

    Am.still listening. To.this song can't stop we need love 4 eva Barrington levy great artist

  32. Charlene Thomas

    My heart goes out to barrington levy vice versa love great song my brother it melts my heart .

  33. Monk Morgan

    🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹please give a helping hand oh Jah.

  34. Donnica Thomas

    2019..still listening

  35. Andres Alvarez

    TwinFlame Soulmate's mission on their journey. Harmony through divine unions.

  36. Precilla Palmer

    Listening in 2019💓❤️❤️💓

  37. rob taylor

    Here this ...bless you all who listen x

  38. Quanza Blair

    So touching,where is the love that we need????

  39. Duval Laing

    If ur not frm the ghetto it will be hard to relate.
    A tru street anthem

  40. Dennessiaeh Daniel

    I love this song.

  41. Rohan Cameron

    Spread the message......vice versa love

  42. Samwise Gamgee

    The should be the World’s Anthem. Spectacular!

  43. John-ice #Halamadrid

    Who else searched for this song all their lives?😂😂😂

  44. tocodarky Marshall

    Who's still listening in April 2019

  45. samajé Manuel

    Vicy vercy love

  46. Kaymar Rattigan

    This song bring tears to my eyes just to see how the world has turn upside down with no love n hatred and lost sight of happiness.

  47. tal harhas

    worl boss brought me here

  48. Shamar Anderson

    One of the most underrated person in the music industry......this song has such a powerful message

  49. Dom Trussardi

    The best Barrington song....eva....

  50. Masicka John

    #340 VI 🇻🇮 98 baby we out here 🗣🗣💯💯💯

  51. Daniel Thompson


  52. sherry roberts

    Timeless music.

  53. Mindy Baal

    Still listening 2019 great song we need this love out in Trinidad&Tobago much respect..

    shackem hewiit

    Mindy Baal
    I'm listening this right now in Jamaica

    Kellon James


    Tricia Schroeder

    Truth ...we need this worldwide !!!! 💕

  54. Rodney

    the 120 dislikes o.0...... makes you wonder

  55. Delon Thomas

    The devil cant conquere humanity

  56. Peter Lewis

    Brotherly kindness...

  57. Breanna Charles


  58. Delon Thomas

    World peace world togetherness

  59. xotic chris

    2019 any one

  60. shamesha rose

    Still listening 2019

  61. Florence guy bryan

    JAH PRECIOUS LOVE BIG UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  62. marco dreams do come true

    Who listening 2018-3039

  63. Genahsyde Southside

    Dec_2018 anyone?? :-)

  64. Oneal Cunningham

    This is the Baddest song in the World!! Done chat!!

  65. Oneal Cunningham

    This should be the song for World Peace... Str8!!!

  66. Mizraim Yehuda

    To this day. This song still inspires me. Not only is his voice amazing but his message is beautiful.

  67. Dupont González

    Que bonita musica para los románticos de corazón

  68. Kay James


  69. Kurt Buxton Buxton

    This needs to re a merge. Love.

  70. lyndonkimthomas

    Adses SRA Jah omroeoqi on mwis ninridi Ak
    Jimrksobro buhineos has ones. ASESESEZ UHINEI HA..OMRIS US I PINO💵🈂️💸🈲⛔🈺💸㊗️🈂️💶🈂️🈂️💴💶💱📀💱📀🗞️🗞️MROEO JINIMRIWI MIBWI ..vwieo wodk thubkneia. ..

  71. kashane hinds

    From i was a child i knew this song n it's still sound like the first time
    Melts my heart still after 24 YEAR , VICE VERSA LOVE ,WE NEED IN THESE TIME

  72. Sabrina Bolivar

    I love u Man

    Daniel Knowles

    he,s right you know

  73. Ammaarah Weekes

    Jesussss 💕💕

  74. Plume P

    This song......😍

  75. Lionel missing!

    rip legend 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢❤❤

    Mariaus Fitzpatrick

    He's not dead

  76. Eric Frazer

    2018 song


    Wicked lyrics bless ups

  78. Columbus Keepler

    I love this

  79. Rasta- Meme

    , 🌹👑🌿🌹👑🌿💘💛💚🌿💘💛💚🌿💘👌💚🌿😘😘😘🌿🌟🙏🌟🙏

  80. gazatilldeath

    Sigh good music is so hard to find pull up a big tune

  81. Jermaine Moss

    2018 anyone?

  82. the jokers

    Still going in 2018

  83. Bonnie Allan

    I'm so utterly moved every time I hear this beautiful anthem. it is unforgettable. Blessings for this recording. I can imagine millions of people singing this together. One human family.

  84. Angel Giordano


  85. Ramaldo Ross

    keep the great music here

  86. Suresh Mccoo

    Love dis song ....really believe DAT d youths should follow wat he is saying....And d country would run d way we want it 2 run so every 1 can b more safer....Any way day go.... Please listen 2 d words dat Barrington Lev
    ey is saying..... We want Peace and love in dis country.... DAT is all we ask for....And T&T would be a more safer country....

  87. Ender ShieldMC

    Bringing this with me into 2018

  88. Rebma Yeahright

    This song gives me goosebumps. Takes me way back...love it

  89. Sanjay Chambers

    Hello hello hello hello hellllloooooooooooooo november 2017 music like this is wat we need to bring back in style! Proud jamaican!!

  90. odaine dacosta

    jah jah yo as a yute this song touch me so much should get a gift for this song

  91. Michael Provenzano

    38 rude boys.....who don't like this why?

  92. Shawn Blake

    Trust Mi every time I hear this song it bring joy to my heart and am proud to be a Jamaican, big u Mr levy

  93. Mc Donald Moses

    last night I saw some Russians buying a lot of Hershey chocolate what really going on let us fix this thing.

  94. The Faith

    Blessed voice and great song....❤❤❤🍷

  95. Dedreon Mitchell

    Whenever I feels bad or sad; I Play this Song and Immediately Feels Love & Harmony!!! 😁 Powerful and Inspirational

  96. Official Ramize Yardsoul

    I more than love this song.