Levy, Barrington - Sensimilla Lyrics

Here I come
One smoke from Jah Jah
Treats I bring
For you, from Jah
Oh please my friend
So accept yeah

It's the best I've got in stock
So please won't you look at that

Jah bring me good sensimilla
And I've got to smoke it
I've got to smoke it for you
It's sensimilla

I've got it
All the time
So please won't you take a little draw
My baby said she love it
When she going to her bed
Make it refreshen
Her memory

She love it
She love it
She never refuse it
She take it all the time

Baby she love it
She love it

She never refuse it no way

She said it is a little touch
When she is down and so unhappy
She is the girl who love to smoke her sensimilla

Treats I bring for you
From Jah
Oh sensi
Oh sensi


Treats I bring for you from Jah the creator
Sweet Reggae music
And everything I bring for you
You got to accept

I've got to make sure
I've got to make sure
You get the treats that I'll bring
That I'll bring from Jah

Sweet, sweeter music
You will never refuse it

And love
And love
Sweet Reggae music
And good cooperation
From you
Oh yeah

Sweet Reggae music
I bring for you
Sweet Reggae music
I bring for you
Good cooperation
I want from you

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Levy, Barrington Sensimilla Comments
  1. De A a Z. De tudo um pouco. Matias

    Coloca no último volume. Não precisa fumar, beber, cheirar nada. Somente aumente o volume e embarque essa viagem.

  2. RasPanam Holly lion


  3. faixa preta das bixinha


  4. Heyeseeka Exodus

    About di #Chanvre word India #Ganja #Kaya they let grow inna #France fi dem #Industry

  5. Heyeseeka Exodus

    Fi dem mental pression & depression it'iz an remedy for meditate kreated by di Alghmty

  6. Heyeseeka Exodus

    Wit #Sensimilla some young nowadayz don't suicide dem inna #France

  7. Thiago André

    pow pow pow !

  8. Jean Bispo

    Here I come once more from Jah Jah
    Three cheers I bring for you from Jah
    Oh please my friend, so accept it
    It's the best that I've got in stock, so please won't you look at that

    Jah bring me good sinsimilla so I've got to smoke it
    I've got to smoke it with you
    Oh Sinsemilla, sinsemilla, Woayoy

    I've got to all the time
    So please won't you take a little puff (?)
    My baby says she love it when she go into her bed
    make it refresh her memory

    She love it, she love it, she never refuse it
    She take it all the time,
    Baby she love it, she love it, woah

    She never refuse it no way
    She says she need a little touch
    when she is down and not so away (?)

    She is the girl who loves to smoke her sinsemilla
    Three cheers I bring for you from Jah, oh sinse, oh sense, sinsemilla
    Woah, sinsemilla, woah

    Three cheers I bring for you from Jah the creator
    Sinsemilla, sweet reggae music
    And everything I bring for you you got to accept it
    woyoy, eh

    I've got to make sure, I got to make sure
    You get the three cheers that I bring
    that I bring from Jah, sinsemilla

    Sweet sweet music, you would never refuse it
    hello, hello, sweet reggae music
    smooth operation from you
    sweet reggae music...

  9. Lucas Soares

    essa faz voce flutuar sem sair do lugar

    YU GI HO

    verdade meu brother

  10. Lady Ann

    Blazing music🔥💕🦋

  11. Denner


  12. lucas111981


  13. enyse1

    Three cheers I bring for you,
    from Jah:

    Oh Sinse

    danilo oliveira

    2019 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  14. Zeik Babilom

    CE abaixar menino que já vem a pedrada aí ó sé four um careta pederasta saí fora que e para ouvir chapado

  15. edgar gonzalez


  16. ELIEL 420


  17. Marc Nieda

    Gsus what a sound what a voice!!!🤘

  18. Luis Velasquez

    Smoking a blunt cuban swisher if you knoe what i mean crazy blown 3 in the morning

  19. Sparta Lee

    I just randomly came here. I don't here music like this anymore

  20. Darlene Reyes


  21. DJ Al Capone

    Barrington levy is a legend

  22. Polly Souza

    AMO 🔊🎶💕✔️

  23. Francisca Paulinna llancalahuen


  24. Lica1

    Probably cos this decades music a load of b*******s These days!! So I suppose Bob Marey, Madonna, The Beatles, Abba, Queen, Bowie and Prince must have wrote crap music!!! What a clueless comment!!

  25. Johnny from Earth

    anybody got the lyrics?

  26. rtkyal pazz


  27. K S


  28. Bruno Adolfo

    Um cascudo com as duas mãos...

  29. Alfo G. Aguado

    wtf is this blessing


    Esse cara tem muita música massa. .. mais essa aqui é massa de mais. .. instrumental loko. .. se ouvir num som de qualidade o cara se liga. ..

  31. Brian Lavin

    once more for JAh JAH

  32. Bárbara Ribeiro

    Sensacional, Barrigton tem os melhores sons, aaa Deus!!

  33. Pixe Sukola

    Good song but the correct word is Sinsemilla which means "without seed"

  34. Rafael Baldivia


  35. Joe Gitonga

    Which riddim is this tune on?

  36. Soy Enna

    Buenos humos 🎧😎🍁

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    Buen tema 2019!

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    Brasileiro curte ae =) 👍🏾

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    alguém ouvindo em 2019?

    COGNACRING Cognacvillaain

    Lógico 🍃❤🍁🎵

    Leonardo Alves

    Sempre né!

    Buttler 8511

    Mas é claro

  42. ras. dread

    Good vibes.sammydread.dubplates.dubwise.baba perez.

  43. GurgleButtMMA

    Puffin' a blunt listening to this in 2019

  44. Jeferson Barbosa



    a 250 pendejos no les gusta y no tienen ni puta idea de lo que es un buen Reggae

  46. Lucas Lima

    muito massa esse som das antigas

  47. Nayara

    Óia a peda

  48. werbeth cleison

    the best song of barrington com total certeza, alô alô maceió AL 2018

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    Simplesmente perfeito 😎🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    No one 2018 ?

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  55. R. Esco

    Girl who know hiw to smoke sum sensimilla & knows how to dance to sum sweet reggae music is my wekness.

  56. Sister Gina Ham Ji-nah

    Another sick OG jam! I luv it

  57. Malakabados sound system

    “Sweet reggae music I bring for youuu”

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    california is english ? tune és bad má good

  59. flower power

    This song made me feel better when i was having a bad acid trip once. Since then its always a song i turn to when im feeling bad. Just helps me forget and let go

  60. Nature Fishing

    for me this tune is the best tune of every time in reggae music

  61. Diego Mendoza

    Alguien tiene la letra?

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    Ai é um Reggae massa ..

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    Okay guys. I am off to smoke <3 RE: HELLO http://vunet8.org

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    Beautiful song! :) <3

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    Isso que é reggae de verdade ❤👏

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    Sequência demolidora

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    Jah blesss!

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    Some people try to say that they 💘 you and do not mean the shit at all ✊ I see that shit

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    Like Butter. Cheers All !!

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    Who is the bassist classic bass linr

    Emarree Wilcox


  82. Glauber Tapetes Personalizados

    ooh Melodia Gostosa. Ooh Maravilha JAH BLESS

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    can someone put the lyrics here? i would be very thankful <3

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    2017 and 18 and beyond pull that Dope as fuck

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    Sensemilia , jah blessing me ,mystic energy healing my soul.


    Amen to that. LOL

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    Isso que é reggae de verdade

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