Levy, Barrington - Bonnie & Shyne Lyrics

In front of Gucci in the winter, I seen ya witcha girl
Just walkin' uh - in ya chin chilla fur
I was laid up - in the coupe back shade up
Lookin' at cha face, just pure wit no make up
A little bit a mack lip gloss, hair in a bun well done
Lookin' for a ring, I seen none
So I hopped out the coupe
In hot pursuit
To stop and introduce
Like I'm Shyne, and you?, you my destiny
And ya diamond cluster, to much just to touch ya
Perfume down to ya structure
Think I'll wait til the 2nd night to fuck ya
I wanna marry you, nah I'm just playin'
But we can start wit a few nights out in Malibu surfin'
Playin' up on Persian
Here's my number
Put in ya purse and call me

[Chorus - Barrington Levy:]
On the telephone, she heard my voice
Tell me to pick her up in my Rolls Royce
If my Rolls Royce is not wit ladies
Then girl I'm gonna take you in my Mercedes
If my Mercedes will not fill up wit the disease
Then girl I'm gonna take you in my Firebird
If Firebird cannot take the curb
Girl take your ass on the damn metro bus

I'm gettin' closer
My player days is over
Well maybe not completely, but stay alarmed
Come here huss ya head on my bed
And let me get between ya legs
Lay on ya back, uh - take it from the back
Like a bad girl suppose to, I know you like that
Scream wake the neighbors when they sleep
Grab the sheets witcha teeth
Wiggle ya butt cheeks
Quarter styles over ya body, lick you up
Treat you like a convenient store, stick you up
Take you to the balcony, pick you up
So you can look at the city, while I'm diggin' ya kitty
Then we drivin' to the sunset
Pull over, get up on the hood ma I ain't done yet


[Shyne (Barrington Levy):]
We've been together for a few months now
Did it all four seasons til the trunk
Beverly Hills bungalows
In ya underclose
In Paris, Eiffel Tower
Bubble baths and showers
In a silindo sheen, sincere is what you seen
See me flip a couple things, go to magazines
And I - I think you might be the right one whoa (the right one)
Wait press the brakes, gotta investigate
What I do know - to you it don't matter
Whether my pockets is slim or fatter
Whether it's BBQs or Mr.Childs platter
Even if I slip off the success ladder
Even if the paragraphs didn't hit the charts and smash
If my car was a train I'd a service it back
I think you'll be right there (know you'll be right there)
Cuz we right there, yo cardier chaunce
Just you in my arms
No Sean don, just a bottle of avion
com on uhh


[Barrington Levy:]
So I draw from my tonic and I take one sip
Should've seen me cuz I gallop like a horse and get whipped
Come quick yeeeeigh, come quick whoooooooiiih
Cuz she'll wild out and not tell on her
Although someone changed, wanna when I'll be back
I'ma love I'll love I'll love I'll love I'll love I'll love you forever
Always be there - for me
Always be there
Be there for me
Ohhhhhhhhh, ayah
Ayah, ayah, ayah, ayah
For me, for me

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Levy, Barrington Bonnie & Shyne Comments
  1. Metro Philly

    What happened too real music

  2. Maurice Perry



    Shyne kills this joint hands down man down 🔥🔥💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾🔥🔥🔥We dont get hits like this no more😔😔😔

  4. Give Good Face

    Imma luva luva luva luv u forevaaaaah

  5. Give Good Face

    "Little bit of MAC lip gloss...." 🎵

  6. Ade Allen

    I seen someone get shot at the corner store when I first heard this song smh. But #freeshyne

  7. Sniper

    Damn, time is going hard.
    Rememper this for the Napster time...


    Shyne was that one back then... Then killing a song over the prison phone, shit..... I hate the way shit went down for him frfr. They say everything happens for a reason tho....

  9. Hezekiah Davis

    Brooklyn stand the fuck up 90s in the building 91 Winthrop and Clarkson. Wingate and Sommers had beef lmao #youhadtobethere

  10. Brittany Marshall

    Grace Jones Le Vie En Rose... thank me later!!!

  11. dj4mula

    China Mac brought me back here. It's been awhile.

  12. pensiveproverbs

    Always be there but he left her🙄

  13. Azane Arzu


  14. bransta81

    Mayhem at 2:18 hasn’t aged🤪🤪🤪

  15. Jacquie Allen

    2019 still a banger!

  16. M'shell Reggae Destin2Rule

    'As I listen to this hit from Shyne. I 'm like damn Biggie Sounded just like SHYNE!!! Shyne would've had a really big career

  17. Antron Baker

    Big up Barrington Levy

  18. Antron Baker

    Peace to Shine yo

  19. your majesty mrmac215

    Here for Barrington 👍

  20. Island Mamaz

    1K HATERZ 🇧🇿🇧🇿🇧🇿🇧🇿 Shyne

  21. 11Fatima Mobley

    I'm still listening everyday since I heard it 🤗🤗🤗😍💯💯💪😘

  22. Mary Collins

    Shyne bad boy dre André L Collins

  23. damian lindo

    bad boys rifle browning.45 calibre

  24. damian lindo

    bonnie n shine

  25. Dana Muller

    This shit is still good.

  26. Dana Muller

    Shine took the fall for all those clowns.

  27. J.D. W

    The ending of this video is classic! It reminds me of the movie “Heat” when Robert Del Niro is explaining why a man should never be attach to anything they are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds or less especially carnal things.

  28. Alekos Dafiniz

    How could u dislike this song
    Mad beat

  29. Brooklyn 212

    My fellow Belizean💘

  30. David j Marrin.

    Yo he was on 124th st Nick. My block😊 Morningside. Classic

  31. Uchy Rodriguez

    Nov2019 Still 🔥

  32. Jacob Jones


  33. Tay Tay

    A little bit of Mac lip gloss hair in a bun well done look for a ring a see none so I hoped out the truck and introduce like boo I'm Shyne...... This use to be my jam I just know I was the girl in the video miss the early 2000's!

  34. Tamillia Knight

    Still 1 of my fav songs!!😍😍

  35. Ken Mark

    Always thought this was Big, 16 years later I discover my ears have been deceiving me. :O still an amazing tune.

  36. Amazing Amy

    Everyone isn't to be fucked with.

  37. bigbanks313

    Well done video all around. They don’t even do good music videos these days. These the days I got outta high school and had to watch rap city

  38. JustAnotherBornSinner

    Damn the mayhem dude from Allstate insurance really went all out to get Shyne

  39. Chantal Johnston


  40. Lamborghini Rico

    Aye Sean Po look me up on YouTube

  41. Jennifer Burrell

    That’s the dude from the Allstate mayhem insurance commercials!

  42. High Frequency Seeker

    I forgot all about this song. This was my ish

  43. Stephanie Rosado

    I'm still rocking all this in 2019

  44. Speedracer srt8

    10/24/2019 im still listening to this

  45. felix peralta

    Fun Fact :Shyne is the music ambassador to Belize. 🇧🇿

  46. Gaza Jade juicy Brown

    I don't care what anyone says this Is Still My track the video the lyrics everything 2019 to a bit and I'll be playing this track even at my wedding on the telephone she heard my voice telling her to pick her up in my Rolls-Roycel ❤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  47. Maximo Pichardo

    2019 still listening 🙏🏽


    Damn that’s white boy from law and order... it’s crazy looking at these older videos and now noticing all of the cameo appearances, or ppl who were just getting started in the world of entertainment.

  49. Outrageous TV

    This my shit 🔥🔥🔥

  50. Caribbean Bullocks

    Shit still go hard.....

  51. B-Rad Jeezy from Malibu

    Wait why he got a rolls and they taking the bus?

  52. B-Rad Jeezy from Malibu

    What a jam

  53. MrVee24 Matabudul

    shyne was diddys attempt at replacement Biggie.
    loon was diddys attempt at replacing mase.
    perhaps this teaches us that u cant replace talent nor history.
    The formular failed.
    Thank God he didn't try to replace The L.O.X or Black Rob.U can't just replace people.They are their own magic.
    & I speak as a fan of Diddy.

  54. dope sack

    That what u call Gangster took like man still get respect in 2019 over 20 years not like that little bitch 69 u can see the difference

  55. GeissRoyal15

    ...Maybe I'm trippin', but was Shyne trying to be a skinny Biggie?

  56. V-Way

    When this first dropped it was major.😫😫😫😫

  57. Candy Lane

    Viben good 2019 2020

  58. Mary Hawkins

    He sounds just like biggie. I wonder if somebody else comes out sounding like biggie if he can make it.

    Jojo Saylor

    They were both on the same label

  59. jahotgal01


  60. Bigface Hunter2

    Yo Shyne was my guy especially because he came right when Biggie died n he kinda gave us that Biggie flavor, Biggie resurrected. So sad what happened to him. I miss him just like I miss Biggie.

  61. Music 4TheReal

    New York had culture all combined hardcore but could blend R&B & Reggie together

  62. O'Neil Prendergast

    Video is the visual epitome of every verse. Fire!!!!

  63. guccirobtv

    This was the shit tho

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    2019 🍸💃🏾

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    Still my sh#t 🔥

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    Whhhaaaoooohhhh! I dig!

  68. Jennifer Arzola

    Hello Syhne!

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    Riding with your mate headed to the sunset kind of jam....

    But we're in a station wagon 🚗

  70. Jorge Gonzalez

    Wow I can't believe how I forgot how shyne. Sounds so much like biggie. That's crazy !!

  71. Elisabeth Tucker

    Love the mayhem guy in the video... so fitting🙁

  72. Winter Sky

    Think ill wait the second night to fuck ya😂😂😂😂

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    Love this song for real

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    I forgot how f...ng sick this song is. Laying in bed listening

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    Back When Shyne used to bite Biggie

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    Always would love this nigga right here diddy paying his duties boy he did my man dirty

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    who is this girl?

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    August 31 2019 shyne still bumps

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  87. TheCake/Money

    just imagine if shyne and biggie made a song together!

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    Every Caribbean person was grateful for this collab.

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    Rory dropped a hot sleeper. Even though no one slept on Shyne back then.

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    Still one of my favorites and still listening in 2019

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    Actually,at the end shyne wasn't Always be There for the girl

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    Barrington killed this feature