Levy, Barrington - Black Roses Lyrics

In my Garden, black, black roses, in my garden.

To keep and care it, you got to water it,
To keep and care it, you got to water it,
I've been travelin' all over this world,
I've never seen a Black rose in no other garden,
So you see my garden is so special.

Black, black roses in my garden
Black, black roses in my garden
Black, black roses in my garden
Black, black roses in my garden

To keep and care it you got to water it,
Got to keep, Got to keep the earth so cool,
Cause something special is in my garden.

Black, black roses in my garden
Black, black roses in my garden
Black, black roses in my garden
Black, black roses in my garden

Sure you got to, sure you got to water it (water it)
You got to do the best you can do,
Cause no other garden is so special like this,
Black roses is in my garden.

Black, black roses, I've got to water it
My garden is so nice
Something special, special in my garden,
Black, black roses in my garden
Sure, sure, sure, I've got to stay,
And take good care of the roses,
Go to see, go to see that's so special to me
My garden, my garden is so special,
Black, black roses is blooming in my garden

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Levy, Barrington Black Roses Comments
  1. Fred Ogodo

    Panama city

  2. angel jaime

    Black black roses in my garden 2020 yeeeeeee

  3. Nation TheSadBoy2001

    I was high and I always though it said "Black grows in my garden" I was to high. This brings back memories

  4. Jewell Mendes

    Black Roses is hypnotic Reggae Barrington does musical majiK💥

  5. good newz

    Does anyone remember the hip hop remix of this song
    And it’s a little bit faster

  6. Lucas Andrade

    BRASIL AQUI 🔥✌🏼2020

  7. Jonny Quid

    Black black black weed plants 🌱 🕳👧🏿in me gaaaa r dennn.

    U got to water 💦 it

    Got to keep the herb 🌿 sooo cool 😎. Yeahhh

    Block block block roses 🥀 in my gaaaa r dennnn.

    Black 🖤 rose in my garden

    U got too water 🚿 it. !!!

    So so so seaciel too me

    My garden so special. 💓

  8. Paulina babie


  9. Christopher Thompson

    2020 and im still in the rose garden

  10. Leonardo Guznay

    🇪🇨 🍻🍁

  11. Shon

    I got the worst trip on this track

  12. danielmaozinha. dMZ

    2020 who Else?

    Darryl Walker

    danielmaozinha. dMZ ☝🏿me

  13. Kama Hoe

    Big up Rasta 2020 an we still jahmihn

  14. Disney Princess of Mars

    Oh, I get it, he's talking about black people 🙂

  15. Andrea Ruiz


  16. Lesline Milwood

    Who deh yah

  17. Armando Castro

    CLASSIC 🎼🎵🎙🎤🎶🎧

  18. David Bone

    Le di no me gusta a esta canción porque la escuchan los ñeros

  19. Manchinha Mello


  20. Nadine Martin

    Big song! Buff respect

  21. Gregorious Gotti

    El canario🔥🔥🔥

  22. Alicia Ruiz Mendez

    The black roses song remeberme my weeds in my garden

  23. Delon Thomas

    I love music for life

  24. taian gooden

    I'm 19 years old can u believe I love these songs❤❤

    Delon Thomas


    Jeremías Lupi

    hell yea me 2 18


    just turned 18 and i love them as well tru form of beauty music for the soul

    аб вг

    Yes we can. It's not difficult to love these songs.

  25. Gill Mane

    To keep on care of it ...You gotta to water it .....thats so true about everything in life ....even if he is talking bout bud lmaoooi

  26. Lalo Hernandez

    Carago reeguee de antaño el reeguee de la viga del viaducto con una mota mota rica estás echo unas caguamas de antaño. Music chingona

  27. Duck Pond Sailors

    I am. I quiet like it.

  28. tacoburrito Swanson

    2:00 fakest photo I've seen in years.

  29. Artree Gilmore

    I think he’s talking about a toxic woman / black rose in his garden of red roses he is short of attention ! He’s not showing enough attention to the roses turning black ! So he’s in a bind!😳 just my understanding 💁🏽

  30. Giovanni Ramirez

    When you realize he was talking about black woman. Love it

    Sherice Browne

    My dumb ass thought he was talking about weed

  31. x ABSOLUTEx

    Most fire reggae song ive ever heard in my life 💯🤫🔥

  32. Camilo Negro

    Rosas negras y mujeres sin silicona lo major.

  33. 1 deep

    When u learn to listen to it's meaning of anything spoken u understand better.)

  34. Jolene O.

    Big tune!

  35. Edvan Ferreira

    This is my Flow. ..

  36. Andrea Mejia

    Cali - Colombia papá 🎶 2019

  37. Alejandro Madrid

    Literal una chimba black Roses

  38. Juge Grefen

    Paris france 2019

  39. Space Koi


  40. Jose Gleison

    Tasso Jereissati ✌✌💸💸

  41. free thinker

    vlac vlackkkk rosessss in my bodiiii

  42. Lcabraa

    escuchar estas canciones bien pegadita.. 😽💨

  43. Nicola Garwood

    Am a strong black woman well proud to be a farmer , big u Barrington love this song. I respect my complection from the God

  44. Nicola Garwood

    Big u black roses I love this song can't stop listening to it

  45. hotdaayum

    jesuss christ how have i not heard this banger!? had his discography on my ipod for some time but this slipped somehow!! absolute fucking slapper

  46. isabela vendruscolo

    🌿🌿🌿 SALVE DE Porto Alegre RS Revendo grandes clássicos

  47. Huh ?

    Got to keep... got to keep the earth so cool yeah🌧️🌍🌎🌏⛈️ 🌹👍😎👌

  48. larrymar19

    Black roses please!!

  49. Martin Ham

    Black rosés,...Dennis brown,s song....I listen still,and I love mon

  50. e ss

    Rub A Dub All The Time - Dennis Brown
    Same beat

  51. Lailia Silva

    Galera do Brasil curti Reggae💚💛

  52. Lailia Silva

    Que Reggae Massa!

  53. Arlan Alves

    Será que tem br aqui pow pow pow


    The soul game Playa

  55. 42893alison

    This is actually a love song, he's explaing how much she means to him, whoever she is.

  56. Infinite Vortex Of Light Production

    Great music still reigning in 2019!

  57. Summerose Wynter

    "Black Black Roses in my garden 😍🌹 To keep and care it you got to water it....." Loving this tune old hits.....🥰🥰❤❤

  58. jeriko rivera

    Una de las mejores de esta leyenda..👌😎🔥🎶🎵🇲🇽🔊🤜🤛🎶🎵🔊🇲🇽👌🔥

  59. Giselle Valtierra

    2019 México un city

  60. Terrence Kelly

    Holly sheet!!!
    Although I heard a few of his songs before this is my first time hearing this !!
    I'm straight and I feel stoned just listening to this 😅

  61. Alex Quezada

    Bad bad bad bitchesssss, in my garden!!

  62. Bernardo Paula

    We all are, amazing music

  63. u spin me right round baby right round

    I'm only commenting to make this the 700th comment bye

  64. EFH

    Iconic voice

  65. MarAn 1800

    Black sugar

  66. Roberto Altieri

    ONE of the best reggae hit ever !!!!! God bless Barrignton Levy

  67. Kārlis Ra

    Is your black roses still growing in your garden? Because I also never see thous black ones.

  68. Marc Nieda

    Black pussy is like a rose 😍

  69. Darth77Pimp

    Rastafari 💚💛❤️

  70. Bárbara Ribeiro

    Aaaaah minha favorita ❤❤

  71. Cindy Randall


  72. Joseph Diaz

    Legendary hit.

  73. Raj Kalsi

    Black black noses

  74. Tony Momanyi

    🖤🖤🖤 The Black Woman is a God 🖤🖤🖤

  75. Dinarte Lopes

    Só existe o agora

  76. hasly sofia

    Quien esta ready 2019 julio

  77. 2 Norland

    I know Haggart...so this shit run...deep...

  78. Skyni Flakyou

    Con un toke en mano con mi marido te amo fats 💚💛❤️

  79. 2 Norland

    Big up Willy Haggart...

  80. Douhghlie04

    Black!!! black!!! roses
    Gotta keep the earth so cool
    Cause something special is in my garden
    So so you got to got to water it
    My garden is so nice oh yeah oh yeah

  81. Arthur Zidek

    Messêroots - Messejana - Fortaleza CE - Brazil

  82. Bullit75

    This is such an awesome song...still listening strong in 2019

  83. Angel Cortez

    Purps how stupid are some people .

  84. Deahra Shelton

    So deep beautiful

  85. Saul Molina

    2019 cdmx

  86. Spooks McGhie


  87. Marcilene Veras

    Reggae mafioso

  88. Vinícius Heuser

    smoking and looking black puperi in my garden

  89. angeluchic

    Oh my God, it's the first time that I listen this song and I love it. God bless these musicians

  90. imaj yo tout

    🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹rasta 2019 pap konn plezi sa yo

  91. Mekdim Fikre

    aint no other garden is so special lik dis, blackk blackk, coz u see ma garden is so special

  92. Fernando Barbosa

    Pedrada reggae pesado

  93. Franco Brignone

    Ro Ro Rosas negras en mi jardín 🎶

  94. Mile Mile

    Aaaaaa vivir la vida y qye xuxa😂😂😂😂😂😂

  95. Mile Mile

    You are the best fuck I love you