Levert, Gerald - Taking Everything Lyrics

Never thought you bring me so much pain
Lord knows I tried to keep you happy girl
in ever way
out on the road doing my thang trying to
keep you laced
trying to keep a smile upon your face girl
was all my happiness in vain
or did I place in you a little too much faith
now nothing but memories
never though that this would be the price I
had to pay

You took my heart you took my car you took
my crib
got the nerves to take my kids
got the nerves to take my kids
you took my love and my life
girl you took my soul
taking everything from me
taking everything from me
you took my heart girl you took my car
and you took my crib trying to take my kids
girl you took my love than you took my soul
taking everything everything everything
everything everything

And now I'm sitting all alone
trying to figure out where you and I went
you know it makes me wanna cry
just thinking about it makes me wanna lay
down and die
for the life of me I don't know how
that you could take for granted and disregard
our sacred vows
now nothing but memories
never though that this would be the price I
had to pay

You took my heat girl you took my cars
trying to take my crib
got the nerve to take my kids
got the nerve to take my kids
and take my love an my life
girl you took my soul
you've taking everything from me
taking everything from me
you took my heart my pride
my crib my kids my love my soul
everything everything everything
everything everything everything

Now I ain't never been no fool
I've always tried to keep my cool
I was faithful to you never abuse you or
use you
even though sometimes you make me want to
but I love you
you should try to understand girl that I
was your man
my life was in your hands baby was shinning
over everything
now you're gone and I'm just gonna be a
weekend Daddy baby
can I call you baby or is that just a passing


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Levert, Gerald Taking Everything Comments
  1. Paula Dean

    For Jacquees! Sorry king of R & B rite where

  2. Florentine Quack

    Listening on January 4, 2020!
    Great singer, gone too soon.

  3. Angie Mcmickens

    I miss my teddy bear 😥😥😥 I love this man.

  4. Natasha Green

    Saaaaaang It Gerald🤣.......I FELT THIS SONG IN THE DEPTHS OF MY SOUL!!!!!

  5. Anna Nasario

    Trying to sleep and ignore the day! Not a Happy Camper!

  6. Alexis Dukes

    Love this song 💯💯💯

  7. Bobby Bland

    This song brings tears to my eyes.

  8. JONATHAN Phillips

    Deep than deep.

  9. Catriba Bates

    Damn that was a fine azzzzz teddy bear 🧸

  10. Hope Burks

    Man made me roll on the stage

  11. Marcia Jones


  12. Halimah Griffin

    So to all the people that pushed the thumbs down button DEFINITELY do NOT know what good music is and can take that thumb turn it around and up your ass BOOM

  13. Tochukwu Anumnu

    December 4, 2019. Who else is watching with me all the way from Nigeria? R.I.P Gerald Levert

  14. Pierreisna Archille

    Wife and husband cheated get divorce and

  15. Pierreisna Archille

    Take my kids everything thing and both parent and

  16. Pierreisna Archille

    Give back my kids and hurt pain and my heart hurt pain and

  17. Pierreisna Archille

    Wife cheated husband and divorce stay way from parent in court room and divorce and

  18. Pierreisna Archille

    Baby hold to me and song courtroom and

  19. Jennifer Robinson



    2019 Happy Thanksgiving ya'll... missing the true Soul music that this generation lacks...

  21. Tracy Knowles

    selah prey see families💕😇 prey kids

  22. Simon Jones

    Real music from the soul. Levert should be the first man who comes to mind when we talk of the greats, but he isn't, and it's such a shame.

    Irene camarena

    Best male singer in my opinion ♥️

    Irene camarena

    Yup! Best male singer in my opinion ♥️💔

  23. Jay Boogie

    Ion care wat this man sing I instantly go to the feelin he sangin bout...an if an woman around I'm sangin to yu

  24. S Cenescar

    I still listen to him 2019

    Irene camarena

    Yup! I will be here in 20/20 too!

  25. Geanna King

    I feel that pain 😭

  26. Charles Hall

    Took Everything

  27. droidmummy27

    2019 love these oldies

  28. Mz stackz Rivera

    Love me some him

  29. Jameika Basher

    My husband

  30. Baseemah Pentress Washington

    Miss this man soooooooooooo much he is gone way too soon!!! just talented

  31. Wannie Simmons

    When original and remixes made sense and matched

  32. Preshae Sutton

    Rip 💯👀 🔥🔥 🔥

  33. William Sebopelo

    Hi personal the OJays are the best ever on earth, no one can Mach, this guy's, I thought the son, of EDi Levert he suppose to do better than he did, two little, I braces his father, wat he did for this earth, I love them so March, Water William, Sammy Strain, William Powell,Eric Grant Bill Isles, EDDIE Levert, , The Greatest on earth, I don't know wat said, some of the passed away, rest in peace, we will miss them, and thanks for music.

  34. Lashundra Johnson

    Ladies and gentlemen get ready for the weather to change stay warm this i s the time that your ex try to return

  35. ashak614

    Ex wife won’t let me see my daughter. She took everything away from me. 😔

  36. Shirita Green

    Your voice was everything and you are truly missed

  37. Faith Grace

    R.I.P Gearld we miss you.. God got you a new life free from the stress. Fly high Brother🌷💯💯😇

  38. Tanya Hall

    Girl you can have the crib but won't ya give me back my kids, how am I supposed to live without love? We miss you Gerald Levert ❤️😥

  39. Sandra Bass

    This song IS so Deep...Miss you 🌹G🌹💜💜

  40. supershardom

    The remix to this is SO EPIC though!

  41. Telly Vaughan

    Dam .she took the dog 2. Great song

  42. KMM M

    This song made me feel pain...and I wasn't even in pain. That's how powerful Geralds voice was. 😩😊

  43. Sylvia Williams

    This is one lovely family.

  44. Andrew Rucker

    Feel your pain bro

  45. Shaundell Bryant

    My man used to look like him I was 23 he was 30 years but his baby mama did him that way until this day right now I'm 40 his 47 I still don't understand why she left him I been through a lot lot at at first but I stayed in there family even had her around but I thought I had to show out but my man told me she hurt him but I really want you thought he was playing games we still make love like the first time I believe that's what he love but he said it's not about that so now they call us trick Daddy and Trina 😂😂😂😂

  46. Crosby Hebert III

    GL, One Bad Dude! DISCLAIMER : Must be over 40 to understand this type of Music

  47. Raw House LLC

    And the black woman judge gave her all that shit too...

  48. Tanya campbell

    Whoever dont like this dont know real music ?? Must be young dumb full of cuuummm

  49. Bridgett Poole

    Omg 😭 Love This Song It Hit Hard🙏🏾

  50. Madd daybowskee

    I feel what he was going through I did too

  51. Lavern F

    Happy Birthday Gerald! 7/13 its 2019 im Still jamming to the Greatest singer of Grown Folk music! Gone but Never Forgotten💗

  52. Tyrone Tyler

    All that happened too me. Bings back bad times for me. But I love this song.


    Rest N Peace, Gerald Levert! I miss u.

  54. Arkeio Craig

    Big ups 🔥 🔥🔥 🔥

  55. Whitney Whitney


  56. Ashley Wooley

    2019 still love him ♥️ rip baby teddy bear

  57. ryanboyd100

    I miss what music used to be about and the context in which the Message was conveyed...wasn't no B#$&# this and [email protected]= that

  58. Joe Jones

    I've never heard this song by this amazing artist...I'll never forget this song...

  59. Kelli Elaine

    Child Support: A Moral Mess!

    Written By: Kelli Owens

    Isn't it funny (NOT), when a parent is ordered to pay child support, they rant, rave and protest? All of a sudden the child is somehow an inconvenience. It's as if the child asked to be born, but we all know that on the heat of passion, in the heat of the moment, we have sometimes lost all self-control, throwing caution (and precautions), to the wind. Our thinking is of carnal pleasure, but we never consider the consequences of our actions. Please, don't get me wrong, I am not saying our children are consequential, but when it comes to child support, it seems as though they are the ones being blamed and punished. We have resorted to being comfortable saying, "babies momma or babies daddy" instead of my husband or wife. Our children are gifts from God. We must do right by them. Child support does not take the place of a parent physically being in their child/children lives. I'm sure children would gladly trade monetary support for quality time spent with the absent parent. When a parent walks away, they sacrifice more than they know. The absentee parent misses out on the celebration of their child/children success and aren't there to comfort them in their failure. When children grow up in a single parent household, they sometimes internalize that they're the reason the parent left and isn't there. Growing up in a single parent household has many effects on a child. If a girl grows up without a father, she has no idea what qualities she should look for or avoid in a mate. A son does not get the male bonding. If the mother is absent, the son misses out on the nurturing that only a mother can give and girlsiss out on a role model. As hard as single parents try, they cannot teach their children what the missing parent can. Nothing and no one is perfect, all I am saying is, in the moment of passion, think about how your life can be changed. Are you ready? Is the person you're laying down with, even parent material? Are they mentally stable? Hell, nowadays, you have to do a background search, credit history, psych evaluation and criminal history. Remember, what looks good to you, may NOT be good for you!

  60. Real Time

    There will never be another Teddy bear!... SMH,,,,REAL LIFE ISSUES OF TODAY!! Singing from the heart! RIP GERALD LEVERT...😘😘

  61. ladyluc26

    Cuddly Teddy Bear😍😍 that voice so soulful

  62. Hope Burks

    R.I.P. Our great Teddy 🐻

  63. Mary Barron

    Go gerald

  64. Rainbow Lifestyle

    He was fucking with wrong woman. She knew all his business...she expose him for what it was....

  65. Redd, Ro.

    Who is still listening and watching this in 2019

  66. j Pat

    Two side to every story.

  67. Nicole Mitchell

    I'm watching it in 2019 I will always watch this

  68. Høuston

    _Thanos' theme, Wanda's war cry._ ✌👌💖❤💖


    2019 still bumping RIP

  70. nadine Wilson

    Love =💓=Pain= Joy=Blessing=Passion
    Only the Strong Survive Love's
    Emotional Storms!

  71. Chris Williams

    I went through this


    😎🥰❤️💋Jamming in 2019🤘💗💖☹️😂

  73. Warren Morphis

    Still to this day, a relevant and true cautionary tale for all men. Marriage is a lose - lose proposition skewed to a woman's advantage......Stay away from that Black Hole

  74. Kelli Elaine

    Sang it G.

  75. Monique Green

    My moma play the mess out this song I love this song Tho RIP Gerald🙏🙏🙏

  76. james howard

    my theme song shit really happend took everything

  77. Redd, Ro.

    Who is still listening to this in 2019

  78. Sherrie Mccullough

    Trying to keep a smile on your face girl..🔥🔥

  79. Donna Moore

    My Big Teddy Bear PIP Baby ✌🏾❤️💯

  80. Nichole McCrea

    LOVE THIS SONG #stilllisteningin2019

  81. Joaquina Stearnes George

    2019 CLASSIC

  82. Tamara MT

    It was so real because it was really about his divorce. The whole LOVE and Consequences album was personal

  83. Juanetta Burch

    Damn! I miss him like he was mine. Shit. Why did he have to go so soon. He should be here.

  84. Sheryl McIntosh

    2019 who's listening?

  85. EJ Mal

    A Classic 5150 show brought me here.

  86. Jonathan Harris

    Mannn....my dude Levert is a legend!! #RealMuisc

  87. Kimberley Hollis

    Wont you give me back my kids


    Gerald was sooooooooo, fine, he stayed fitted Dam the TEDDY BEAR!!!! RIH, LUV

  89. Kendle Miller


  90. Jane Jackson

    2019 listening

  91. Phelicity Gray

    RIP Gerald levert they don’t make music like this period no more

  92. Kimberly Wortham

    I love Gerald levert still listening to his music in 2019. Makes me wonder what happened to music. When music had a meaning

  93. Telina Kuykendall

    Who is still bumping this song in year 2019 like me??? Love and miss you Gerald Levert

  94. Carol Mccombs

    WOW he's singing that with everything he has !!!

  95. Bryan S

    Monster Track. Monster CD

  96. Eubdean Davis


  97. Niki Williams

    I'm still listening in 2019 RIP Gerald Levert💕

    Hope Burks

    Hope number one fan