Levert, Gerald - Backbone Lyrics

Umm, oh, yeah
Well, well, well, well
Well, well, well, well
Umm, oh baby
Listen to me

Just got laid off from work today
I can't go home, what am I gonna say
Guess I'll go to the local bar
Toss up a few to the bartender what I'm goin' through
He say if you got a good woman
She gon' catch you when you fall
So instead of givin' me an earfull
Here's a quarter, you need to call her
So here I am, baby

If tonight I cry
I need you to be strong
Will you be my shoulder
Girl you are my backbone, my backbone
And I'm falling apart

My little boy's birthday is coming, yeah
And he want that Playstation II, yes he do
What am I gonna tell him
Gotta save cuz the rent is due, the rent is due

You say you get another job, yes you do girl
But I won't put you through that
Just hold me close tonight
Say everyting'll be alright
I jsut need to know
I need to know you got my back, so

[Repeat 1]

Girl I know this is really messed up
I think the Lord is tryna test us, yes he is
But I have never meant so much to me
Like any real man, I want my family
To have everything and anything
But I'm struggling to get on my feet

[Repeat 1]

I don't wanna cry
So I need you to be strong
For the kids and the family
Can't let 'em see us down
Cuz yo know they gon' kick ya
(Backbone, backbone)
When you're down and out
See nobody wants ya
Nobody even cares

[Repeat 1 until fade]

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Levert, Gerald Backbone Comments
  1. Domino E

    Yessssssssss I’m still bumping this 2019

  2. Shellian Graham


  3. jennifer hall

    this song is so on point. I love You Teddy Bear... R.I.P

  4. Ramona Butler

    catching feelings

  5. Angela Cooper

    I loved this man

    Hendawg Thompson

    Ok girl we going to have to share him lol... Rip 😍



  7. Rochelle Goodlow

    Love it.....:)

  8. Brenda Jones

    Missing the great Teddy bear I'm catchin feelin rip

    Precious Richardson

    Me too....

    Frederica Atkins

    I got feelings missing u g levert rip teddy bear