Lethal Bizzle - Million Pound Dream Lyrics

Yo, yo, look
Do you wanna be rich
Do you wanna be poor
End of the day all of us end up in the floor
Can't take none of this shit here with you so more life til they close that door
Do you like to shine
Do you like to grind
Do you like the things in life that are fine
You can be a first class you can be economy
Or arrive at the place at the same time
Yeah, don't go broke trying to look rich fam act your wage
Nuttin' wrong having a 9 to 5 long as your getting paid
Online your a millionaire real life your on minimum wage
I don't know who these guys are tryna impress today

I used to dream
One day I'll make a mill and feed the team
All my problems solved and I'll be clean
Then I realised this shit ain't how it seems
I prefer chasing the dream
Yeah, chasing dreams, I prefer chasing the dream
This shit just ain't how it seems
I prefer chasing the dream
I thought everything will be clean
Then I realised this shit ain't how it seems
I prefer chasing the dream

Yo, dis world is fabricated
Everything you see is exagerated
Dats why I like chilling on my own making sure that my common sense is activated
Go back to basics I believe in karma
I go back to basics I believe in fate
Nothing happens before its time so I go back to grind to activate the day
Yeah So I stay wid it yeah stay wid it g
No oppurtunite invading me
I see the devil try to influence my plans
But there's no persuading me
Yeah, come a long way from selling a kilo
Just know when I made my M I started from 0

I used to dream
One day I'll make a mill and feed the team
All my problems solved and I'll be clean
Then I realised this shit ain't how it seems
I prefer chasing the dream
Yeah, chasing dreams, I prefer chasing the dream
This shit just ain't how it seems
I prefer chasing the dream
I thought everything would be clean
Then I realised this shit ain't how it seems
I prefer chasing the dream yeah

You know like everyone kinda wishes to make a million man, I was the same, and when I finally made its its a good achievement but then I realised, none of this shit means nothing if you ain't got fmily if you ain't gor friends to make memories with. Don't go crazy tryna chase this million man, swear down not much changes, just insecurity
You don't need a mil too enjoy your life, just live, yeah

I used to dream
One day I'll make a mill and feed the team
All my problems solved and I'll be clean
Then I realised this shit ain't how it seems
I prefer chasing the dream
Yeah, chasing dreams, I prefer chasing the dream
This shit just ain't how it seems
I prefer chasing the dream
I thought everything would be clean
Then I realised this shit ain't how it seems
I prefer chasing the dream yeah

What happens when life breaks down
Your witness is a perfect match!

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Lethal Bizzle Million Pound Dream Comments
  1. Archie Stocker

    https://open.spotify.com/user/archie-stocker/playlist/3iJ5Pn7tijBfukoCMl3MiD?si=SqFSub6hQRyf6XcqKQxoVw playlist with similar backing tracks

  2. Medicatedfool

    Needs more views

  3. James Hickman

    Ecclesiastes 6 in the Bible says that money can't bring you full happiness - and Lethal Bizzle has experienced the truth of this. The Bible says that only God can fully satisfy, and meet your deepest spiritual needs. The amazing thing is that Jesus died the most horrific death to bring us life to the full (John 10:10: 'The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I have come that they may have life, and have it in all its fullness.'). If you believe in Jesus today, he wants to forgive your sins, help you to life fulfilled lives, and guarantee you an eternity in heaven with him after death! (John 3:16) - God bless whoever reads this and is encouraged by it :)

  4. Shree Sen

    i'm late but...i always wanted something so deep like from @Lethal Bizzle , BIG UP fam...UK RAP is REAL

  5. Anaseli Lesika

    I keep wondering why there's a lot of talent in the UK but very few views on YouTube, #underrated 🤔 I keep repping Tzee though 🇹🇿 that's Bongo

  6. Tangled Tunes

    Enjoying all of your posts. I hope my channel becomes like yours one day... Really fantastic stuff you have got here! 💗

  7. Adam T

    why did he private his new song "flex" it bangs

  8. Andrew Burns

    Really not much to say other than WOW! Really like this tune. Time to get back into the studio myself.

  9. Medicatedfool

    This is real shit!

  10. Francis E.

    UK rap is more relevant.

    USA has a million rappers but the UK beats them with just a few rappers.

  11. A-NO Music

    A video for realest tune of Bizzle's career and the views are shocking. Smh

  12. Alexandre Lacasweat


  13. Kenny Kaspas The Young Pro

    i think the guy is cool...will great in future

  14. Werten a.k.a Hoshi

    Lethal Bizzle is one of, if not, the best rapper of all time.

  15. Crxw

    Who came from Wolfie

  16. Alexandre Lacasweat


  17. WipeoutMedia

    il have you mill if you don't want it lol

  18. WipeoutMedia


  19. HowlBeast

    Good song but video is low budget.. BTEC students could've​ produced a better production

  20. Garross T

    The lyrics here are fire , can't believe this doesn't have more views . I hate the way music is so often either negative and unhealthy or shallow bragging about money and whores .We need more songs like this with a sweet beat and a positive message :D!

  21. ohtebowah

    3.01 - "What happens when life breaks down?" The unmistakable voice of Ravi Zacharias. Either Bizzle or the producer knows his stuff man. Legendary

  22. T.A 19

    Its real not rari workout bs its just ... real

  23. Douglas Bitok

    Dave East inspired probably

  24. Block Shop


  25. Guda Lawrence

    Love your sound bro, especially the one in the rolling with 9s movie ✌

  26. Mp3 Groove

    love it fiya!

  27. Danial Bashir


  28. Alexander Canwell

    Real talk!

  29. Mr Jayvic

    Mad tune

  30. Azy Mohammed

    Fucking straight real g..... veteran spitting real life....yess lethal L.O.X

  31. Ann Smith

    I Love this one...To many tune's are promoting money which got the young one thinking its all about the P (money). LB keeps it real letting folk know....And remember the best things in life are free...Its a Balance, Love, family memories. And people please know this you only see money when you work hard for it...1 second ago•

  32. Tony Bellew

    90k after a week?.. manz had his day

    M Man

    When is it your day?

  33. L L

    You are not inspiration at all Bizzle.. You need to stick to screaming pow pow... This real street shit is not for you..

  34. Producer Iconic

    dope tune man

  35. Mandingo soul

    Tune is a LETHAL BEAST .

  36. MitZfit Music

    Straight up, I’m forever chasing my dream...#Preach

    It’s not about the money #preach!

    It’s not about the fame #preach!!

    It’s about your purpose #PREACH!!!

  37. mitegeoffie

    ...Don't you always sound enlightened @Bizzle, and not only,you act it 💪
    Keep #Chasing, I am loving the experience.

  38. Zakariya

    He been out here for years and he can't even make a song longer than 4mins without the chorus being 85% of the song. Disappointed

  39. Bars ahh Bartley

    This tune went offfff at TWSTD

  40. Ryan Ritchings

    You wanna be rich, you wanna be poor, end of the the day all of us end up in the floor. FACT

  41. The Director E

    Even more respect for the brudda! He didn't have to let off this track but he did! Peace G #EastLondonGrime!

  42. Raj G

    Real ting real words DEEP

  43. Stress Mc

    Thanks Bro I needed this

  44. tom

    Nice Song;)

  45. RC Drones

    Best song

  46. adrian wright

    More fire

  47. VYBO

    Lethal Bizzle is a real one. This song is inspiration, facts and 🔥🔥🔥🔥


    VYBO do a video on lethal b

  48. RagoArt


  49. Fred Rey

    Yes Bizzle, best tune on the EP 🔥

  50. MsBishbash


  51. Getting Busy Ent


  52. Claire Cunningham

    Real talk.....one of the realest tunes I've heard in a long time...#act your wage

  53. MrGwopz

    guys i made a sick lyrics video for this song its uploaded on my channel check it out thank you

  54. Ashley Morris

    #goals making the dreams come true

  55. Ella CR

    Fucking dope... always on point. Thanks for the music.

  56. CrazyBallPaintball

    Ohhh shit! That accent.. that accent is so raw.. so street, so life, so grinding! BIG UP Lethal Bizzle!

    This is for the ones that preffer chasing a dream!

  57. TH HO

    Hey All

    We are the Hip Hop Orchestra, and it was a pleasure being a part of this vid (We were the string section in the vid)

    Follow us on Twitter at






  58. Charlotte Devaney

    real talk

  59. Tom Bateman

    Not long after you shot this video we took over the venue in soho and held a free party. We always taking over sick places where you otherwise won't get permission to record, give us a shout if you want us to source some nice spots for you. FB: @oral23

  60. TheDog Film


  61. Harvey Fountain

    I needed to hear this thank you

  62. Figure Flows


  63. bobmrley1ae

    best shit i heard leathal do in years, something real about it for once

  64. Ebz Rahman

    Why this aint on Spotify


    Ebz Rahman it is dropped on his album time ago

  65. Martin Gabriel Castillo Ramos

    Kronno zomber es mejor que tu fail de mierda

  66. anthony Brien

    mans not hot

    Adnan Ali

    anthony Brien shut up

  67. Sirjean5

    Real talk ... Chase the money but keep your sanity in the process, it's just PAPER

  68. Mitz Productions

    I wanna hear more shit like this from Bizzle

  69. Dont Panic



  70. Shaun Mulhern

    Fucking banger pal more this stuff please fucking banged pal

  71. Shmorgan boborgan

    Nice to know how humble biz has stayed even with all the fame and money!

  72. Charaykee Shilla

    This pretty good

  73. HBoi 3112

    Is this the guy who rap
    The ting goes skraaaa
    Pap pap pap
    And a skibido Doon Doon dun pun

    Finlay Scott

    No thats big shaq you are talking about

  74. Tom Thompson

    Lyrics are on point lethal is best when spitting from the heart 🔥 great song

  75. SwiftDee95

    rate this highly... big up Bizzle

  76. SouthMusicOfficial


  77. Chris Matthews

    Remix with Skeppy.... Pending....

  78. Yellow Synth

    I don't like Gimmicky music

    Bask Media

    Don’t like you

    L L

    Exactly.. Dude sounds like his trying to be clever when he actually sounds stupid and wierd

  79. positivity positivity

    #Act your wage. Very deep❄+🔥

    positivity positivity

    NewNinetys bizzle has been in this for a while now so he knows EXACTLY what he's talking bout.

    positivity positivity

    Enlightening the younger ones. Wise lyrics


    Activate that common Sense only if Most Road man had it! but Lethal B smashed itt! At this track has some Real content !

    positivity positivity

    GBody786 the truth

    myke davinci

    Princess Judah dont go broke tryna look rich!! #Capillaries deep

  80. Livecustoms

    18k in one day, jeez bizzle is washed...

  81. DZM Entertainment

    Loving the flow on this 🔥 Bizpirational 💯

  82. Lexey's Toys Recap

    Damn 82th comment tho!

  83. Clyde


  84. jesse wagiwan


  85. Ali Sheikh

    I think everyone rates Biz.

  86. Immany

    This song is inspirational.

  87. Bask Media

    Mate this is so sick!


    Sounds like skepta wrote this

  89. Elliot Batty

    Rate lethals bizzle but his music can never be claimed as grime..

  90. jubair ahmed

    bizzle's finally fucking back!! here before a mil!

  91. jirka škuta

    Thats not bad. :)

  92. dazza marsh

    Lethal bizzle.... what has happened? He isn't the same anymore it's like his become an amateur again I didn't enjoy this 🙈

    kc Zoots

    Darren Clarke aka you have a low attention span

    dazza marsh

    Zoots maybe I do but I also know when people's standards have been lowered too 😊

    dazza marsh

    lol wong it's not just about the words though is it? Because it's the way it's said some of the words are out of tune/out of the beat c'mon focus and listen jheez

    dazza marsh

    lol wong gay? A bit of a silly and pathetic question don't you think?

    dazza marsh

    lol wong OMG really? You just asked if I'm gay and you saying it's not a question, yet your saying I'm deluded? Okay your comment might get deleted when you look back because you don't want to look like a completed Muppet but okay... I'm not going to respond back to deluded people who don't make sense 😣🤣

  93. Journey2success

    I'm sure there's a sentence from Muhammad Abdul jabbar 3:03

  94. Dj Beyond_uk_brum

    big track

  95. S. A

    POWERS!! ✊🏾✊🏾