Lera Lynn - What Is Love Lyrics

I was younger without love
Trying to hold on to what I only had pictures of
She was something that I could hold
When I came from nothing, she made me a man of gold

I grew older and more confused
I turned the blind eye to everything I knew was true

What is love
I don't know
I couldn't love the one inside
So I had to let it go
Give me time
To look below
There's a black sea underground
There's a light somewhere I know

I've been keeping my own company
They're all saying that the one I'm missing is me
What is love
I don't know
I keep falling down the road
Looking for the one I've never know
Show me how
To set it free
So that I can walk alone
And still have everything I need
What is love
What is love
What is love

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Lera Lynn What Is Love Comments
  1. Joe Scorpion and The Inspectoids

    So good! I love this song so much!

  2. swann331

    Gorgeous 💘

  3. 10:11 PM - The power of music

    shared this on Facebook! / heeft dit gedeeld op Facebook!

  4. Peter Makovšek

    Why is only Lera mentoned? What about the two guys? They dont deserve recognition?

    LR Baggs

    Hi Peter. This is a Lera Lynn song, but the other guys are mentioned in the description!

  5. Sybren Roefs

    Does anyone else notice the bleep from (probably) an incoming message on a phone at 2:17 ?
    Rule #1 in the studio.... turn off your phone!
    Love the song btw!

  6. Judson Clayto

    totally thought this was gonna be a Haddaway cover... didnt know how that was gonna work...

  7. D.W. Buchanan

    Love it, beautiful song beautifully done..

  8. abcun17

    Lera Lynn is an amazing artist! Beautiful song.

  9. dersongs

    3 Guilds and the truth

  10. jessie Parker

    Nice guitars.

  11. Grant Ferstat

    Gorgeous stuff...

  12. Rachel Woodruff

    Man that was sweet!

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