Leon Russell - The Battle Of New Orleans Lyrics

In 1814, we took a little trip
Along with Colonel Jackson down the mighty Mississip'
We took a little bacon and we took a little beans
And we caught the bloody British in a town in New Orleans

We fired our guns and the British kept a-coming
There wasn't nigh as many as there was a while ago
We fired once more, and they began to running,
On down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico

We looked down the river and we see'd the British come
and there musta' been a hundred of 'em beating on the drum
They stepped so high and they made their bugles ring
We stood beside our cotton bales and didn't say a thing

We fired our guns, and the British kept a-coming
There wasn't nigh as many as there was a while ago
We fired once more and they began to running,
On down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico

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Leon Russell The Battle Of New Orleans Comments
  1. Stefan Schleps

    Leon Russel concerts were a celebratiion of life liberty and an American indentity free from guilt.
    A blissful time reveling in that freedom. Expanding the emancipation of the mind.
    "Don't tread on me!"
    Pax Americana.

  2. RobS ZZZ

    This is savage!!!

  3. samuel schut

    The best version i heard

  4. Mike Hink

    So although I’m young, I understand math and obviously I know I could google this but I’d rather learn from another human than from some random lines of code - Johnny Horton had himself a hit with this song and Johnny does a great job with it, as I would expect nothing less from a musician the likes of Mr. Russell. I’m sorry to digress but my question is was Johnny Hortons version a remake/cover as well or did originate with his versions? Horton, Haggard, and Russell were my grandfathers favorite musicians and seeing as he raised me, the love and admiration was passed down from countless hours of listening together.

    Renata Justkowski

    Nice to see you were raised right <3 I was fortunate enough to be able to follow Leon since the release of Carney. To answer your question - no. Horton had a #1 hit with this song, but he didn't write it. Jimmy Driftwood wrote it, also wrote, idk, maybe 5000-6000 other songs - LOTS!! The original version had the words 'hell' & 'damn' in it & radio stations at the time wouldn't play Driftwood's song. Horton asked Driftwood if he could give it a try, changed words to please the censors and there you have it. Also this song won grammy for song of the year. I would say, do google Driftwood, learn history. He was popular in his day, a member of the Orpy. Also, you know that 'Hanks Wilson' is Leon's tribute to Hank Williams & Hank Thompson. Until I heard the first Hank's Back album, I had no idea who Hank Thompson was (he didn't have a Hank Thompson Jr., like Hank Williams did, no 'Family Tradition' so very much less well known in my day) - I remember scouring many record stores in search of his stuff. Found some, pretty cool - real country. With google, now you can find probably everything he did - really great stuff. One of my all time favorites: 'Smokey the Bar.' I like country. But I love the Leon twist much more.

  5. Shawn Horton

    all perfect for the time...y'all don'tmiss the needle? withno damage done??:-O

  6. Diana Pease

    Great Song!

  7. Larry Beckham

    The sitar cracks me up!

  8. Dianne Davidson

    WAY too fast...

    Larry Beckham

    sound like the same tempo Johnny Horton's version.

    Steven Schleps

    that's a Harley-Davidson tempo.

    Steven Schleps

    that's a Harley-Davidson tempo.

    RobS ZZZ

    Dianne Davidson Horton sang this just as fast so hold your L Mr. I know it all 👎🏽

    The Curator Cromerzone

    @RobS ZZZ She sings and plays on this track, you fool! She knows!

  9. laverne899

    Ain't that the truth...smile!

  10. michelle stein-evers frankl

    This was a "novelty" hit when I was 5. I loved it then and still do, 100 years later.

  11. tmmmviii

    like this.

  12. Julia Fleming

    Positively makes me want to load up my 22 and shoot it at anybody from England.

  13. steve baker

    You HAD to be there.

    Aries the pug

    Them Britt's. They where funny in WW1

  14. John Edwin entertainment

    Love the picture !!!

  15. patricia naughton

    Yes Sir, Mike Mc!! Sweet Home Oklahoma!

  16. gvsandu

    england is knot the probelmos deaf

  17. Mike McMullen

    you dont get it, leon is a olkahoma pig, farmer, im a south farmer,about same age met leon in 72,its the way we were raised. mike mc we know how speech proper, its not accepted by the old timers. mike mc

  18. FLHTP2007

    200 Years ago.

  19. David Smith

    What! He did more than "youngblood"!! Great song, thanks

  20. excursustoo


  21. 21550spurs

    This whole album is great, post more vids of this album if you have any!