Leon Russell - She Thinks I Still Care Lyrics

Just because I asked a friend about her,
Just because I spoke her name somewhere
Just because I dialed her number by mistake today,
She thinks I still care

Just because I haunt the same old places
Where the memory of her lingers everywhere
Just because I'm not the happy guy I used to be
She thinks I still care

Oh if she's happy thinkin' I still need her
Then let that silly notion bring her cheer
Oh how could she ever be so foolish
And where would she get such an idea?

Just because I asked a friend about her
Just because I spoke her name somewhere
Just because I saw her, then went all to pieces
She thinks I still care
She thinks I still care

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Leon Russell She Thinks I Still Care Comments
  1. Darrell Tiencken

    Like George,Leon makes it his own and they both sell it!

  2. rob sinclaire


  3. Ron Grimes

    For all my friends, especially Lonnie Rowell and Rezzie Flanders

  4. Lorenzo Sollena

    Would've loved to have heard a duet of this tune with Elvis and/or Roy Orbison. That would've been mind blowing.

  5. Don Buck

    FRI Pete Drake and Welden Myrock

  6. Gary Greer

    Leon Russell, AKA, Hank Wilson. He did Country Songs under Hank Wilson.

  7. Stella Ercolani

    No not and I don't give a flying fuck

  8. John Lane

    Thank you, Leon.

  9. Gary Greer

    Amen. Great. All time great Leon Russell.

  10. Ellen Jackson

    It makes me feel so good when I read such wonderful comment about Leon. My older brother turned me on to him. I never got to see him in concert. Oh how I wanted to though. I didn't feel he got the recognition he truly deserved. He should have been nominated into the hall of fame. Way before Elton John recommended and reminded others. I'm thankful it happened before he died. He totally deserved it. Thank you Leon your music lives on in my heart. You were a magnificent song writer and artist.

  11. Rhondar9

    Leon....we still care

  12. Rhondar9

    Yeeeehawwww !

  13. Shelly Lavigne

    Oh...such a gifted guy

  14. Jonathan Clark


  15. Bruce Towell

    Jerry lee Lewis does it fine as well!!

  16. Gail Osborne

    Still have the vinyl.

  17. Holly Carpenter

    good effort Leon 🙌

    Bob Visser

    effort? he owned this song

  18. Jerry Craig

    This is an awesome album!!! Now join the NRA PLEASE!!! it matters we have no other real lobbying group

  19. Rich Hansel

    Awesome!! Leon is the greatest!

  20. magikoflove

    This is Leon at his Absolute Best!  It just doesn't get any better then this.  RIP My Old Friend...

  21. Jim Montreal Ca.

    Wow ! First time that I have heard this version, just great. Thank you for this.

  22. Don Buck

    Is Leon in the R and R hall of fame?

    p james

    yes he is

  23. Zak Rowan

    Wore this record out ,then wore out the 8 track, then cassette,then the CD , we will always miss and love you Leon, you will be forever in my world. Zak

  24. magikoflove

    Without question the finest album Leon ever recorded! RIP my friend...

  25. Jerry Jarvis

    wore the needle out all day and night long. Drinking with my younger Bro

  26. W ö ł f

    Great Album. Love Leon's voice. xo ox ox ox

  27. Tom Canfield

    thank you leon you are the man one of the best lp ever

  28. Don Buck

    This record was was recorded in 3 days. A few guys got together and put down the tracks no B.S . Leon was a session man so it makes it makes sense. Too bad he's gone now.

  29. Rob Sinclaire

    the very Essence of country music!

  30. Mona Roulette

    Wilson sorry I wrote williams

  31. Mona Roulette

    Leon did hank Williams well

  32. John Hopkins

    I wore the LP out in 73

  33. Freddie Lynn

    Who the f**k is Hank Wilson??

  34. old dude

    Leon always makes me smile , long live Leon ,  we all had the pleasure of listening  , you took us on that great ride ........

  35. Steve Vitoff

    one of my lifelong favorites, and also one of my super favorite albums. i posted a guitar version on my yt channel. a george jones classic . . RIP leon russell and thank you for your wonderful music

  36. Jesse Valdez


  37. evonne accristo

    I will grieve

  38. Erik Otto

    RIP Hank Wilson

  39. Van Rhodes

    Farewell Hank Wilson and Leon Russell.

  40. Jim Anderson

    RIP my friend..

  41. Thomas Greer

    Nobody could caterwaul like Leon. RIP and thanks.

    Steven Boyd

    The undoubted king of caterwallerin

  42. Adam Nieder

    Thanks Pappy. Janka51 is a dumbass.

  43. vern wallen

    MR RUSSELL; as of this post your musical ability is strictly "top SHELF".You are an absolute credit to your profession!!

    vern wallen

    If there is a better singer out there,please step forward.we'd like to hear from you.

  44. frank smith

    The best by far.

  45. TheJanka51

    who told him he could sing ?


    @Steve Vitoff had your hearing checked lately ?

    Steve Vitoff

    its a matter of taste, but thanks for asking. the nyt called his voice scratchy; i am ok w that

    tracy Connors

    Leon Russell gave Music and Joy to MILLIONS!..all you. will ever be! is a troll on youtube!

    Sean Whitlock

    TheJanka51 millions of people have & plenty will in the future as well


    @Sean Whitlock that was pretty funny got any more jokes

  46. dvargashell

    shall I shave?

  47. Adam Miller

    The steel guitar in this song is as good as it gets!

    Jerry de Laval

    That's Curly Chalker on steel, one of the best ever !

    Don Buck

    Not on this cut, lt was Pete Drake and Weldon Myric on sreel guitar on this. Who cares it's all great

  48. Julie Tate

    This is the best version of this song ever... including George Jones's. The whole album ROCKS!!


    @Pappy Reeves I hate to tell you but you need one now, I don't think you can hear it thunder. 

    Edward Melanson

    Vince Gill does it even better than this

    Philip Koen

    To me John Fogerty's version is the best.

    Sheryl Dewitt

    Still have that album and many of his others. I have been a fan since jr. hi school. A great all round musician. He could do it all.

    Jerry P

    You are correct sir.

  49. rodreep

    I had this on an eight track tape. A true treasure of an album

  50. Brown Paw

    Great song.  Great album.  Legendary artist. 

  51. Carol Redmond

    I was drunk the day my mom got out of prison. So I went to pick her up in the rain

    dick picker

    that's david allen coe.

    KATHY Shealy

    @dick picker No, that is Leon Russells back.


    @KATHY Shealy hank wilsons back!

    vern wallen

    "She got ran over by a darned ole'train".

    Janilee aka JANEJANIEJANILEE Holmes

    We played the perfect country western song at our moms memorial...true this ...the ladys of the Southern Baptist bible study ...bout fell off their mother fuckin chairs

  52. Nolan Pierce

    Great song by one of my favorite artist's ever since the late 60's!

  53. Betsy Broadstreet

    still have it on vinyl...


    So do I...

  54. Henryhank Schafer

    played in every beach boys tune.

    Larry Cammon

    Seen him in atlanta stadium 1973 wish he had played some hank wilson great albums


    had this vinyl


    Still have it and listen to it frequently.  Stop by some afternoon, we'll spark one up and listen to some Leon...

  56. Karen McCord

    Love the Hank Wilson persona! Saw Leon Russell with Willie Nelson in the early '70s in Mobile. What a great concert it was! Such a soulful voice.

  57. Thane Overland

    I love this album!  I have it but have not listened to it in ages.  Being a Tulsa boy I have seen Leon many times and enjoyed his show every time, I can remember that is.


    +Jim Long -- did he, or did he not, appear on The Uncanny Film Festival?

    Thane Overland

    +sittinginthebasement Yes he did. He had a ski mask on and was playing the piano. Then he took it off and started playing. Leon was such a fan of the show he named his first son Teddy Jack after Gary Busey's character on the show Teddy Jack Eddie. http://tulsatvmemories.com/mazeppa2.html


    +Jim Long--thanks! I still call GB "Teddy Jack" to this day. Another question, in the same vein. I swear to God I saw Johnny Tillotson (pop/country singer in the '60's) perform on the show one night, but no one else seems to remember that. Are my friends correct--am I crazy?

  58. Crystal Longdon

    Great story!

  59. Crystal Longdon

    Great story!

  60. Crystal Longdon

    Great story!

  61. Rob Sinclaire

    So great to listen to this again! much thanks to Ytube and whoever posted!

  62. hirdy6

    Just Brilliant!

  63. xdunmoyer

    RIP George

  64. Glen Griffith

    This holds sooooo many memories for me. Bought this on a Sat aft and played it all day! Took it to my folks house that night cause they were having a shindig. Flip this LP on the turntable and my dad, aunts and uncles went nuts. Jumped and jived all night. Didn't have the heart to tell them it was really Leon and the kicker is. My dad's name was Harry but all his friends called him Hank! I will never forget that Sat night howdown. God bless you Leon.

  65. Art Monk

    Awesome Stuff!!!

    My dream would be to go there in the 70s & see Leon, JJ Cale, Gram & the Burritos, The later Byrds, Jess Ed Davis!!! Amazing stuff!!!

  66. Melissa Miller


  67. Lena

    I have it too since long ago. Handles with care.

  68. Kathy Trim

    Now, you are one of the lucky ones.

  69. Kathy Trim

    I've never heard of a comment about Leon Russell and John Prine. Wouldn't that be fun?

  70. Jack Edwards

    A guy I met here in Texas, Tony Booth, has some cool stories about hanging out with Leon and Jerry Lee at the Palomino.

  71. Jack Edwards

    Got to the "Promised Land" the day after Thanksgiving, 1973. Middle of the afternoon and I walked into the Palomino. When my eyes adjusted to the lighting I realized that was Leon sitting across the bar drinking a beer.

    Dk Dk

    Greatest. Loved him the first time I heard him. I was fortunate enough to see him live. RIP Leon you'll never be forgotten.

  72. flashback56

    I bought the lp back then still have it.

  73. Michael MacNeil

    This album is worth money! keep it safe.

  74. roger henson

    butt what?

  75. aveojohnee

    Leon and country, he could have had a great career in country.

  76. Jackie Chumley

    This was one of my favorite albums back in high school. Thanks for posting.

  77. Billy Zé

    that's a great comment. thank you. i've got a question. do you think one of the attractions of C&W is the contrast between lyrics that are often about life's high crimes (Louvin Brothers come to mind: Knoxville Girl) and misdemeanors, while the music is uplifting, usually in a major key, and the instruments often sound bright (Nashville tuning helps that, as well as the wonderful steel guitar, one of my all-time favorite instruments, along with wah-wah guitar, but that's R&B)? OK, thanks again.

  78. Trollificus

    God bless Brother Leon! This would be a definitive version except for other definitive versions by George Jones and James Taylor...maybe that's a good definition of a great song: Whoever does it makes it sound like it's theirs (All My Tears comes to mind).

    Last saw him over 40 years ago, he played cuts from Asylum Choir before it was released and almost caused a riot (people up and dancing in a non-dancing venue). Good times. Almost wish I hadn't been so loaded....nah.

  79. jdallen6104

    J.J. Cale's all over this LP.

  80. Ellen Stanton

    @kingfucter He put out 2 albums as Hank Wilson, and has recorded many a country tune with Willie Nelson. He can do country as proud as he does rock!

  81. KingFucTer

    @judecreek2 I like my share of country music, does leon sing a lot of it or...?

  82. steelpicker007

    SOunds like the old master Pete Drake playing the steel with his bag of tricks

  83. cochinogordo

    what a voice. what a band backing him up. he could hit home runs left and right.

  84. beachdog67

    Man, I *LOVED* this LP. Haven't heard it in years. Thanks.

  85. Barry Decko


  86. pindowskivich

    Not a bad song on this album.

  87. cindiarg

    All Hail King Leon!!!

  88. antivenin

    This album has carried me through 3 decades.

  89. Katcrazy7

    One thing I love about these recordings, is the steel player! What a tremendous job! Wonder who the steel man was on these? Leon has a catchy voice that has really grown on me across the years. I love listening to these Hank songs! Thanks

    Don Buck

    There were 2 steel players on this. Weldon Myrock and Pete Drake. Good stuff

  90. inatizzy2

    Carney is my fav of all time... Seen Leon a few times... I think? LOL Actually I remember him well in the late 70's, early 80's..... Still love Leon my ,Oklahoma home boy!

  91. admllr

    saw leon a buncha times. one time in iowa he was driving the tour bus. this is my favorite album. carney rates right up there too. steel guitar in this song is great. leon w/the new grass revival was a good show too,,,iowa city around '80.

  92. jesuslady jesuslady

    love this version and this song. I put it right close to George Jones and He stopped loving her today as the greatest country song of all time!

  93. jesuslady jesuslady

    LOVE me some Leon. But went to see him at a casino a year or so back in St Louis. was disappointed. Did a lot of cover crap and very little of Hank Wiilson , Carney or the old stuff

  94. brodank


  95. Barry Vorse

    I just saw him last week from row 6 center. Incredible!! StandingOs. People crying.

    I have the album. A great band just playing their hearts out. They just ripped up!

    My favorite artist of all time.

  96. steelpicker007

    no--that was Leon Rhodes---lead guitar player

  97. hirdy6

    Love this, thanks heaps for sharing.

  98. screwmaster404

    Leon Russel - one of a kind

  99. mario cesario

    leon makes it all sound good!

  100. Gino Barbieri

    i haven t heard this in years it good good stuff